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CTV UPDATES - First Edition

1. Overview of the project

"Complex Toolbox for Volunteers on preparing and running international projects" CTV aims to supply high quality and tailored learning opportunities to volunteers in the design, management and delivery of European and international projects. It will particularly support volunteers who engage at local and regional levels, and are not yet aware of the possibilities of EU funded projects and their potential benefits to them.

CTV aims to:

  • Increase interregional and transnational communication and cooperation between volunteer organisations across Europe  
  • Develop and reinforce European Networks especially engaging volunteer- involving organisations that are new to  international exchanges
  • Help build capacity of volunteer- involving organisations to operate transnationally by supporting the development of digital learning materials and ICT tools, and supporting the effective use of digital technologies in the training of volunteers. 
  • Help to ensure a high standard in the implementation of EU funded projects
The project results, that will be available on the project website in the coming months, are:
  1. The Toolbox for volunteers on:

--> Internationalisation for volunteer organisations, 

--> Dissemination and exploitation of results,

--> Intercultural communication in transnational cooperation, 

--> Quality in EU projects,

--> ICT tools for the implementation & management of European projects

  1. An Interactive e-catalogue

--> 50 good examples - EU projects implemented by volunteer organisations

Partner organisations:

Asociación Valencia Inno Hub (Spain)
assist Gesellschaft für Unternehmensberatung und Personalentwicklung mbH (Germany)
The Centre for European Volunteering /CEV  (Belgium)
CSVnet (Italy)
CWEP- Centrum Wspierania Edukacji i Przedsiebiorczosci (Poland)

Expected duration of project: 01-10-2019- 30-09-2021

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2. Looking forward: volunteers and international projects / European perspectives

3. Updates from the partnership

Assist is happy to present the almost final version of the innovative intercultural platform CIT4VET , funded by the European Union. CIT4VET – Open Online Catalogue of Intercultural Tools for Vocational Education and Training, – addresses the need for intercultural competences in VET education. The online tool has been developed with 6 international partners from Bulgaria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands and Poland to support the VET Trainers to provide intercultural training by offering:

  • an online catalogue of accessible intercultural tools to be used when training culturally diverse groups,
  • intercultural training material for self-study or to be used in trainings,
  • user’s guide to the catalogue with glossary of terms and practical guidelines on how to apply intercultural aspects in VET training. 

Entre-Forward: Enhancing Entrepreneurship Skills: The Entre-Forward project focuses on upskilling people and showcases the importance of developing entrepreneurial skills. Also, the project aims at promoting innovative approaches to strengthen the cooperation between industry and education towards entrepreneurship and propose innovative practice-based methods.

UPthEM – Upskilling Pathways for Employability: The UPthEM project aims to explore the diverse national experiences in supporting disadvantaged groups to introduce an innovative UPthEM training programme to empower employability and employment prospects of disadvantaged people. A list of all ongoing CWEP projects is available here.

The italian research that turn the stereotypes on migrants, not only beneficiaries but active volunteers building a better society - On 22nd June 2020, CSVnet  presented the results of the new research “Unexpected volunteers” that focuses on  the involvement and contribution of volunteers with a migration and/ or refugee background living in Italy. 
The research was based on the survey promoted by CSVnet and produced by the Centro Studi Medi of Genoa, with the support and the involvement of all Italian Volunteer Centers. Through nearly 700 responses to questionnaires and 110 in-depth interviews, collected in 163 Italian cities, the research gives the floor to volunteers from 80 different countries. In addition, 10 excellence projects are brought into the spotlight  while it also shares the experiences & data from 5  national networks:Avis, Misericordie, Fai, Touring Club and Aido
The volunteers reveal themselves as protagonists of offering service to others, not only as beneficiaries, but individuals capable of "anticipating" a fairer, and more welcoming model of society. Personal disposition, opportunity to grow and learn, to overcome the stigma, to make new friends and to develop resilience are the main five reasons to become a volunteer in this case. The research is also accessible in printed format here.  More info here.

--->The Centre for European Volunteering (CEV)  
CEV calls for policymakers to "step up a gear" regarding volunteering policies and programmes. This "change of gear" should include increased focus, intensity and speed of investment and partnership development with volunteer-involving and volunteer infrastructure organisations leading to a situation that more properly reflects the importance of the energy, expertise, and commitment of volunteers for health, well-being and solidarity in Europe, whilst avoiding the exploitation of volunteers in for-profit settings. Find it here in different languages

European Volunteering Capital Competition: Gdansk (PL), Gorizia (IT), Izmir (TR), & Madrid (ES) are the candidate municipalities for the European Volunteering Capital 2022 title. The candidates will gain European-wide visibility for excellence in policies & programmes that support volunteers & volunteering as well as for ambitious, credible and quality-focused plans for future development in the field of volunteering. They will play a key role in motivating, inspiring and encouraging other municipalities to improve their provision of supportive and facilitatory policies & programmes for quality volunteering. CEV launched the European Volunteering Capital Competition to promote and develop volunteering at the local level. The first winner of the competition to be awarded the title European Volunteering Capital in 2014 was Barcelona, followed by Lisbon European Volunteering Capital 2015, London European Volunteering Capital 2016, Sligo European Volunteering Capital 2017, Aarhus European Volunteering Capital 2018, Košice European Volunteering Capital 2019, Padova European Volunteering Capital 2020 and Berlin European Volunteering Capital 2021.

--->Valencia InnoHub 
HERE4YOU – Soft Skills Pack for Caregivers of Seniors: The Here4You project focused on the development of the social skills and soft skills of caregivers. The project is targeted at formal and informal caregivers of older and workers in cultural centres or senior citizens' clubs that organise the elderly's leisure time, among others. 

INCREASE – INnovation Capacity building foR EnhAncing Sustainable growth and Employability: The project provides a direct response to the risks of unemployment induced by automation. It provides clear strategies for SMEs and SME employees to improve their innovation capabilities, the sustainability, resilience of their innovation strategies and facilitates employees’ training.

EAST – Entrepreneurship As Self-employment Tool: The main objective of EAST project is to develop a training itinerary for entrepreneurship/small businesses management following ECVET recommendations and thus applicable in different countries. The main target group is unemployed people, and people at risk of social exclusion. A list of all ongoing Valencia InnoHub projects is available here.

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