Join the Animal gathering to honor the 


on EARTH Day!

Victoria Vesna &
Siddharth Ramakrishnan


Invite you to participate in storytelling & sharing food for the evolving cookbook featuring SNAKES!

NOON - 1pm PST
Year of the TIGER, 2022


In a series of Monthly Animal Gatherings, 
we move around the Wheel of the Chinese Zodiac. We are on the 6th animal...SNAKE! 

Nehebkau - The snake god Nehebkau, Spell 87 from the Book of The Dead. (Egyptian Mythology)


Lucie Strecker
Lucie Strecker­ works as an artist and researcher in the fields of performance art and hybrid art. From 2016- 2020 she was leading the Elise-Richter-PEEK Project “The Performative Biofact”. Works have been shown i.a. at Tanzquartier Vienna, the House of World Cultures, Berlin, the Beall Center for Art and Technology, Irvine, the Onassis Cultural Center, Athens, the Bemis Center, Omaha, the MAK and the 21er Haus, Vienna and have been awarded the ZIM Performing Science Prize and a Ars Electronica Honorary Mention. She published in Performance Research, The Lancet, Leonardo and Diaphanes. Since 2019 she performed at Arsenic, Lausanne, the Vienna Biennale, the Vienna Design Week , Impulse Festival, Düsseldorf, and the Artsits-in-Labs Programm, Zurich. She is appointed as a senior artist for the Performance Laboratory (APL) a the University of Applied Arts Vienna and is teaching performance art at its department for Art and Communication Practices. [LEARN MORE]

Carolyn CC Hart
I'm a neurodiversity advocate, an artist, an author, and licensed massage therapist. My senses are intertwined via synaesthesia, a neurocognitive difference, which informs my writing, my visual art, my costume design, and my long career in manual therapy. I am continuing to learn how my divergent brain creates both opportunities and obstacles, and I support the argument that neurodiverse traits are not pathologies, but represent part of the spectrum of human somatosensory, intellectual, and cognitive experience. I am a founding member of the International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists, where I serve as the IASAS secretary. I've practiced therapeutic massage for more than 30 years, and feel that my sensory sensitivities have helped me thrive in my hands-on career. [LEARN MORE]

Amir Baradaran

Amir Baradaran is artist, technologist, entrepreneur, and scholar who specializes in artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR). He teaches regularly at Columbia University, and his work focuses on decolonization, equity, non-linear storytelling, queer studies, and social justice in the context of AI/AR. Baradaran is founder of ABXR Studio, a leading edge platform to democratize XR creation, and of the summit AnotherAI.Art. He is the guest editor for the special edition Decolonizing AI: ArtSci Ecosystem in the AI & Society journal (Springer / Verlag, UK) and co-editor of Undesiring Whiteness: Unpacking Sexual Racism, a book project commissioned by Oxford University Press. His art installations have reached international audiences and he has been featured by publications including BBC, La Presse, El Mundo, and Forbes Magazine. Baradaran has held numerous fellowships and residencies, including with the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center, and has received funding from the Knight Foundation and Canada Council for the Arts. [LEARN MORE]


Recommended Ingredients for the Snake

EAT or be EATEN --
SNAKES -- offer yourself as the animal or what is recommended for you.

A representation of Ra, having transformed himself into a cat (one of his sacred animals), wounding Apep with a Sun knife.
(Egyptian Mythology)


While we consume, co-habit, collaborate, and even

create animals around us - we as humans forget that

we ourselves are animals. Animals serve as our

foods, offer companionship, are sacrificed for

science and are entwined in our myths and stories -

yet always take a back seat as we move forward.

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