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February 23rd at
12:00pm PST | 21:00pm CET
BeoAir Panel 
The BeoAir exhibition and concurrent panel are organized by Studio 106la with the goal to raise awareness of air pollution in Serbia. Air quality in Serbia is a big concern: measurements show that citizens all over the country breathe in air that is considered harmful to health. For example, concentrations of PM2.5 and PM10 are much higher than what the EU and the World Health Organization have set to protect health. We have gathered scientists and artists to talk about these issues as well as promote awareness and change.

Dušan Todorović PhD Mech. Eng
is an Assistant Professor at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Process Engineering and Environmental Protection, and holds a PhD in mechanical engineering. He teaches at B.Sc. and M.Sc. levels within the fields of Environmental Engineering, Measurements and control in process industry, Processes and technology for water treatment.

He has research experience in the field of combustion, thermal conversion, characterization and ash related properties of biomass, air pollution from stationary sources, environmental control (small-and large-scale plants) and air dispersion modelling. As consultant for Serbian Ministry of Environmental Protection, he has worked on several strategic projects and documents related to air protection and climate change.
Suzanne E. Paulson, PhD

professor of atmospheric and oceanic sciences at UCLA, is an expert on smog, ozone and air pollution. Her work at the atmospheric chemistry laboratory at UCLA focuses on assessing the impacts of human activity on the lower atmosphere. She has spoken about particulates and air quality in the Los Angeles Area. Polli also headed a joint study by UCLA's Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and the Institute for the Environment and Sustainability.

At her UCLA lab, the experimental program focuses on mechanisms of organic-radical reactions. The field program at her lab is focused on detection of carbon-based compounds, making measurements both in heavily polluted urban air and in the cleaner 'remote' troposphere.

Sanja Copic

was born in 1992 in Belgrade, where she got a Master’s degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts - Sculpture in the class of professor Mrdjan Bajic. She explores identity, lists, memories, fantasies, dreams and the position of the full-time employed artist in contemporary society by using videos, performance and installation. She is interested in communication, languages, philanthropy, the beauty of sad and ugly things. 
Marija Šumarac

is a sound designer, trombonist, composer and sound artist. She expresses herself through sound and various media but she is most active in the field of music. 

Ana Todosijević

is an architect and researcher focusing on the mutual connection and relationship between architecture, living systems and technology. Her research follows a biological approach and reconsiders the way we influence and build our environment. 

Studio106LA and Belgrade based non-profit organization Shuma Peva, are coming together to raise money to plant more trees and help citizens to live through this ecological crisis. Shuma Peva quite literally means the forest sings. It is the community run organization which we have chosen to donate to as a small step forward to a resolution. Their primary goal is to plant trees throughout the city and, for the past five years, Shuma Peva under the direction of Tea Nikolic have done precisely this. They have planted and maintained over 1000 trees, with the intention to revive nature throughout the city of Belgrade. They continue to partner with schools, buildings and businesses providing all the good that nature does for us.  


In an effort to tell the story of the impeding issue of mass pollution in Serbia, we hope you will donate to our cause. 

ONE TREE is on average $20.00 and it can help provide more oxygen on the planet!

Click here to read more information and follow the story about SHUMA PEVA! 

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