Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic Newsletter - Autumn 2015
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Our mission is to offer a more natural, environmentally aware, and compassionate approach to veterinary medicine. We recognize that all living beings are complex and unique individuals and we all share the common threads of life.

SORRY, we mixed up the date for the Food Therapy Lecture. Below is the correct date.


People's Food Coop from 3-4 pm

We all know we are what we eat, and the same applies to our pets. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles, food is considered medicine with special properties to balance Yin and Yang energies within the living body. Dr. Cornelia Wagner will teach in this lecture how to build and maintain your pet’s health and prevent seasonal or climatic related problems by feeding your pet according to the principles of TCM Food Therapy.  She will also address how specific foods may be used to help balance the body to aid in healing while a pet is receiving treatment for a specific condition. Free and open to all! Click here or call People's at (503) 674-2642 to register. 
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