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The Government has announced new travel rules effective from Monday 4th October 2021, which makes shooting overseas and bringing people into the UK to shoot easier with regards to COVID regulations. Yesterday we also saw the US announce that people from the UK will be allowed to visit the US soon.

The following applies from the 4th October 2021:

The UK system is simplified so that the traffic light system now features the approved list and the red list only.

The USA is not on the red list nor are any European countries, meaning the popular places in Europe for APA members to shoot in are all much simpler to come and go from under the travel rules for England.

N.B. South American countries popular as service destinations are still on the red list, as is South Africa and Mexico.

As ever, even where the regulations for England have been relaxed we must also consider the rules of the country where travel is to or from. We look at the regulations of some of the most popular service destinations for APA members at the bottom of this email.

So for non-red list countries from 4th October 2021, people who are fully vaccinated and are entering the UK must take a COVID test on or before day 2 of arrival in England. The government have said that this will change to a lateral flow test later in October (previously only a PCR test was permitted).

From 4th October you do not need to:
  • Take a pre-departure test.
  • Take an 8 day Covid test.
  • Quarantine at home.

The Rules of Other Countries Most Frequently Accessed as Service Locations or From Whom Production Companies Might Wish to Bring in Directors or Other Personnel for Shoots in England:

Please note these are COVID requirements only, there may also be visa requirements but that is not the subject of this note. Note also that these requirements will change, so are here as a general guide only - you should check/ask us in planning to shoot in or access talent from any country:

Arrivals from the UK only need to present proof of having had a negative test or of having been fully vaccinated. Spain expressly says that it will accept the NHS app as proof of vaccination.

Verdict: Travel to and from Spain is simple post 4th October 2021.

Arrivals from the UK who have been fully vaccinated and can show an EU approved digital COVID vaccination certificate or a certificate showing you have recovered from COVID no less than 11 days and no more than 180 days before travel do not need a test.

Verdict: Travel to Portugal is simple.

You are permitted to travel to the Ukraine provided that you have either:
  • Proof of at least one dose of vaccination.
  • A negative Antigen test taken no more than 72 hours before entry.
  • A negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before entry.
Verdict: Travel to the Ukraine is simple.

If you have proof you are fully vaccinated then you do not have to quarantine.

Verdict: Travel to Poland is simple

Czech Republic
You are permitted to travel to the UK if you have been fully vaccinated in the UK. You do not need to take any tests.

Verdict: Travel to the Czech Republic is simple.

The UK is currently on France’s Amber list.
Traveller’s to France from the UK do not need to quarantine on arrival in France if they have been fully vaccinated.

Verdict: France isn’t a regular service location but somewhere directors and other talent travel to and from. That travel is now simple for those double vaccinated.

South Africa 
South Africa is on the UK’s Red List so you should not travel there from the UK and only UK nationals or residents may come here (or return here after a shoot) and they must quarantine in a Government hotel for ten days.

So even though under South African law travellers to South Africa from the UK must produce a negative PCR test to be admitted (if they do so they do not have to quarantine) you are not permitted to travel there by the UK Government.

Verdict: You should not travel to South Africa and on returning UK nationals or residents must quarantine so do not plan travel to and from South Africa.

Changes have been announced that will enable UK nationals/residents to enter the USA. Currently the USA does not admit people (except US citizens) and the US is on the UK’s Red List so anyone who has been in the US in the past 10 days cannot come to the UK unless they are UK citizens, who then have to self isolate in a Government hotel for ten days.

On 20th September 2021 the British Government announced that they had reached agreement with the US for travellers from the UK to enter the US provided they:
  • Provide proof of vaccination before flying
  • Obtain a negative Covid-19 test result within 3 days of travelling
  • Provide contact information
That will apply from a date still to be announced - the likelihood being that it will be sometime in November.

US Officials said the AstraZeneca vaccine, which has been used widely in the UK and EU, is also likely to be accepted.

Verdict: You cannot travel to the USA now but it will be simple to travel there from the (as yet unspecified) date on which the USA changes its rules.


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