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God's Word for God's People
“Dear friend, you are faithful in what you are doing for the brothers and sisters, even though they are strangers to you.” 3 John 1:5, NIV
March 2015, vol. 2 - PS
PS - Please forgive the follow up to the newsletter from last week. There has been an exciting development that needed to be passed along to you and couldn't wait until our next newsletter in June/July.

     Through our Bibles for Asia program funded by our donors, Biblia Global works with our on-the-ground contacts to get Bibles to Christians in the hardest to reach places in Asia.  I mentioned in a short paragraph in the March newsletter that we are partnering to get Bibles to a minority people group in northwest Burma/Myanmar called the Tedim Chin. The Tedim (also known as the Zomi) are a dialect of the Chin people in the China state, Myanmar.  There are approximately 1 million Chin in the Chin state, and approximately 250,000 are the sub dialect Tedim Chin.  The majority of the Tedim are Christian, but as a result, the government intentionally keeps these people in poverty as punishment.  The vast majority of the Christians - including the pastors - don't have a Bible.  A number of years ago, 10,000 Bibles were brought to the Tedim. Pastors raised support from their small congregations to buy a bus ticket from the hill communities to the distribution point to get their first Bible. The response was that in the history of the Tedim people, they had never received a blessing like the day they received those free Bibles. There are ~ 40,000 Tedim families, and 10,000 have received Bibles in the goal to get one Bible into each Tedim families hands .  Biblia Global is helping to fund they second 10,000 set of Bibles for the Tedim.  

     The exciting development which necessitated a PS to the Newsletter, is that an anonymous donor has pledged to match any funds coming in for this project up to $20,000! If God moves in your heart to give to this project, simply click on the "donate now" link below to give.  Thanks you in advance for listening to God and giving! I look forward to sharing with you stories about how God moves through this project. 

Enjoy your Easter weekend and thanks for letting me interrupt - He is risen!

Two Tedim pastors receive their first Bibles : )
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Please do not post this newsletter or any information contained here on social media. Please do pass along this newsletter to friends with the "forward" button above.

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