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God's Word for God's People
“Dear friend, you are faithful in what you are doing for the brothers and sisters, even though they are strangers to you.” 3 John 1:5, NIV
January 2015
In this issue ...
  • 2014 Recap
  • Trip report and reflection part 1 - Bibles to Laos and Vietnam.
2014 Recap

     Thank you to everyone who prayed for, gave to, and shared about Biblia Global in 2014.  While I have been engaged in this work since 2005, 2014 was Biblia Global's inaugural year as a formal non-profit organization. Not only do I believe we are filling a critical roll in work for the kingdom, I believe God's hand is behind what we are doing. Biblia Global was formed as an organization in June, and we received our favorable ruling from the IRS as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization four months later.  If you are familiar with what has been going on in the IRS the last two years, you know this is unheard of.
     If you prayed for us in 2014, please keep praying for us in 2015 and beyond - we are small, but our God is big to protect us and bless our work.  
     If you gave financially in 2014, thank you for 
believing in the work of faith we are engaged in. Your continued partnership will be critical in 2015 and will be making a tremendous impact. Consider a reoccurring monthly gift in 2015. I was touched recently by a group of four children who saved up their allowance through out the year to make a contribution for Bibles in China at the end of the year. Wow!
     If you shared with others about our work in 2014, thank you! The work of Biblia Global is spread through the grass roots effort of individuals like you. Please keep sharing about our work in 2015 and beyond as we seek to meet the need of our brothers and sisters in restricted nations who need their own copy of God's Word.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Trip Report and Reflection Part 1 - Bibles to Laos and Vietnam.
500 Lao Bibles delivered (approx).

450 Hmong Bibles delivered (approx).

μεταμορφόω (metamorphoo) Gk - To change into another form, to transform, to transfigure

“And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord's glory, are being transformed [μεταμορφόω] into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit." 2 Corinthians 3:18, NIV

     Thank you to all who prayed for us and our team as we worked to get Bibles to our brothers and sisters in SE Asia. We were able to met with contacts, encourage and be encouraged by our fellow laborers, and carry thousands of Bibles to those who have none.  
     As we were preparing to come home, I was asked an interesting question: Do I get sad leaving our friends and the work we were engaged in?  My primary emotion in leaving was not sadness – although I am sad to leave our friends and the work - but a deepening burden for all those who don’t have a Bible and an increasing burden to help meet the need.  One of the important facets of working to carry Bibles into restricted countries is to stoke to flame the fire that the Lord has put on my heart of getting Bibles to those who have none.
A Lao Bible
     The Lord impressed on me the actual effect the Gospel and the Word of God makes on individuals. Many times I have seen the dichotomy between the darkness and the spiritual light in the people in a way I don’t see in the west. Traveling in these dark communist lands as a child of God, the dark seems darker, and the light seems lighter.  Sometimes I can feel it in the air, and sense it around me.  It is subtle, but most definitely there if you attune yourself to it.  I see it especially in the people, particularly the look on people’s faces and in their dispositions. Paul talks about how we are being changed from the darkness into the light of Christ's image. In Romans 12:2 and 2 Corinthians 3:8, Paul says we are being transformed into Christ's image. The Greek word used for transformed is metamorphoo - to be transformed into another form. It is the same word used to describe Jesus when he was transfigured before John, James and Peter's eyes in Matthew 17:2. The text says Jesus, "was transfigured [metamorphoo] before their eyes. His face shone like the sun, and his face became as white as the light." (17:2b, NIV).  His change was manifest right before their eyes in his face and physical appearance.
     In one city that we carried Bibles into, we ate breakfast in a coffee shop that was run and staffed by local believers.  You could SEE the metamorphoo on the believers faces. I could see Christ emanating from their eyes and joy radiating from their faces. There was something tangibly different. They were unmistakably children of light (cf. John 12:36). Conversely, I could see the opposite range of hostility, fear, shame, hopelessness and avoidance in the local unbeliever’s eyes and faces.  The starkness of light and dark in the west seems to be significantly subdued and masked on both ends of the spectrum. Why do you think that is?  It is easy for those of us in the west to forget the depth of human depravity we have been saved from and the magnificent light the kingdom of God brings the world through salvation in Jesus Christ.
Kayan Lahwi woman
     Some of the believers our team worked to serve belong to a persecuted minority people groups whose identity and ethnic makeup transcend national boundaries. One of the groups – the Hmong - are spread over the mountainous regions of Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and southern China.  With a total estimated population of 9 million, the Hmong have been particularly responsive to the Gospel, but are also heavily persecuted for a variety of reasons.  Part of the reason is because of past Hmong support of the Americans in the “Secret War” in Laos and Vietnam; partially because of the false fear that Christianity is a tool of the CIA to overthrow governments.  But as Christians, we ultimately know it is the Adversary who works overtime where ever there is a bright light of the Kingdom of God in a dark, oppressive place.  
Flower Hmong Women in Northern Vietnam. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
     To illustrate the importance that God's Word makes for ethnic groups like the Hmong, one of our contacts recently shared that when the Bible gets into believers hands, the Hmong Christians stay with Christ and resist village pressure to turn away from their faith. Without the Bible, those who give their lives to Christ give into pressure from their village and surrounding villages and turn away from the faith. God's Word is pivotal to these persecuted minorities and makes an immense impact. With God's Word they grow. Without it, they become stagnant and fall away. 
     The need for Hmong Bibles is significant however - In one location of a restricted nation, the Hmong Christian population is estimated to be 60,000 people.  This particular group only has an estimated 10,000 Bibles. That's one Bible for every six people. Through the methods we and our partners utilize, it will take an estimated 25 years just to meet this one group’s need (at the current rate).  Can you imagine having to wait that long for a Bible?  The following video testimony illustrates how long a brother from Laos waited for a Bible and what he had to go through to get God's Word (courtesy Voice of the Martyrs): 
Pray for our brothers and sisters in Laos, Vietnam, and China that they would stand firm in their faith in the midst of persecution. Pray that those without Bibles would have the need met.  Pray that you and I would have a hunger and thirst for God's Word like those whom we serve and would allow God to bring about metamorphoo in our lives. And finally, ask God how he would have you respond to those in need.

Grace and Peace,
In the next issue ...
  • Trip report and reflection part 2 - Bibles to China.
“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing."  John 15:5, in Lao

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the details to be worked out as we make a purchase of Chinese Bibles this spring.
  • Protection for the ministry and individuals as we remove the website password.
  • As we remove the website password, that many more people will hear about the great need for Bibles and give to that end.
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