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Wave power can fit more than five time worlds energy demand.

It is a technology challenge which needs international cooperation

The earth is covered for 70% with oceans. This hughes seas could produce up to 80,000TWh of electricity per year. Five times more than is needed right now. Worldwide we need cooperation because it is a technology challenge to explore this green power efficient. But if we can we have enough energy to cover the global demand for energy.

We listed a few wave power solutions
  • The DEXAWAVE wave energy converter consists two rigid pontoons, hinged together
  • The Vigor Wave Energy Converter is based on a floating hose, using water and air as mechanical parts to absorb the wave energy
  • Wave Carpet: can extract the energy of the ocean waves By the Berkeley Team
  • Hayle Wave Hub gets first energy device
  • Wave energy plants in Brazil
Read the full article and watch more new technologies.  

Products that contribute to a Better World

Suffer from blue-green algae and dirty surface water?
Meet the Oxatur.

Hearing the name, you might think it is something like a detergent, but think again… The Oxatur looks like a floating ‘palace’ (here: float land) that cleans surface water 24/7 and with virtual no handling or maintenance. This solar powered Oxatur is three way-system that handles phosphor and nitrogen with oxigen. 
Read more



it sounds Dutch, it’s cost effective Dutch and it protects in Dutch-style

Try to pronounce this in English: “Balgstuw”. Yes, it is Dutch, even more difficult than “Scheveningen” and it sounds something like ~bal-chchch-stew~ But what ís a Balgstuw?
In short and way to simple; a Balgstuw is an inflatable, permanent-placed submerged dam, made of thick rubber curtains connected to a concrete structure at the bottom of a river, estuary, canal, waterway entrance or alike. 

Only at really frightening rising water levels, the Balgstew comes in action. Read more


The IWe-SNEW project, social/environmental entrepreneurship 2.0

Are you replacing 25 or more computers?
you want to make a little money out of it
ánd you want to help underprivileged individuals
ánd you like the idea that your former hardware has been taken care of (upcycled, recycled or proper disposed)?

Then consider the IWe-SNEW project.
  • SNEW buys and collects amortized hardware
  • IWe, sends it wherever it is needed and wanted, and organises (preferably) local/ regional instructors to teach selected aspirant-businesspeople to work with the machines, the software and internet.
If you see the possibilities for your business please

read more


Will these new solar technologies close the energy gap in the world?

New trends in solar technology are organic or plastic solar cells with nano technology. There are probably hundreds of groups in the world working on this. We introduce you to some breakthrough technologies.
  1. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology aims to make organic photovoltaics competitive to their inorganic counterparts
  2. Technical University of Denmark has developed a scalable and industrially viable protocol to manufacture large sheets of flexible organic solar cells
  3. More efficiently energy when align face-on the cells
  4. New nano-material could boost solar panel efficiency as high as 80%
Read the whole article.
What new technologies did we forget? You are welcome to reply on new solar improvements.

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