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Welcome to the Cayambis Connection!

We are delighted to present the second edition of the Cayambis Connection, and are pleased to welcome you to its pages! We use the word “connection” because we would like you to consider yourself part of a closely connected group of people, who like us, have very special interests. Because of this, we hope that you will find our newsletter to not only be interesting, but engaging as well. However, an equally important part of being connected is that our newsletter will be a source of exclusive news about the many projects and activities of Cayambis Music Press. Lastly, but more significantly, a connection is not just one-way. Should you have any comments or suggestions, we would be most happy to receive them. Just write to us and let us know what you think.
Cassie Loges

CMP Team Member Graduates

Cassie Loges recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a masters degree in music. Loges, who also works for Cayambis Music Press transcribing and preparing manuscript scores and parts for publication, is seen here with her brand new oboe!

CMP Composers in the News

Demian Galindo's composition for piano, fotografías, was premiered on April 30 by Javier Vázquez Grela in Spain.
On April 29, Samuel Robles gave a presentation in Panama's Arteconsult Gallery about his youth orchestra project as part of the "Carlas Abiertas" (Open Talks) series. Specifically, Robles talked about the strategies used in Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela, and how these might be applied to Panama's music education system.
Jorge Oviedo conducted the Symphonic Orchestra of Guayaquil, Ecuador, on May 9, in a program that included the premiere performance of his four-movement Volcanic Suite, a piece that is published by Cayambis Music Press.
On May 11, Carlos Camacho presented a masters degree recital on the stage of the Alumni Concert Hall at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He performed the works of Christian Wolff, Roque Cordero and Barbara Monk Feldman, among others.
On May 25, Bagatelle for Winds, by Luis Pérez Valero, will be premiered in the Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas by the Military Band of that city.
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Cayambis Music Press in the News

Our company was featured in an article by Mike Allen that was published on Friday, April 25 in the Roanoke Times.

Interesting New Content

Along with new titles, be sure to check out the new content that's being added to the CMP website. For example, there's an interesting article (with photo!) on the Ecuador page about a short-lived chamber music group that performed a number of concerts in that country's capital city over a century ago.

CMP Featured Composer

Domenico Brescia is the Cayambis Music Press featured composer for the month of May. Although he would spend nearly three decades in California (until his death in 1939), Brescia is important to the music history of two South American countries. Within a few years after emigrating to Chile, Brescia became the sub director of that country's national conservatory. He wrote a number of compositions while in Chile, including his opera, Salinara, which was performed in 1900 in Santiago by some of the finest opera singers of that time.
More significantly, in 1904 he was employed by the Ecuadorian national conservatory as that institution's director. In his additional capacity as professor of harmony and composition he taught a number of students, of whom several would go on to become the finest Ecuadorian composers of the early twentieth century. In addition to the many compositions that he wrote for the benefit of the conservatory at large, some of his works also helped celebrate the arrival of passenger rail service to Quito in 1908 and an international exposition that was held in that city in 1909. The South American experience deeply impacted the Italian composer, whose music, even long after having settled in the United States, reveals a beautifully nuanced approach to the integration of indigenous Andean elements in an essentially Italianate musical framework.

New Titles Added to Catalog

These are just a few of the new titles that have been added to our catalog during the past several weeks: San Juanito, for clarinet and piano by Ecuadorian composer Jannet Alvarado; Panamanian composer Carlos Camacho's Construcción Folclórica Panameña, for percussion trio; Rêverie, for horn quartet by Canadian composer Louis Michiels; Venezuelan composer Luis Pérez Valero's Vertigo, for solo English horn; José White's Zamacueca for violin and piano; and The Spiritual Flute by Guatemalan composer Gabriel Yela.

Walker Performs Premiere

John Walker is seen here performing the U.S. premiere of Pérez Valero's Three Pieces for Charlie Parker for solo English horn. The recital took place on April 28 in the Recital Salon at Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg, Virginia.

CMP Releases Concert Details

Cayambis Music Press is pleased to announce that two concerts of the Cayambis Sinfonietta are planned for October. On October 21, the group will perform at the Unitarian Church in Blacksburg, Virginia, and on the 23rd the Sinfonietta will perform at the North Cross School in Roanoke, Virginia. Cayambis Connection readers who do not live in southwest Virginia are encouraged to watch this page for specific details about the concurrent webcast.
Because of the specific conformation of the Cayambis Sinfonietta (mixed winds, strings, percussion and piano), Cayambis composers were asked to compose specifically for this ensemble. This means that the events will consist mainly of world premiere performances.

Even More New (for us) Titles

We operate based on a contractual agreement between our company and the many living composers whose music we represent. We also publish a small number of public domain works that are significant to musical development in Latin America. In order to handle the other important Latin American works composed during the latter half of the twentieth century, we recently established an affiliation with Sheet Music Plus. This means that we now list on our website nearly two dozen compositions by five composers, amongst whom are Alberto Ginastera, Silvestre Revueltas and Heitor Villa-Lobos. Clicking on these titles will take you to the Sheet Music Plus website. However, because of our affiliation with this company, Cayambis Music Press will receive a few cents from each purchase that you make. And in so doing you help support our own company's growth and activities.

For Our Subscribers

Take 10% off the price of any item in our catalog! It's easy: At checkout enter the word, 10off, in the coupon field. This special offer is good for up to three items and even includes each and every one of Brescia's compositions. Cayambis Music Press values and appreciates the individuals and institutions that support our company.
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