CISO Update #34
Hosting Online Meetings Safely

From time to time we invite guests to provide their insights on topics in this monthly column.  Online meetings are becoming more central to how we work together during the pandemic and beyond. As a result, attackers are finding new ways to disrupt them. We asked Rick Hoar, executive director of Media and Event Technology Services, for his thoughts on the best ways to reduce the chances that hackers might interfere with your meetings. Here’s his advice.

Privacy and collaboration often seem at odds with one other. However, with our holistic approach to security, we have actually enabled more effective online meetings and events for FIT. It starts with enterprise-grade platforms securely integrated with our identity and learning management systems, and it continues with aware and informed community members like you.

What can you do? 

We strongly recommend the following these dos and don’ts for hosting online events and meetings. (Click on the embedded links for further help.

Don’t post meeting links on public websites or on social media.   

  • This prevents random “trolls” from stumbling upon your meeting and harassing everyone.

Do post an RSVP form and/or send links directly to your guests via email or Google Calendar invitation. 

  • If you’re using Webex, you can also schedule and directly invite participants from If you’re teaching in Blackboard, Collaborate and Webex are built right in so you can create sessions inside your courses as well.

  • A simple Google Form can serve as an RSVP link to build your invite list. For high-profile public-facing events, the Office of Communications and External Relations can provide additional services and strategies to capture attendee registrations and insights. Start by filling out this inquiry form.

Don’t wait until the last minute to learn and practice your powers as host of the meeting.

Don’t attempt to manage a complex event or meeting alone; plan to have someone help.  

There are lots more tips available on the Cybersafe website. Stay aware, and stay cybersafe!
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