July & August  2015 Newsletter
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Hi Family & Friends!

We hope you have enjoyed viewing the quick Snapshot Sundays each week.  Thank you for the encouragement, prayers, and pictures you have sent to us.  We truly cherish hearing from you and receiving “snapshots” of how life is going for you back in the States.  Let us know what you’d like to see showcased in a Snapshot Sunday.
The students have been in our home 6 weeks now!  We have loved getting to share life with them, seeing their personalities comes out, and seeking ways to encourage them.  We currently have 1 boy and 5 girls, ranging from 7th-11th grade.  However, this can fluctuate as need arises for reasons such as parents needing to head out to their village assignment or if parents need to be flown to Australia for medical purposes.  We and the community are thankful that we’re here filling this vital role to help support missionary families serving in PNG. Thank you for partnering with us in this ministry!
The pace of life here in Papua New Guinea is much more relaxed and incredibly relational.  We are certainly enjoying being able to soak in God’s beautiful creation as we walk around our community, deepening relationships with friends, and taking some much-need downtime to re-energize.  Although we are staying busy daily with the teens, we are finding time to breathe deeply, which was not always the case in the States.
With all that said, we did each take on an additional role.  Cassidy is teaching Beginning Cooking for one period per day at the High School; he is enjoying getting to know the teens and being involved at the High School.  Kari is working as the High School Librarian on Monday afternoons and Tuesday mornings; she is learning intricacies about libraries that she didn’t know existed, and is delighting in getting to read while “on the job.”  Both roles assist to give students a fuller educational experience while attending Ukarumpa International School.
Since arriving to PNG we have had the honor to be able to shout praises for two new Bible dedications for Papua New Guinean communities!  Both were a dedication of the New Testament, one into the Anjam language, the other the Sudest language.  Click here to see the Kandawo New Testament dedication that occurred in April.  Collectively we’re making strides to reach Wycliffe’s goal of every language group having the Bible translated into their heart language by the year 2025!  Thank you for your support and prayers that helped to make this happen!
Many have asked for our mailing address information; click here for our address and mailing guidelines.  We have been told that the government is getting stricter on packages, so please following the guidelines, as it will help us to not incur steep import tax charges.
One thing that we are in need of is rain.  Please pray with us for rain.  Although it was rainy the first few weeks we were here, we haven’t seen it since… which has landed us in a country-wide drought.  The nationals and missionaries are dependent on the rain water to grow crops and for drinking water.  We have two rain-water tanks at our house; currently, one is empty and the other is a quarter-full.  Please pray for rain to come and that we do not enter further into a severe drought as is predicted.  You can read a few more details in these two articles (article 1; article 2).
We love you and look forward to hearing from you soon!
With deep gratitude,
Kari & Cassidy
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