December 2016
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Happy December!

Merry Solstice, Hannukkah, and Christmas as we say farewell to 2016 and greet the new-born sun! Although this is the time of year when we're called to rest in the long days of darkness and go deep within to find the Inner Light, it's easy to get distracted by all of the outer activity of the season. We have two Sacred Ceremonies coming up this month, to help us find peace within our hearts and out in nature. We hope that you can save a little space for them, treating yourself to a peaceful oasis amidst all the frenzy! Ceremony can go a long way in helping us stay grounded while replenishing our energy and helping us stay open to the true spirit of Christmas. If you're unable to attend, perhaps you could try having a sacred ceremony of your own!

Wishing you a magical Holiday Season - many blessings for the month and the New Year to come!        
What's New!

Gene Keys Workshops

Having completed a whole series of workshops on the Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence, and Pearl Sequence, I now feel confident to spread my wings further afield and so I am willing to go anywhere to spread the profound message of the Gene Keys. If you have any interest in me coming to a particular location to do workshops, please get in touch through

Radio Shows

I am not appearing as a guest on any radio shows in December, but in a strange twist I have been asked to host a one-off show on Voice America. Kathy Welter-Nichols is starting a 13-week series on "Bulimia Breakthrough" a proven method to assist people in recovering from eating disorders. She has asked me to interview her on the first show to set the scene and standard for the series. The first show will air on Tuesday December 13th at 11am pacific on - my old network! Listening info will be sent out just prior to the date so you can tune in. 
Winter Solstice Ceremonies
Please mark your calendars - full details coming soon!

Winter Solstice at Raven's Ridge
Sunday December 18th, 1 to 3:33 pm 

Holy Thorn Ceremony 
Wednesday December 21st, 3:33 to 4:44 pm
New Beginnings!
by Peter Tongue

November has been a challenging month for many, triggered by the American Election result that took many into a tailspin of fear, anger, and disbelief. When a shocking and traumatic event takes place on a Global Scale, it takes us back into any shock or trauma we've experienced at a personal level and our vibrational frequency gets depressed. I know many conscious, self-aware people who experienced this fall after the election, and, after a short time, bounced back to their normal energy levels, but many others did not. A lot of the reflected projections of the result are still playing out in our World today. A lot of uncertainty about the future has been engendered, particularly for undocumented citizens living in the United States.

Under these circumstances, I try to witness what is taking place from a neutral perspective and look at the bigger picture. We don’t yet know what is going to unfold, and so there is no point getting into a state of fear and projecting that out into the collective. What I do know is that thousands of people gathered together prior to the election in prayer circles and meditations all over the Planet, praying for the best possible outcome; therefore, I have to assume this is the best outcome. I recall Matt Kahn saying a few weeks before the election that if Donald Trump won, the old paradigm would disintegrate faster, making way for the new systems yet to be fully realized.
There is a beautiful illustration in Cymatics where you can watch a fine powder placed on a loudspeaker form into a perfect sacred geometrical structure at a particular sound frequency. As you increase the frequency to a higher vibration, the powder starts jumping around in what appears to be total chaos, until it reforms into a more beautiful and more refined geometrical structure at exactly the right frequency. Right now, we are in that chaos phase as the old structures break down and the new ones have yet to form, but we know they are going to be more beautiful and more refined once they settle in.

We are coming to the end of the Age of Pisces and entering into the Age of Aquarius. The end of martyrdom, sacrifice, being the rescuer, and looking up to an individual leader. It’s now time for the people to step up and take back their power. We are seeing this playing out at Standing Rock and although there have been some real challenges, we are seeing all sorts of people from different backgrounds coming together in support for the Indigenous peoples, for the water and for the land. The same is happening for the return of the Feminine voice as more and more women step up to reclaim their power and demand to be heard and fully acknowledged.
It appears messy and unruly and there is more turbulence to come, but it is all for the greater good in the end. We each have our individual role to play in what aligns with our real passion. It is critical at this time to get absolutely crystal clear on what really matters to you. What are your own most precious values and what destiny have you come to fulfill at this so important time in human evolutionary history. Know that you came now for a very specific purpose and it’s time to fully be and live that. Be really clear on what beliefs are your own and be discerning around influences you have had placed upon your beliefs by others!

On November 11th, the 11:11 Stargate Portal provided us with the opportunity to step into our next level of evolution. In numerology, 2016 is a "nine" year and brings to completion a nine-year cycle, opening the doorway to a new one. It’s worth looking back over the 9 years to see how far you have come in that time, shedding the old and welcoming in the new. We have until the end of the year to complete the old and open to the new, although the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 29th provided a fantastic opportunity to set new intentions for the next month and into the New Year. It’s a time to look at all aspects of our lives and view them from a higher perspective, particularly in our close one-on-one relationships. Balancing the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves and within our most intimate relationships is going to be key over the course of this next year and into the future.
Tremendous work is going on behind the scenes around the Globe to ensure a successful outcome for the greater good of all. Our work with Unity Grace continues as she spent 2 days in Rome, focused on the Vatican, over the course of the US election, clearing the way for a better World to come. I was reminded of my radio interview with Robert Bauval in which he discussed his book the “Vatican Heresy” explaining how the architect Bernini designed his sculptures and St. Peter’s Square based upon the Heliocentric Universe and the Hermetic Principle of  “As Above, So Below”. Both were considered heretics by the Catholic Church at the time, and yet ironically, they were fully paid for their great works by the Church itself. Secrets in Plain Sight! A clever man Bernini! Here is a link to that interview which gives a superb historical perspective of what was happening during this time.

My work with the Gene Keys continues and I am absolutely amazed at how precise it is in getting down to the core issues for people. In a one-hour session using the Gene Key profile, we can get down to the deepest level of pain and suffering often buried in the unconscious and then provide tools and insights to navigate the person out into living a fully happy, healthy, and prosperous life. It is quite remarkable!

I wish you all well for the holiday season and look forward to the New Year of 2017, a "one" year in numerological terms, a fresh start and a new beginning for us all! It is time to Celebrate!
A Bundle for the Heartland
by Zia

I had made arrangements to visit my sister for her birthday quite some time ago, not realizing I’d be going to see her just one week after the US election. My sister lives in Kansas City, a place that many hold dear as the Heartland of the United States. It is the diamond center of the Dove Map in the Keys of Enoch and a gathering place for many world religions. Among others, Panache Desai speaks of KC as the center for the global shift from division to unity of the heart - and, well, it rings true. Kansas has a special energy that no one can describe. People are just so friendly there.

When I realized I was going to Kansas immediately after the election, I knew there was a reason. I felt called to bundle a few precious items into a small bag - an emerald, a rose quartz heart, and a clear quartz angel. I added rose petals and lavender and sanctified it with Flower Water. Before I left Victoria, I took it with me wherever I went and asked everyone to add their heart blessings to it. When I arrived in Kansas, I learned my sister had moved to Parkville, a small university town just outside the city, right on the Missouri River. Visiting the river on my first day there, I got chills. I was reminded of Standing Rock, which is all about the Missouri River, and I knew this was the place for our sacred bundle to land.
The Missouri River connects with the great Mississippi, and together, according to Peter Dawkins, they create the central pillar of the United States Landscape Temple. Standing at this river on a crisp early morning just after sunrise, I felt stilled. There was no one else around. Just me and the bundle and the great winding river, Kansas State peering at me from the opposite side. Love overflowed from my heart into the river. Love for our Mother Earth and all of her children, for our American family and All Our Relations. Peace for All, emanating from this great sacred Heartland. The bundle went in with a sweet gentle plop, just as the town clock struck 8 am. If you look at the photo below, a rosy red light appears at the spot.
Our love continues to radiate from this beautiful space, blessing the land and its people.
Photos from Parkville, Missouri - Courtesy of Zia 
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