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Good Afternoon

We have received the attached call for data on Silicon Dioxide from our international member organisation.  Please can you respond if you use this ingredient and send your responses to me by 30 November.  We will collate responses and forward them to IADSA.
Thank you.

Download spreadsheet: 
Dear members
Last July you were informed about the conclusions of JECFA to possibly withdraw the tentative specification of the additive Silicon Dioxide E 551 unless the missing data to finalise the safety assessment is provided by December 2016. 
Given the impact that the withdrawal of the specification of silicon dioxide could have for our sector, IADSA has been in touch over the last months with other organisations in order to seek their support to collect the technical data, technological justification and usage level data in products where this additive is used. 
We would welcome today your contributions to gather information related to our sector specifically. For this purpose, a questionnaire has been developed to collect data on the functional uses of the different forms in supplements and their use levels. 
Additionally, we would request your support to contact suppliers/ manufacturers and raise their awareness on a) the consequences that the deletion of silicon dioxide could have for the food and food supplement industry and therefore b) the need to gather the information requested by JECFA. Numerous countries are currently applying the Codex General Standards for Food Additives. A deletion of the specifications may a have direct impact in these countries where silicon dioxide might no longer be permitted for use. 
Please find below more detailed information on the data required, on the procedure and timing. 
Submission of usage level data
The deadline for the submission of the data to IADSA  is 15 December 2015. Data should be transmitted by using the excel sheet attached and should be sent back to IADSA to the email address:
Submission of other technical information
IADSA would require your support to reach producers/suppliers of Silicon Dioxide to obtain the below information requested by JECFA:
  • Raw materials used and methods of manufacture for different forms of silicon dioxide (pyrogenic silica, precipitated silica, hydrated silica, silica aerogel and colloidal silica);
  • Identification methods allowing the differentiation between the above forms of silicon dioxide;
  • Data on solubility using the procedure documented in Volume 4 (Analytical methods) of the Compendium of Food Additive Specifications
  • Data on the impurities soluble in 0.5 M hydrochloric acid for all forms of silicon dioxide used as food additives, from a minimum of five batches. If a different extraction and determination method is used, data should be provided along with details of the method and quality control (QC) data;
  • Suitability of the analytical method for the determination of aluminium, silicon and sodium using the proposed “Method of assay” along with data from a minimum of five batches. If a different method is used, data should be provided along with details of the method and QC data; 
  • Data on pH, loss on drying and loss on ignition for hydrated silica, silica aerogel and colloidal silica. 
We would welcome it if producer/suppliers of Silicon Dioxide who would be able to provide the above information, could be identified by 15 December 2015. Ways to collect the information will be discussed with these companies individually after this date. Please contact
Important remark: All information will be treated as strictly confidential. A confidentiality agreement can be provided where necessary. 
Should you have questions on the above, please feel free to contact us. 
Kind regards
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