January 2015 MCRA Connections 

MCRA Connections

August 2015

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Hold the Date for the MCRA Annual Meeting & Training Conference

Notes from ICISF World Congress

MCRA World Congress E-Poster

Heads Up on Changes in Group Crisis Intervention and Assisting Individuals Training

Update on CISM Confidentiality Legislation in Michigan

What to look for in the Next Issue of MCRA Connections

MCRA Annual Meeting &
Training Conference

The 27th Annual MCRA Training Conference
will be held September 20-22, 2015 at the
Kettunen Center – Tustin, MI

Courses being offered are:
3-Days - Assisting Individuals in Crisis & Group Crisis Invention (GRIN)
Advanced Group Crisis Intervention, Managing School Crises, Advanced Assisting Individuals in Crisis, Grief following Trauma (2-Day courses)
and additional 1-Day courses/workshops are also available.

 Click here to download/view the full conference brochure

Notes from ICISF World Congress

Several people on the MCRA board attended and presented at this year’s International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) World Congress.  We reached out to them to get some feedback on this bi-annual event.  Here are a few comments regarding presentations:
“Apply to present at a World Congress.  If you are not comfortable in front of a group, consider submitting an ‘e-poster’ presentation” - Sherry Jones Mayo (Sherry presented ‘Managing Changing Roles:  When the Provider Becomes a Patient/Family Member’ – a program analyzing how roles change when you are on the other side of the nursing station).
“I attended an impactful pre-congress session: Line of Duty Injuries (LODI) – Dealing with this Critical Incident.  Line of Duty Death (LODD) has always been on my radar with regard to CISM application; however, LODI hadn’t been much of a consideration.  LODIs occur more often with our first responder than LODDs.  This needs to be on our radar within our CISM planning.” - Roxanne Affholter
“I attended ‘Managing Changing Roles:  When the Provider Becomes a Patient/Family Member’ by Sherry Jones Mayo. This presentation focused on how your perspective changes when you are on the ‘receiving end’ of services either as a patient or a family member. I am Law Enforcement (dispatch) by career and was easily able to adapt the points to my own experience.  Sherry is down to earth, funny, and very knowledgeable about her subject matter.”  - Anne Daws-Lazar

And some general comments:
"Attend at least one of the social networking opportunities.  The visit to the medical examiner and learning about the real CSI work was fascinating" - Sherry Jones Mayo
"Establishing and reestablishing connections with people from all over the US and the world is a priceless component of the World Congress…  Relationships that reach beyond crisis intervention seem to be the norm." - Roxanne Affholter
"Whenever possible, be available to help those in need of support.  This was evident when a handful of us were picked to provide support to the Baltimore Police Department officers.” - Harvey Burnett
As you can see, people got a lot out of attending this bi-annual event.  In addition, it was right on the water, the weather was beautiful, and there was a lot to do in the immediate area!


MCRA World Congress E-Poster

Click on the link above to view our E-Poster

Changes in Group Crisis Intervention and Assisting Individuals Training
As you would expect it has taken some time to revise the Group Crisis Intervention and Assisting Individuals training manuals. This is a “heads-up” look at the new manuals and not a comprehensive review.
The new manuals for these trainings do not include the PowerPoint slides used by the trainer.  The material is presented in text and outline format that will likely serve as more of reference for the trainee than it had in the past.  The presenter’s PowerPoint presentation and the manual follow each other exactly.  The PowerPoint slides have more graphics and animation than they had used previously.
Group Crisis Intervention Highlights
Terminology changes include:
Informational Group Processes = Large Groups CMB, Demobilization
Interactional Group Processes = Small Groups, CISD, Defusing
CISM = Comprehensive, Integrated, Systematic, Multi-tactic
Demobilization = RITS (Rest, Information and Transition Services

Core Elements:
1.  Assessment and Triage of people in crisis;
2.  Listening Skills, The SAFER-R Model, Individual Crisis Intervention;
3.  Informational Group Processes;
4.  Interactional Group Processes;
5.  Strategic Planning, Incident Assessment, Operations Management, and 5 T’s;
6.  Personal and Community Resilience.
There is an increased emphasis on resilience.  In each section there are also notations of important information, enrichment information, and critical information.
Assisting Individuals in Crisis
The format of the manual has changed as mentioned above.
The basic outline has stayed the same as has the use of the SAFER-R model as a core feature.
The appendix is not as extensive as before.
The overall impression is of a more compact training.

Update in the CISM Confidential Legislation in Michigan

The proposed CISM legislation in the State of Michigan is designed to provide some protection to those providing CISM intervention.  The bill was introduced on July 15, 2015 and is now Senate Bill #444.
If passed, this legislation would legally protect the confidentiality of first responders receiving CISM services from CISM teams.  It would also protect the CISM peers/team members that are assisting first responders.  Senator Jim Stamas of the 36th District is overseeing the bill.  Senator Stamas’s assistant is waiting to hear back from the Michigan Association of Ambulance Services (MAAS) on their opinion of the bill.
Attorney General Bill Schutee’s office and the Michigan Sheriff’s Association are endorsing this bill.  It would still be helpful if First Responders could contact their representatives in support of this bill.  A Bill to amend 1978 PA 368 (Public Health Code) MCL 333.1101 to 333.25211 by adding part 209A.
Next Issue of MCRA Connections
Look for the next issue of MCRA Connections in the Fall with an article regarding Team activation and coordination issues.
Thank you for the work you do to make your community a better place to live.


27th Annual MCRA Training Conference
September 20 - 22, 2015


President: Sue Elben, Region 7 (Northern Michigan)
Vice President: Cindy Mitchell, Region 3 (Tuscola)
Secretary: Raelene Horn, Region 1 (Livingston) 
Treasurer: Kathy Lewis Ginebaugh, Region 6 (Western Mid-Michigan)

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