IFWEA e-bulletin  Issue 31 / Fourth Quarter 2015:
Report Back:
IFWEA's 22nd General Conference in Peru and Way Forward 2016 - 2019
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Issue 31/ Fourth Quarter 2015
In this e-bulletin:
  • The theme of IFWEA's 22 General Conference was “Precarity or Solidarity? The role of workers’ education in building the 21st Century global labor movement.” It took place in Lima, Peru hosted by Programa Laboral de Desarrollo (PLADES)
  • The International Labor History Workshop  the Conference on Saturday 5 December 2015 “Education and emancipation: towards a global history of workers' education"
  • On Sunday 6th December IFWEA members adopted the Strategic Plan
  • IFWEA's new Executive Committee was elected on Sunday 6th December
  • Workers' Art was showcased at the Conference, there was also a Cultural Programme
  • International Education and Research Workshops were held on 7th December:
  • A workshop was held on IFWEA's Online Labour Academy on 8th December
ASIA: CAMBODIA IDEA Cambodia reports on International Human Rights Day
▷ AFRICA: Center for Trade Union and Worker Services "Independent unions have been formed
by the will of the workers to stay!
EUROPE: SOLIDAR - 'International Migrants' Day 2015 Social Justice and Dignity For All'
Nobel Peace Prize winners to highlight Qatar Airways abuses at ceremony."

Check out the research, reports and campaigns focussing on precarious workers, and the organising for worker education and rights featuring UCLA's Labor Center and Asia Monitor Resource Centre


▷ Check out the North - South solidarity messages crafted by YGAP participants in November this year during their programme run by the Secretariat in Cape Town. YGAP is an IFWEA initiative supported and organised by Arbetarnas bildningsförbund (ABF) Sweden, Työväen Sivistysliitto (TSL) Finland and Arbeidernes Opplysningsforbund (AOF) Norway.
 ▷ click here for all 22nd General Conference Documents including the Strategic Plan https://ifwea-org/22nd-general-conference-2015#
 ▷ click here for photographs on the General Conference: https://ifwea-org/22nd-general-conference-2015# more here
▷ click here for photographs from the Education and Research Workshops
▷ click here for photographs from the Online Labour Academy (OLA) Workshop
▷ ASIA: CAMBODIA -  IDEA Cambodia reports on International Human Rights Day
Heng Sam Orn, Secretary General of IDEA: 'Dear all. Today we   celebrate International Human Rights Day (IHRD), about 10,000 people from rural and urban communities participated in 20 marches and events across the country from December 6 to December 10. These were organized by the informal network Friends of December 10th, which includes youth, land communities, trade union, associations, farmers, monks, and NGOs.'
▷ read more https://ifwea-org.directo/Cambodia#

▷ AFRICA: Center for Trade Union and Worker Services "Independent unions have been formed by the will of the workers to stay!"
In a rallying meeting in the headquarters of the Center for Trade Union and Worker Services, 150 leaders of independent unions and representatives of 50 general, specialized and regional independent unions from Cairo, Alexandria, Gharbyia, Monoufiya, Sharqia, Dakahlia, Canal region cities and southern and northern Upper Egypt and workers and abroad. They met to confront the challenges facing independent unions the latest of which is the periodic leaflet issued by the secretary general of the cabinet in November 2015. It was directed to the ministers against the independent unions. Everyone in the meeting stressed the value of the role preformed by independent unions in defending their colleagues’ rights foremost among which is the inherent right in union organization.'
▷ read more https://ifwea-org.directo/Cambodia#
▷GLOBAL: SOLIDAR "Together for Social Europe International Migrants Day 2015: social justice and dignity for all!"
'On the occurrence of the UN International Migrants Day on the 18th of December, the SOLIDAR network calls for fundamental change in the EU and international migration policies. The year 2015 was characterized by an exceptional increased arrival in the European Union of refugees and migrants. At the same time we have witnessed growing discrimination, xenophobia, and violation of human rights. With this statement, SOLIDAR stands to recall EU leaders about the positive impact of migration on economies and societies and proposes an alternative vision for Europe based on solidarity and respect of human rights.'
▷ read more,2010
GLOBAL: International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) 
'Mr Abassi is highly critical of Qatar Airways and its anti-union policies. He said: “Workers’ rights are essential to strong companies and a strong aviation industry. It is our job to fight for those rights, in unionised and non-unionised airlines.” Mr Moncef Ben Romdhane, Ms Dorsaf Saihi and Ms Kawther Sahraoui are part of the UGTT and will be in Oslo with Mr Abassi. The post-revolution democratic process in Tunisia was led by the trade unions, as the only popular institutions able to bring people out in support of the constituent assembly.
▷ read more
 USA: UCLA Labor Center's "I AM A #YOUNG WORKER"
The publication found that:
"Young workers are an essential part of the workforce who contribute substantially to local economies.  But in cities like Los Angeles, the soaring cost of living means that making ends meet can be especially difficult for young workers.  They earn less than previous generations, face higher education costs, and are concentrated in service sector."
▷check out more from UCLA Labour Center and download the publication here
Labour and Gender: "Training Manual - Workplace Hazards and Reproductive Health of Women Workers in China"

This training manual was produced by China Labor Support Network (CLSN) for their training workshop on the Reproductive Health of Women workers in the garments and electronics manufacturing industries, mainly because of the higher concentration of women employees in these industries.To facilitate further probing into and the unearthing of more dimensions on women workers’ reproductive health problems, this workshop also shed light on the applications of epidemiology in this issue, together with some examples.The manual draws on the Chinese context and includes specific statistics and regulations relevant to this context."

▷check out more from AMRC and download the publication here
"Most recently, police raided the offices of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) and its affiliates on 21 November, and seized documents, equipment and computers. Several workers were arrested and a warrant has been issued for the President of the KCTU, Han, Sang-Gyun.

Han Sang-Gyun spent the last month claiming sancutary in a Buddhist temple in Seoul after police attempted to arrest him for his role in organizing protests after the Korean government introduced legislation attacking basic human rights in that country. Though he had agreed to surrender thousands of police surrounded the temple. Trade unionists responded by creating a human wall between him and the police as he left the temple and reported to a police station for arrest. The Korean police had threatened to storm the temple if Han did not surrender himself."

▷ read more
▷sign the petition here
IFWEA's Youth Globalisation Awareness Programme (YGAP) is an exposure and exchange programme for young staff members, activists and volunteers of the Nordic labour movement. Participants attend a course on Globalisation, Work and Democratic Organisations developed and hosted by the IFWEA Secretariat in Cape Town, South Africa. Activists to immerse themselves in the theoretical and practical  experiences of work and activism in the South through placements in organisations working and organising around issues relevant to labour and social movements. Postcards from the South' are the multimedia North-South solidarity messages developed by YGAP participants who have been involved from Sweden, Finland and Norway.
▷ read more on YGAP here https://ifwea-org/youth-globalisation-awareness-pr/

This November Maria Carlsson, Tom Winther, Helena Forsgren and Malin Andren produced this video chronicling their experience with Ekasi Project Green
 "Amandla Nga'wethu" 2015: is a song and video created by Victoria Bull, Linnea Duran, Kati Saarinen and the YGAP choir this year chronicling their experience with Heal The Hood and Ocean View Art Vibrations.
▷ watch the video here

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