IFWEA e-bulletin  Issue 33 / Second Quarter 2016

IFWEA e-bulletin Issue 33 / Second Quarter 2016 view this email in your browser
Issue 33 / Second Quarter 2016
" They say that other country over there, dim blue in the twilight, farther than the orange stars exploding over our roofs, is called peace, but who can find the way? This time we cannot cross until we carry each other. All of us refugees, all of us prophets. No more taking turns on history’s wheel, trying to collect old debts no one can pay. The sea will not open that way. This time that country is what we promise each other, our rage pressed cheek to cheek until tears flood the space between, until there are no enemies left, because this time no one will be left to drown and all of us must be chosen. This time it’s all of us or none.”
In this e-bulletin:
▷ USA:
■ President Susan Schurman and General Secretary Sahra Ryklief attend affiliate member United Association for Labor Education (UALE)'s Conference "Connecting the Dots: Race, Labor, Community and Education"  in Washington DC
■ IFWEA President Dr. Susan J. Schurman wins the "Paul LeRoy Robeson Award"
■ The Executive Committee hold first meeting of 2016 in Sweden and attend ABF Sweden's "Ordett Fritt"
◼︎ SOUTH AFRICA / UK: The Secretariat and Labour Research Service (LRS) hosts solidarity visit with affiliate International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) member union affiliate Transport Salaried Staff Association (TSSA)
TSSA "Respect Corbyn's authority, trade union leaders warn MPs"
◼︎ GLOBAL SOUTH:  "Colloquium on Forging Solidarity: Southern Perspectives of Popular Education"
◼︎ Youth Globalisation Awareness Programme (YGAP): Nordic School begins preparation for 2016
◼︎ Study Circles Project: Facilitators in Cape Town and Johannesburg begin training and planning their activities

◼︎ Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU): 
◘ "Chinese and Hong Kong civil societies are interconnected beyond borders"
◘ View HKCTU music video "stereo is the answer"
◼︎ Streetnet "Wisborn Malaya, Regional Focal Point Coordinator talks about his experience and challenges in the East & South African Region                                  
◼︎ PLADES releases report on Decent Work in Pru with RedLat called "Trabajo Decente en América Latina: Perú"

◼︎ SOLIDAR  "Silver Rose Awards" 
◼︎ I
TF and ETF speak out on UK’s EU exit result

Check out the campaigns where you can take online action, view research and download resources. 
◼︎ Korea with IndustriAll: "Don’t let Han’s death be in vain"
◼︎ Cambodia with Clean Clothes Campaign: "Improving working conditions in the global garment industry"

◼︎ WIEGO: Global -  "Myths & Facts about the Informal Economy and Workers in the Informal Economy"
◼︎ ITF: Global - "ITF violence free workplaces for women"  
Global : "Uber: do not take us for a ride!" by Claire Clarke and Mac Urata 
◉ Brazil: "Working in the solidarity economy: between precarity and emancipation" by Marcia de Paula Leite, Angela Maria Carneiro Araújo and Jacob Carlos Lima

Canada: "Rebuilding our Power: Organising Precarious Warehouse Workers in Canada" by Mostafa Henaway
 ◉ UK: "Antonio Gramsci and Britain’s Corbyn moment" by Camilla Bassi

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▷ USA:
■ UALE's Conference "Connecting the Dots: Race, Labor, Community and Education"  
The Washington DC Labor Chorus opened the conference, led by labor education stalwart Elise Bryant.singing from their repetoire "Love Songs from the Liberation Movement".
Mike Merrill, Kent Wong, Marilyn Sneiderman and others, at the IFWEA roundtable discussion at the UALE conference.          / photos by © Sahra Ryklief
▹ read more on UALE and the Conference here 
▹ learn more about the DC Labor Chorus here  or join them on Facebook here DC-Labor-Chorus
EC members Sibailly Maximilien Douhouré, Juan Carlos Vargas, Stefan Svensson                                                                                   © picture Niklas Skeppar

■ IFWEA Executive Committee (EC) Members have held their first meeting of 2016 in Göteborg and Sweden. Some members attended affiliate Arbetarnas bildningsförbund (ABF) Sweden's Ordet Fritt  held from 26th to 30th May. 
▹ see the photo gallery and read about IFWEA's Strategic Plan 2016 to 2019  www.ifwea-org/about-ifwea/
IFWEA members from all over the world attended the Order Fritt.                             © picture Carla Katz

▹ read more at  /
■ IFWEA President Dr. Susan J. Schurman wins Paul LeRoy Robeson Award
In the USA, The District 1199C Training & Upgrading Fund created the Paul LeRoy Robeson Award to honor Mr. Robeson's named for the great American athlete, actor and activist for workers rights  - who was also a Rutgers alumnus. 

Each year, this award is given to a person who has exhibited a lifelong commitment to the education of working people.

▹ read more about the award and the work of Dr Schurman at
◼︎ The IFWEA Secretariat and LRS hosted a solidarity visit from General Secretary Manuel Cortes and President Mick Carney from TSSA, an affiliate of IFWEA member ITF. Discussions covered the role of the labour movement and workers' education globally and in the respective countries, as well as exploring the labour heritage at Community House. 
▹ links to TSSA via their website and Facebook group www/ifwea-org/TSSAsolidarity

◼︎ "Respect Corbyn's authority, trade union leaders warn MPs"
'Trade Union leaders from across the sectors united to sign a letter in support of Jeremy Corbyn as elected leader of the Labour Party" 
▹ read the article at the TSSA website
◼︎ GLOBAL SOUTH "Colloquium on Forging Solidarity: Southern Perspectives of Popular Education".
The Secretariat's Saliem Patel and Erna Curry participated in the workshop. "Participants were from different organisations, including academic institutions, government, social movements and NGOs, from as far away as Chile, India, Senegal and Canada and as close as Delft, Khayelitsha and Grahamstown..."We parted with the understanding that solidarity is contingent on local conditions; it has to be forged and re-forged for each new situation. It is underpinned by a sense of moral responsibility and a willingness to ‘be the change we want to see’, in contexts that are contrary. Solidarity, in other words, is inscribed with opposition."

▹ read the full report on their website,  and join their Facebook community PopularEducation

◼︎ Youth Globalisation Awareness Programme (YGAP) - Nordic School: 
Begins preparation for the 5th year in 2016. YGAP Co-ordinators Niklas Skeppar from ABF Sweden, and Katri Söder from TSL Finland, had their annual meeting with former Finnish YGAPpers in Kirkkonummi. Present were Jenni Pilaste, Serveh Khalili, Milla Granlund, Rami Lindström, Tiina Vesa and Maria Nyroos, all participated from 2012 to 2015.

more on YGAP here www./ifwea-org/YGAP/
◼︎ Study Circles Project in Cape Town and Johannesburg - study circles facilitators in Cape Town and Johannesburg begin training and planning their activities. Study circles are being formed focussing on student-worker alliances, hip-hop, migrant workers, environmental knowledge, dancing, drama, sport, ichildren's indigenous hames, small business skills and learning smartphone and Internet technology.
 read more at  www.ifwea-org/workers-education-for-social-jus/
Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU):

"Chinese and Hong Kong civil societies are interconnected beyond borders"
'Shortly before the 27th anniversary of Tiananmen Square Massacre, the Hong Kong Federation of Students decided to quit the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China despite being one of its founding members. The Alliance is the chief organizer of the annual vigil and march in Hong Kong to commemorate the Tiananmen Square Massacre and has been upholding
“building a democratic China” as one of her principal goals. But such a goal is no longer a collective aspiration shared among all student organizations. Many students believe that Hong Kong people should prioritize their goal in building a democratic Hong Kong rather than a democratic China since Hong Kong is in dire straits. So, is “building a democratic China” really outdated?'
▹ read the full article here
Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU): "stereo in the answer"  
The video shows the power of unity when workers stand together against bosses.  

▹ watch this music video produced by a collective including Stanley Ho of HKCTU at

◼︎ Streetnet
"Wisborn Malaya, Regional Focal Point Coordinator talks about his experience and challenges in the East & South African Region."

'We need to promote youth participation in our activities as they are the today and tomorrow's hope for continuous movement building. That's why it's so essential to involve young boys and girls into union activity and trainings.'

There are also some successes of RFP within the last few years and one of them is participation in SADC People's Summits, which took place in Zimbabwe (2014) and Botswana (2015), and on which informal workers defined their demands. More information about this event can be found here:

▹ read the rest of the article here
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"PLADES comparte el Informe Síntesis Perú de Trabajo Decente que hemos elaborado con la RedLat. " / "PLADES shares the synthesis report on Peru and decent work that we have developed with REDLAT."

▹ join PLADES on Facebook

In Spanish I Español: read and download the report here

◘ Solidar "Silver Rose Awards"
Since 2000, SOLIDAR has organised the annual Silver Rose Awards in the European Parliament, in collaboration with the Socialists & Democrats (S&D). 

▹ join Solidar on Facebook 
The award goes to civil society organisations and individuals who dedicate their work to social justice, human rights and global solidarity.

▹ learn more at:

◘ ITF and ETF speak out on UK’s EU exit result
"ITF and ETF leaders have vowed that the work of trade unions as guarantors and defenders of tolerance and workers’ rights will continue anew after today’s United Kingdom vote to leave the European Union.

Trade unions are a major democratic force,” Steve Cotton, ITF general secretary, said. “The ITF is a key member of that international union community, and it is our job to reach across borders to help and represent the workers of all nations.

He was joined by Eduardo Chagas, general secretary of the ETF, who stated: “The UK Brexit referendum result is a sad but strong signal that an adequate European Union social policy is absent, and has sent workers away from the European project. The EU’s policies do not reflect workers’ expectations; a change has to come rapidly before other countries follow Britain’s example.”

▹ read more on ITF website               
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In Partnership with IndustriALL

"Friday 24 June mark(ed) 100 days since 41-year-old Han Kwang-ho, a union organizer at a Hyundai auto supplier in South Korea, died by suicide.  
Demand #JusticeForHan and ask Hyundai Motor Company to STOP union busting at Hyundai suppliers. New evidence has revealed that Hyundai conspired with YooSung Enterprise and labour management-consulting firm, Changjo, to crush the union at the factory.

Korea: Don’t let Han’s death be in vain
Their extensive and aggressive anti-union campaign began in 2011 and continues to this day. According to Korean unions, Hyundai has also led union busting at its other suppliers."

sign the online petition here:
Solidarity on Mondays:
"It is Monday again and the struggle for the release of human rights defenders in Cambodia continues. On this ‪#BlackMonday‬ we show our solidarity!"

▹ read more on "Improving working conditions in the global garment industry" at

"We call for the release of the imprison human rights defenders and of an end to repression of those that stand up for them! ‪#FreeHRDkh‬"

▹ read more and share to show support

WIEGO: "Myths & Facts about the Informal Economy and Workers in the Informal Economy"          

'Informal employment represents half or more of total employment in developing countries, and a growing share of total employment in developed countries. However, misconceptions about the informal economy and informal workers limit their opportunities and often endanger their livelihoods. This document challenges common misperceptions by drawing on research, official statistics, and experience working with informal workers and their organizations.'

▹ read and download here in English I Español  |  Français
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◘ "ITF violence free workplaces for women"          
'Tools and resources for education from the
ITF global action forum on violence against women'

▹ read and download various resources here
 in English I Español  |  Français

 join ITF on Facebook , join the ITFwomen community Facebook/itfwomen
Global : "Uber: do not take us for a ride!" by Claire Clarke and Mac Urata
'The ‘sharing economy’ is changing the landscape of work by promoting a model that provides easy access to work but further casualises the workforce. Work has evolved from long-term employment to a series of jobs, and has now again been reduced to the delivery of unique tasks.'
▹ read more

◉ Brazil: "Working in the solidarity economy: between precarity and emancipation" by Marcia de Paula Leite, Angela Maria Carneiro Araújo and Jacob Carlos Lima
'Since the early 2000s, the discussion on the role and nature of cooperatively organised work in Brazil has been intense, reflecting its multiple facets: as a form of cost-cutting and labour precarisation; as an alternative way of generating jobs and income; or as a democratic form of labour organisation, based on the principles of cooperativism and self-management.'
▹ read more

Canada: "Rebuilding our Power: Organising Precarious Warehouse Workers in Canada" by Mostafa Henaway
'Managing logistics networks and profit by lowering labour standards across the board has led to an explosion of both precarious work and extreme wealth in Canada. As inequality has increased in an era of neoliberalism, so has the growth of retailers who cater for the wealthy been accompanied by the growth of retailers catering for low-income clientele.'
▹ read more

 ◉ UK: "Antonio Gramsci and Britain’s Corbyn moment" by Camilla Bassi
No one predicted that in the Labour Party leadership race of 2015 the socialist candidate of Jeremy Corbyn would win, and with a huge mandate. While arguably not going far enough, notably, in failing to promise that Labour Party MPs will not implement existing Conservative Government funding cuts to the public sector, Corbyn nonetheless stands in stark opposition to unbridled capitalism.How was it possible that Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party? In this article, I use the insights of the late Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci to offer an answer.'
▹ read more

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