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Hello Yogis and Friends!

I am really excited to be connecting with you through email!

Please reach out with questions, stories, comments. You can send an email to

If you haven't been to my website in a while please visit. I add photos and content all the time. You can also see my weekly schedule, upcoming workshops, and a blog.


In my own home practice I am working on inviting curiosity, present moment awareness, awakeness, and gratitude in to every pose, every movement, and every breath. It is simple to say but a challenge to practice consistently. It is a cycle of forgetting and remembering. As I return again and again to my sankalpa the remembering happens more and the forgetting less.
New classes!

In addition to my classes at Yoga Tree and Yoga Flow SF, I am now a regular teacher at Ocean Yoga in Pacifica:

Thursdays 5-6pm Hatha Flow
Saturdays 7:30-9am Hot Vinyasa Flow

I am loving teaching at this studio. Hope to see you there. Please send an email if you would like your first class with me free!

Private Lessons perfect if you are:

  • new to yoga, and want help to get started?
  • interested in individual attention in order to deepen your practice?
  • curious about alignment for YOUR body?
  • confused about things like Ujjaya Pranayama and Uddiyana Banhda
  • recovering from an injury or illness?
  • busy and can't find a class at the right time?


       This summer I am out of the country all of August. I am going to visit France and Switzerland. My son gets to spend time with his omama, uncles, aunts and cousins. I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to travel and spend time out in the big wide world. . . but I also feel sad to miss you all in my classes. 

       I have some really great subs lined up. I know they will also provide a great practice for you while I am away. You can see who they are on the schedule for each studio:

May we find daily gratitude for this abundant life. 


Most photos in this email by Alli Novak.
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