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Hari Om!
It is such a joy to be writing to you again this month...Spring is surely on the way, snowdrops and tiny iris flowers are opening in my garden.  I love how everything is coming back to life.  Blossom is on the cherry trees, birds are building nests and there is so much daylight.  What are you grateful for right now?

Many things are happening over the month of March and hopefully you will be able to join in.  But first, a couple of important things to note.

NO CLASS Thursday 26th March at 7.00pm in Oakwood
NO CLASS Monday 30st March at 09.30am in Darley Abbey
NO CLASSES Tuesday 31st March in Little Eaton
NO CLASSES for week of 6th April, although I am available for 1:1 work.

The Belper class on Thursday mornings is growing but we do have room for more of you!
The Shipley class will start on March 5th - Shipley Parish Rooms, Thursday 1pm to 2.30pm. 

Our yoga retreat weekend in April is now full...thank you everyone.  I am thinking of booking a foreign venue for later this year and I hope by April to give you more information about a trip to Nepal...get saving those pennies!  Nepal will be an adventure for anyone who has never been. It is such a wonderful country and your teacher there is a very special lady.  If either of these ideas interest you please let me know.

The other thing I wanted to mention is if you would be willing to leave me a review..either on my Oakwood Yoga facebook page or on my website.  It helps others decide if I would be the sort of yoga teacher they are looking for.  Thanks in advance.

Really hope you have a wonderful month.  Stay safe and enjoy your practice.

Sending you love, joy and peace.

Phillipa  xx
 Oakwood Yoga in the News!

For the eagle eyed amongst you I was in the Derby Evening Telegraph recently.  Not a huge piece but a little bit of advertising for the class I do at Derby Women's Centre.  This is a monthly yoga and relaxation class...and I love working with them.  Karma yoga at its best.  If you want to see the lovely pics here is the link...I had no idea they were coming.  I would have brushed my hair if I had known!!!!
1:1 Yoga
For sometime now I have been helping people on a 1:1 basis and I really enjoy it. 
Why would you consider it for yourself or a friend:
  • you are too busy to come to a regular class
  • you are new to yoga and wish to learn the basics before attending a class,
  • you are looking to develop certain aspects of your practice further,
  • you wish to go deeper into the essence of yoga, which may not be covered in a normal class.
  • you have a health issue you wish to work on
A 1:1 yoga session is personal, getting deeper into your practice.  It helps you focus and listen to your body.  It helps you improve in a sustained, safe and healthy way.  It really is a true investment in your ongoing good health.
 Yoga Bags
These wonderful bags are back in stock!  All handmade in Nepal by a women's co-operative.
They are big enough for your mat, two blocks and the big pocket on the front will hold your keys, hankies, notebook, etc.
All bags come with a matching purse.
There are various colours.  Cost is £35.
 Rocking and Rolling
One of my favourite practices is Jhulana Lurhakanasana and we have been having fun with it in class recently.  If you want to practice the link above will take you to a information sheet.  It is a lovely practice to help you LET GO.

Master Class Dates
March 14th - 09.45 to 12.15 - The Koshas

“The soul makes the body.” – Ralph Waldo Emmerson
“You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body, temporarily.” – Walter M. Miller Jr

Yoga works on many different levels, layers if you like.  Often it is likened to the peeling of an onion, you get through one layer only to find another.  In yoga the layers of our being, our consciousness, are known as the Koshas.  We will work this morning will all five koshas and have time for discussion.  (Venue: Quarndon Church Hall, Church Road, Quarndon DE22 5JB)

May 9th - 09.45 to 12.15 - Exploring Meditation

“You must hear the birds' song without attempting to render it into nouns and verbs.” – Ralph Waldo Emmerson
"Dhyana is the unbroken flow of thought toward the object of concentration." - Patanjali

We all lead such busy lives but through our yoga asana practice we learn to understand our physical body and we begin to feel the change in the mind. This helps us then to be able to sit and meditate. So, this class will be an opportunity to work physically, noticing the changes as we find quiet time to sit to meditate. If meditation is new for you that is fine as it will be fully guided. If you practice regularly, you may notice a wonderful change in the energy around you as you meditate with a group.
Bring a couple of cushions or meditation stool or extra blocks as we will spend some time on learning to sit properly.
   (Venue: Eventide Community Hall, Hayeswood Road, Stanley Common DE7 6GE))

July 11th - 09.45 to 12.15 - not decided on subject matter yet!

August 1st - 09.45 to 12.15 - Exploring Colour through Yoga and Crystal Therapy
"When you work with the energy of colour, fear, suspicion, and anxiety give way to clarity, peace, and a deeper knowing of what is forthcoming in your life!. - Laura Alden Kamm

This will be a joint class with myself and my lovely friend and crystal therapist Jeanette Bunyan.  We are still working on the detail so please bear with me!  (Venue: Allestree Memorial Hall, 1 Cornhill, Allestree, Derby DE22 2GG)

Investment for each session is £15
 New Class in Shipley at the Shipley Parish Rooms, The Field, Heanor DE75 7JH
This class starts on March 5th ~ 1pm to 2.30pm and suitable for all abilities. 
Please come and join will be very welcome.
Do bring a mat and blanket.
 Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing practice, working on the conscious as  well as the subconscious mind.
 My new CD is available now...!
" nights sleep for over a year".  Carole
"I feel a lot more relaxed since starting to listen to your CD. I even go through the routine in my head when going to sleep at night. I had been waking in the night but not so much now. After having a knee operation in October I ... was suffering back pains, again since I've been listening to you the pain is far less as I feel more comfortable. So thank you." Mick
"Your voice is so natural and relaxing." Caroline
 Corporate Yoga

The practice of yoga at work enhances the health and well being of staff members and it improves the harmony and productivity of the organisation as a whole.
Everyone is involved and all will gain something from each class, whether it is increased fitness, a calmer, sharper mind or just simply a chance to take time out.
Each class is tailored to those present with all levels of fitness and experience catered for.
  Every class includes some physical practice and mindfulness meditation.

If you would like me to come along to a team meeting, or be part of a team building day please let me know. 

It's official - I am a NYR Organic Independant Consultant. 
  You can order directly from my NYR website
Or, you can have a gathering and I will order for you.

The products are divine, great for the environment, animal friendly and organic. 
No nasty chemicals or GMO here!
Yoga leads us to meditation.
If you haven't been to our meditation class on a Wednesday in Stanley Common yet...try and come along.  It is a great group, the energy is so different to when you meditate on your own and I fully guide the practice. 
In the meantime here is a practice for you.

I often get asked about "what can I do at home to help such and such?" 
Recently a couple of people have spoken about having a tight pelvis area so this one is for you - but helpfuul for us all.  I hope it helps but any problems let me know next time you are in class.  My drawings are not the best but hopefully you get the idea.  Remember to rest inbetween and to stay in your comfort zone.
Yoga for the Pelvis - your link is here.
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