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Martial Arts Principles and Techniques
in our Daily Lives

Martial Arts Principles and Techniques in our Daily LivesWhat follows comes out of the view that society offers us rules, but that Martial Artists train to exist where the rules break down. Like a structured climbing frame, society pressures people to stay on the frame but everyday real life breaks away from that structure. It is one of the evils of our structural society that it seeks to force individuals to act in ways that the governing classes decide are good for us even when there is no obvious "good" involved. People do not do what they "should" and events do not proceed as they "ought to".

Martial artists learn to exist in the interface between structure and chaos by generating their own internal "rules". These are generally based on principles of "how to live" rather than "what to do" and sometimes there is a variance between these internal rules and social ones e.g. as defined by Law. This is a conflict as old as tribalism, for even within the tribe we are sovereign individuals.

I was struck in the course of writing this by the number of times it seemed impossible to talk about one concept without reference to others. Suggesting that each is part of a single whole and just a different facet being revealed for example in the way that distance and timing overlap, since we achieve our distancing by movement which takes place over time and our timing by adjusting placement in space. If we increase our ability to move faster then this affects our distancing and timing, if others change their speed capacity, our distancing and timing are affected but our speed is in turn affected by other factors and so the whole web is interlinked, at the same time. None of this exists in a vacuum, it all only makes sense when two or more people are involved.

I am encouraged by this observation since it suggests a simple elegant basis, a common derivation with resilient strength - a sort of ordered chaos enabling us to deal with relationships where conflict is potential i.e. all of them!

Consequently, I would like to explore how the ideas strategies and techniques which we generate in martial arts can transfer across to be useful in daily life.
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