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And suddenly here we are staring Christmas in the face again! A busy month for us with everyone wanting to look their best for the festive season, but at this stage we still have plenty of appointments available

As mentioned in my last newsletter, we are offering a special on treatment to hands using Radiesse. This product is used as a bio-stimulant, which means it helps the regeneration of collagen and gives the hands a more youthful, plump look. The procedure takes about 45 minutes. We inject a mixture of saline and anaesthetic into the back of the hand using a cannula (blunt ended needle) and then inject the Radiesse into the fluid.  Your hands look a bit puffy for a day or two, but nothing too bad. Over the next 6 months, the collagen regenerates giving the skin a more youthful look.  It can be repeated at six months if necessary. IPL can be used to get rid of pigmented spots if present, so the combination of the 2 treatments can produce amazing results. No need to worry that our hands giving away our true age!!
For the month of November save $150 on Radiesse for hands treatment (normally $990) and receive a free Aspect hand cream

With the sun getting stronger again, it is time to ensure you are using adequate sun protection every day. We have a large range of sunscreen products in the clinic, to ensure we can cater to all skin types and specific needs of each person. When you wear sun protections daily, it is easy to appreciate the importance of good quality ingredients and formulations. All of our sunscreens contain only the highest quality products for ultimate protection and ease of use. Your sunscreen should become part of your normal skin care regime. For most of us, we need more than one sunscreen product to cover all aspects of our daily lives. Generally, a light breathable formulation is fine for everyday use and under make up. A stronger, preferably waterproof, product is then needed for days in the garden, days at the beach and when engaging in physical activities.
Caitlyn will be doing regular educational posts on Instagram and Facebook with information regarding each of the sunscreens we sell here at Clinique Elan, so make sure you are following us on these sites.
You are welcome to test any of our products prior to purchasing, or to talk to  Caitlyn for advice about which is the right sunscreen(s) for you.
And because we are so serious about helping protect your skin from damage and premature ageing, we are offering 20% off all our sunscreens until Christmas. No excuse not to be taking care of your skin!!!!


The Trio package special has been very popular again so we have extended it for another month, FREE travel size Mild cleanser and Resveratrol moisturiser with the package. 
This trio is the perfect skin prep for the party season so book how ever many you like through the next month. This can be enjoyed fortnightly.
One of our clients recently told me she had gone to another clinic to get her lips done, because she thought Clinique Elan doesn’t offer the use of anaesthetic. This is not correct. My apologies to anyone else, who thought the same. We offer a variety of anaesthetic options depending on the treatment being undertaken.

ICE:We often use the numbing effect of an ice block by holding it firmly over the spot to be injected for 60 – 90 seconds. This numbs the area enough to get the needle in without it hurting too much, if at all. The advantage is that there is no downtime afterwards waiting for the effects to wear off. Another advantage is that when used for lip injecting, it doesn’t distort the movement of the lip, so it is easier to be accurate and maintain symmetry. Ice also tends to anaesthetise a bit deeper into the skin than topical creams, so it helps with the pain of the solution being injected. Ice is the most useful for the Xeomin/Dysport injections for this reason.

These can be very effective when used prior to superficial injecting, but the efficacy varies quite significantly from person to person. Xeomin and Dysport are injected at a deeper level as they go into muscle, so although the pain of the needle going in may be diminished, the solution itself is quite stingy, so anaesthetic creams are not much use. Lip filling is much the same, as the filler product is injected into the lip body, not just the surface. The biggest down side to topical LA is that it takes 30 minutes to work. It can then take a couple of hours for the effect to wear off, which some people don’t like. We therefore don’t generally use it for toxin injecting, which only takes a few minutes, because it is not worth the 30min wait beforehand. We do, however, use topical LA when treating large areas for skin rejuvenation eg, stamping or Redensity, and they work very well.

For clients, who find lip augmentation (or upper lip line injecting) just too painful, we do offer a complete nerve block. Not all clinics do this. We can completely numb both the upper and lower lips, so there is no pain what so ever. It does however, also cause what we call a motor block, whereby the lips are pretty much paralysed, making it more challenging to inject. Some people don’t like the feeling (much like going to the dentist) of a numb mouth for an hour or so, so choose to put up with the short term pain.
The filler products we use have anaesthetic in them. Once some product has been injected into an area, it numbs the surrounding tissue, so that subsequent injections don’t hurt. For deeper injections, as in volumising treatments, the product is placed down at the level where there are no nerve endings, so pain is minimal anyway. Once the needle is through the skin, where the nerve endings are situated, no anaesthetic is required.
For fine line injecting, ice or LA creams, make the needle entry painless (or less painful) to allow enough product to anaesthetise the area for further injecting.
I hope this clears up any misunderstanding and gives you an idea of what you might like to request in the future. We generally give you a choice – sometimes with a recommendation, but please don’t be afraid to ask.
And that about sums it up for another month. Take care everyone. I will be back once more before then end of the year.
Cheers for now
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