Stutzman Summary - December 2016 highlights the changes in Robert's work...and some breaking news...
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Breaking news...
Yesterday morning something happened for which we have waited 22 years. We received an email from Lavanlou Keliwan. He is the grandson of one of the men we worked with on Lou Island, Papua New Guinea more than 22 years ago. We have had no direct contact with anyone from Lou Island in all the years since we left.

In the meantime, we had published the Lou dictionary online and as an App in the Google Play Store with the hope that some Lou Islander would find it and get excited about their language.

Lavonlou wrote, "I was able to download the app from the Playstore and will be sharing the link with all my wantoks - both at the island and outside of Manus...We will also be printing copies of the dictionary to share with others who do not have mobiles and to place in our Community School Libraries."

When I asked him how he found us, he replied, "An aunty of mine, Lovelyn, was the one who was looking for the Lou word for "love" on Google when she stumbled upon the online dictionary that you guys published. She is Solok Pwaka's daughter (Solok is one of the men we worked with to collect the words for the dictionary) and is currently living in Australia. She printed a copy of it and brought it last weekend when she visited relatives in Port Moresby. So I went online to search for the PDF and saw the link to the Google Play Store and downloaded the app. Thank you for doing all this. We really appreciate it."

Robert's work

In November, Dick Blight, the team leader for the Exegetical Summaries Series had a stroke and had to retire at 90 years of age. Dick was the original author and editor of the series, starting with I Thessalonians back in 1985. He authored several of the books himself and then became the series editor. In 2006, the Exegetical Summary of Galatians was published, which Robert authored. Currently, only two books (John & Acts) need to be finished in order for there to be a complete set of Exegetical Summaries for the New Testament. Robert is currently co-authoring and editing the Exegetical Summary for Acts. With Dick retired, Robert's responsibilities have increased.

Papua New Guinea

Even though we are no longer personally involved in PNG, we celebrate when they celebrate. In the past twelve months, Papua New Guineans received completed New Testaments in five languages, printed Scripture portions in 14 languages, and audio and video Scriptures in 13 languages. Each translation is precious. Pray for the continuing work that is being done in that country. 
Some 2016 Highlights
March - Wes Peacock joined Verna's team of Lexical Data Conversion Specialists.
August - We traveled to Indiana and Manitoba to visit family and financial supporters, speaking in several churches and home groups. Along the way, we spent two days in Grand Rapids, Michigan where Verna taught lexicography at Bibles International.
September - Verna traveled to Germany, Georgia, and Turkey where she was involved in three different conferences, speaking/teaching in two of them.
November - Robert took on more responsibilities as his team leader retired.
December - Breaking news - see above.
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Thank you for your friendship, your prayers, and your financial support. Without you on our team, we would not be able to do the work Father God has called us to. We pray for you daily. May Father God continue to prosper you and keep you in health and may all your prayers be answered.

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