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March Newsletter edited by Trevor Pickett 

The Pickett Post returns after an absence of a couple of months, and the truth is that the content comes from my heart and first-hand experience so in all honesty I have not really been inspired to write. It maybe the dark nights when I go home and hibernate and, as always with me, I feel it never rains but it pours so either not much to write about or too much!
Having missed out on writing the February issue it did come as a surprise that I discovered people did enjoy reading The Post and had missed it so for those people here we go for March!

Tate Modern

Rich Pickings on Bank Side
At the moment, there are three exhibitions:

Radical Eye (which was mentioned in the November newsletter too). It's a gem of photography and a generous bequest by Sir Elton John.

Tate’s landmark exhibition of  Rauschenberg celebrates an extraordinary six-decades of his work I think a highlight is the Merce Cunningham the combination of visual and performance art. 

Just opened is the Wolfgang Tillmans exhibition which, for me, was a surprise as I really enjoyed this show and I feel in need of  a revisit.

If you have not seen the new extension of the Switch House at the Tate Modern then it is well worth a visit too.

I like the cross over bag in contemporary block colours.

                  Chantal Handbag                                                    
                              Eagle Feather Stole                                                

Royal Academy

Revolution - Russian Art 1917-1932

with Caviar & Communism

Having just had my portrait painted by Eugenie Vronskaya last Thursday I had not expected to host a Russian tea – that means Stolli and thankfully I like salmon caviar  (I am not insistent on Beluga!) with chopped egg,  salmon parfait, beetroot etc etc. We not only celebrated a new friendship but Eugenie’s son, Shamil, came and he was celebrating his 18th birthday too. He looks like a character in a Botticelli and has a charm that is totally beguiling

Eugenie and I killed off the bottle of Stolli , went to the RA to see Revolution  - of course being brought up in Soviet Russia she made the visit a more interesting and a rounded experience
I have always been inspired by the way that even the basic textiles were full of subtle propaganda; the classical designs were manipulated to prompt working ethic and the power of soviet Russia.

Soviet Textiles: Designing the Modern Utopia - by Pamela Kachurin

I could not resist a bit of red - I was thinking the flag !!

                  Susan Handbag
The John Martin Gallery

25th Anniversary
To celebrate the anniversary a series of portraits have been commissioned of characters who have been part of the 25 years of the gallery on Albemarle St.

The completed series are painted by artist Eugenie Vronskaya. The portraits will be shown in the form of a screen or ‘Ikonsastas’ not dissimilar to those found in a Russian Orthodox Church which the gallery hope will be a fitting way to honour the essential collaboration.
The revealed will be at for Art Weekend, 30th June – 2nd July when the galleries in Mayfair have Open House

The green suede shows the creative artistic side of one’s character.  

                  Knitted Stole
The Kite Runner 

Wyndham's Theatre
Whist reading the book one could be shedding constant tears and so I wondered if the play would match and live up to it in this production. Being shown at the Wyndham's Theatre it seems to manage to condense hours of reading to a visual of just under three hours - a success! 

It's always great to go to the theatre understated, just neat and chic.

            Little Glenham Handbag                                               
                  Stingray Bracelet
Voxcetera & Northern Lights Symphony Orchestra

St Martin in the Fields
Tuesday 21 March at 7.30 pm.

My great friend Jane Hopkins puts on the third Voxcetera concert at St Martin in the Fields with her friend Dawn.  As always, they have great programming including Mozart’s Solemn Vespers, a dazzling (and not particularly solemn) work full of complex rhythms and rich, ecstatic harmonies.  They’ll also sing his short and music-loved Ave Verum Corpus.  They are joined by the fabulous Northern Lights Symphony Orchestra.

The concerts sell out so avoid disappointment and book tickets now. The hall sells the main body of the auditorium first and balcony second. Voxcetera don’t seem to have a problem filling the whole venue, so worth booking in advance, especially for the better seats.
Bright music, bright poster, bring on bright accessories and a bright brolly as insurance.
               Ladies Whangee Umbrella
Instagram - Trevor_Pickett (@trevor_pickett)
Facing my fears of Facebook and social media - here I go!
Finally I am taking social media seriously and have had long chats with a close friend. We both feel the same discomfort using it feeling it's a vehicle to show off, although one of my other friends lives by it!

I am hoping I will use it as informative and not as a way to give an hour by hour account of where I have been/who I have seen etc. I thought that the printing press (Saturday 18th Feb post) was a gem and a good example of the direction I wish to take, so we are now posting once a day on my account @trevor_pickett with the @pickettlondon Instagram account showing products.
Perfect for the young and their papers
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