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September Newsletter

May Newsletter edited by Trevor Pickett 

It's been great writing this newsletter - it’s a change of focus and direction this month with less on ‘things to do’ and more about brands, people, services and experiences that I feel have a close association with Pickett so I hope you find them useful, enjoyable and hopefully you are able to join in too!

Socks and V&A

As I so enjoyed the V&A's Pleasure & Pain exhibition on footwear I was very much looking forward to the new ‘Undressed’ exhibition  - an exhibition of ‘foundation wear’  - a term I like being the old fashion term that covered corsets, bustiers, pants, knicker's nighties, bra's, Y fronts, and boxer shorts  - or the worst being jock strap thongs!... read more

As there are some hosiery items included, we are very pleased to introduce our new ladies sock collection  - we are hoping for the same success as our men’s range last year and maybe someday they will even make it to the V&A?! 

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The Duchess of Cambridge

It was very exciting for us to see HRH The Duchess of Cambridge in one of our shawls on the Bhutan tour - it’s a particular favourite of mine too

It is beautifully light, so versatile and drapes softly around your shoulders for occasions or it can be wrapped around your neck keeping you really warm.

Choose an ideal shawl for transition from Autumn to Winter to Spring seasons, perfect for when a jacket does not seem enough and a coat is too much and also fills that sartorial gap in bright colours.
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As always I can’t be patient and wait so everything at the store has been turned upside down since I got my vision for the final part of the new store in my head! This has of course been to the chagrin and bane of everyone's life here at base camp. 
We had planned to launch the new Queensbury room with the first event for Fathers Day in June – but then Diana Miers, my ex ‘right hand / girl Friday’ turned up with the conception of a Festival event so this will now be our opening event on the 9th May with more exciting events to follow. We will have some fun bargains in the mix for all the fashionable essentials needed for the season ahead.
Heywood Hill

What we like here at Pickett is service and you certainly get that from Nicky Dunne, the owner of Heywood Hill - the ultimate in the luxury London book shops. The idea of having a consultancy on building a library does take the pain of it out of the final decision making - it a shock when you find you need to fill an entire book case,  as twenty books barely fills half a shelf as a friend of mine found out recently. The thought of buying online is a minefield as what looks like substantial volume turns out to be a large pamphlet as he lamented to me! So it’s time to hand the job to a professional that will find tones for you to suit your needs whether they are books with a leather bound club look or just nicely used second hand items but all being books you would have bought yourself. In the current ‘time poor society’ that we live in you just want to spend time reading and not researching your favourite book.
If you are not the type to write marginalia then why not buy one of our note books to make references and essential notes 
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Restoration and Repair 

Clare's skills and long experience in conservation of paintings are not confined to the great masters - she has removed mould spots from my pastels and has sorted out many of my dubious purchases to a magnificent effect!

Both old through to new paintings or contemporary works she can surface clean, removing discoloured varnish, retouching’s and overpaint,

stabilises  fragile and flaking paint,  repair of tears holes locally and does full and strip linings, as well as blind and cami linings giving added support to weakened more

It’s the art service to our leather service and we hope that we offer the same sympathy to that loved object that she has to me over the years

Coppa Maga 

There are lots of foods around with claims that they have contents that suit special dietary requirements, however so often they are disappointing and tasteless! And with all the news on the ingredients used to make processed food etc– you really do wonder what you can eat and whether you can ever buy / eat food unless you have grown it yourself! So back to the days of Richard Briers and Felicity Kendal (I do worry that my BBC references to our younger generation of customers is wasted as I find it is when I use words like squeezy bottles & sticky back plastic on our ‘gap yearers’!) James, the man in the ice cream van without jingles,  has just arrived with our first delivery of ice cream  - think of a healthier physique than of the 90”s Hagen Daz adverts! more

These suede bags have just arrived and happen to be in the delicious colours of some of the ice creams – perfect bags for a summer stroll along a sunny promenade.

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This should be an interesting event that our PR company Zambuni has organised in the Peruvian Club on Piccadilly, where you leave the vista of Green Park and find yourself in the buzzy atmosphere of local Lima. I look forward to helping lead in an invigorating discussion that, quite literally, stimulates the senses and explores the unique world of heritage luxury. I am sure it will be an exciting and spirited event as Claire Zambuni always creates such a fun evening with an interesting mix of guests.

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