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  • Woooo! It's Leo season!
  • Hours this week at Pairings
  • Our staff share their WEIRDEST wine experiences
  • A great wine deal to help soothe your gas pump blues

Prepare the spotlight! Leo season has arrived.

All hail the outgoing but tender-hearted lion! Jeff has paired 5 wines to 5 attributes of the Leo astrological sign. 
Whether you've got a special Leo in your life, you are the special Leo in peoples' lives, or you just want to tap into the energy of the astrological season, this flight is for you! Everyone could use a little more brave, bold, beautiful Leo energy. Come and get it this week!
Don't forget, when you order a wine flight during Lunch Break Happy Hour, you get a bonus pour of your favorite wine!
Jeff is taking a much-deserved vacation!

Today and tomorrow, Tuesday the 26th and Wednesday the 27th, Pairings will open at 4pm instead of noon. Normal hours resume starting Friday!
It's time for another Pairings Portland crew segment where we get to know the new staff at Pairings! This week, we asked...

What's your weirdest wine story?
Thurs-Sat, 4-8pm

"I always take a bottle of bubbly skiing with me—I throw it in my inner jacket pocket and hide it somewhere in the trees my first run to saber with a ski when needed (always making sure to pick up the cork). One time doing this I broke the bottle in my pocket before finding a spot to hide it. Had to ski down covered in champagne and with a pocket full of shattered glass. I switched to bringing cans after this."
Friday, 4-8pm

"I've had wines as old as me that taste like they were born yesterday, and I've had relatively young wines taste totally over the hill. You never know til you pull the cork!" 
JEFF W. He/Him
Tues-Sat, 12-4pm

"The story of how I found the wine to pair to Gollum from Lord of the Rings. The Gollum description that I was pairing to: obsessive, conflicted, two-faced, complicated, jealous, transformed, misunderstood. I almost took the pairing out of the flight, but then I found a wine at a trade tasting that the wholesaler was giving away for cheap, because it was flat out weird to start AND it was going through a secondary fermentation in the bottle, so there was spritz on top of a wine that was both fruity & bitter, hard to understand, and from a high altitude area in Piedmonte that creates wines we don’t have a reference point for. "
KEAGAN C. They/Them
Tues-Wed, 4-8pm

"Constantly spraying myself with wine from the racking valve during my first harvest." 
Sunday 12-7pm

"My wife and I went on a wine tasting trip to the Yamhill Valley, and we ended up on this dirt road that wound up the side of a hill to get to this winery where we had to walk an even longer way to get to the tasting room. The estate was lush and clearly wealthy, but when we stepped inside the tasting room it was like entering a cellar during prohibition, minus the burly guy asking us for the password outside the doors. We walked in, and every in there – from the person working the tasting room to the other guests – gave us a look like we were not at all welcome. My wife and I looked at each other, turned right back around and hiked back to the car. I have no idea what was going on in that tasting room, but we wanted no part of it."
Tune in next week to learn more about the staff!
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You'll get 12 bottles (aka 1 case) for $160, averaging just $13.33/bottle. Some of the bottles actually retail for as much as $17, so it's quite the deal!
Pick it up from the shop for no charge, or let us deliver it to your doorstep tomorrow or sooner for $15.
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Have you stopped by for a dance party at Pairings lately? The disco ball awaits.

- Jeff & the Pairings Portland crew
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