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Funtastic Finale

Rage tent

Finishing up on a high

2016 has been another great season for Rage. This year, we saw an exciting injection of new blood into the club in the form of many 'Bananas' and other great new stars, whilst seeing fantastic improvement on the water in some of our more seasoned paddlers. 

Two years ago we fought hard to regain our status as a National Premier League club. In 2015 we finished up in 5th place, and this year's goal was to defend our position. This season we secured 5th place in the National Premier League, 3rd in the Mixed and topped the Ladies' table against some fierce competition in all three categories.

As well as training and competing on the water, we've also enjoyed quality time together off it. Thanks to Jess and Jojo for organising a great variety of Rage social outings – from ping pong and girls' cinema evenings to crazy golf, dim sum lunches, darts and pizza nights, stand up paddling and team barbecue days.

Celebrating in style

Many thanks (again) to Jess and Jojo for coordinating a thoroughly enjoyable and successful end of season event.

Here, we enjoyed good food, great company and re-lived the highlights of the past year through our end of season video, fun and serious award presentations.
All the Rage
Raging Dragons are more than just a dragon boat team. We're a family who work hard, play hard and enjoy our time together both on and off the water. 'Rage as one'.
Our nominees for the official 'serious' club awards were comprised of an impressive line up of worthy contenders. To be standing amongst such sterling company is a great honour and something that all nominees should be very proud of. In many cases it was a very close call, and other factors such as attendance and club contributions also had to be considered. Special congratulations to our 2016 winners:
  • Rookie of the Year: Janny Wong
  • Most Improved Paddler: Philip Ler
  • Strongest Female Paddler: Jess Lee
  • Strongest Male Paddler: Richard Marfiak
  • Most Valuable Paddler: Jo Tang
Rage end of season celebrations, 2016
As well as the official awards, we had the pleasure of enjoying a highly entertaining Rage Spotlight Awards presentation (voted by Ragers, organised and announced by Jess and Jojo). Our Rage Spotlight Award winners this year were:
  • Best Bromance: Michael Ng and Laurence Wong
  • Mr & Mrs Raging Dragons: Janny Wong and Philip Ler
  • The Comedian: Fernando Gonzalez-Kuty
  • Chief Cheerleader: Ruth Doughty
  • Ms Champagne: Jess Lee
  • Warrior Princess: Jo Tang
  • Hercules: Natt Sutthikulkarn
  • Energizer Bunny: Jo Araminta
  • Mountain Mover: Jo Tang
  • Best Boat Buddy: Victor Martinez
Best Bromance
Jojo's homemade Christmas treats
It was a great afternoon – everyone left well fed, happy and feeling the love. A few of us had drinks afterwards at a nearby bar. And though we'd already enjoyed a highly satisfying three course meal and Jojo's homemade Christmas treats, somehow we still managed to find space in our second stomachs later on for Vietnamese pho (noodle soup) and spring rolls...the boat may sit a bit lower in the water when we return in January...

Merry Christmas, Rage!

After a long season of dedicated training and competition, Rage turned up for a fashionably festive final paddle of the year. 
GB Ragers
 We mixed up our usual boat line up a bit and everyone on board got to helm or coach for a while. Some zig-zagging took place between a few jittery giggles as people struggled to maintain their balance, but overall our Santas, elves and Rage reindeer all did a great job...we managed not to crash into any walls :)

Everyone eventually made it back in one piece. A penguin waddle relay at the LRC put the team's coordination, agility and grace to the test (we should probably stick to paddling)...

We then made
 our way over to a local Italian restaurant where the team played a blind Christmas drawing game (won by Mike), followed by a 'dress Cinderella for the Christmas ball' competition.
Rage Christmas lunch
Cinderella competition
Our three beautiful Cinderellas Laurence, Fernando and Vic modelled their high fashion pieces in style on the restaurant runway (complete with handbag and fan accessories). We enlisted the help of two waiters to judge our haute couture competition.

Laurence's outfit was deemed 'very modern', whilst Fernando's was 'quite original' – though eventually Team Vic was declared the winner. It was a bit of a worry as Vic seemed to love the tiara he won a bit too much. He got so into character that we were worried he might never shake the newfound campness off...

Lots of laughs, fun and games all 'round – a great way to end the year :)


Welcome to Kay and Travers' baby dragon, Noah. He looks dashing in Rage red :) Your mamma was an absolute trouper this year, carrying on the tradition of awesome Rage mums, while Papa Potato trained and competed for GB.
Janny and Phil
Gaydon and Komaki
Congratulations to Gaydon and Komaki who recently got engaged...the team is very happy for you guys. Wishing you both love, health and happiness for all the years to come :) 

Happy holidays

Thanks to everyone for their commitment and contributions this year. More importantly, thank you for being a part of Rage. It's the diversity and dynamics of our club and what every Rager brings to it, that makes Raging Dragons the unique and wonderful family it is.

Wishing all Ragers, family and friends a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the new year on the water...and then at Chinese New Year dinner on 28th January! Thanks to Jess and Johnny for organising.

Have fun, be safe and see you all soon.

Vic and Jen

Rage as one

Editor: Jen Szeto