Anatara e-news 30/08/19
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Message from the CEO

This week marked the release of the Company's Appendix 4E and review of operations for the year ending 30th June 2019. The 2018-2019 year has been a year of transition for Anatara Lifesciences, having commenced the year with a clear focus on successfully evolving into a human health company, through the pursuit of the burgeoning gastrointestinal health market.

I continue to believe that our innovative Gastrointestinal ReProgramming (GaRP) dietary supplement has an opportunity to 'change the game' in the treatment of gastrointestinal conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

In the past two months, I have had the opportunity to present to audiences at the
Bioshares Biotech Summit in New Zealand and at the Monsoon Communications Twilight Investor Briefing
 in Melbourne last week. During my presentations, I highlighted why gut health and the microbiome are changing medicine, and where we sit in the treatment landscape. I have spoken previously about the significant unmet need for evidence-based complementary medicines in gastrointestinal health, with up to 50% of IBS and IBD patients turning to supplements and complementary and alternative medicines to seek additional therapeutic relief.  The impact of IBS and IBD on a patients' quality of life is devastating, coupled with the huge costs to society in terms of direct medical costs and work absenteeism - $21 Billion or more annually, according to the International Foundation for Gastrointestinal Disorders.

Anatara's GaRP dietary supplement has been uniquely designed to address the primary underlying factors of these conditions and over the coming months, you will hear more about GaRP's triple-targeted therapeutic approach, exhibiting anti-adhesion, anti-inflammatory and mucosal regeneration effects.

Our pre-clinical animal studies in IBD are ongoing, with initiation of a human clinical study in IBS to follow in late 2019. We expect that the results from these studies will not only reassure patients and clinicians that GaRP is safe and effective, but also place Anatara in a better negotiating position with potential partners, where I look forward to putting my many years of successful business development experience to work.

Pivoting to our animal health business; we announced in June that Zoetis would no longer continue as a strategic partner for our animal health assets, the Company remains confident
that a substantial market opportunity for Detach® exists, with more pressure than ever on producers to reduce their antibiotic use and find suitable alternatives which minimise illnesses, such as scour, on farms.

I would like to again thank shareholders for their continued patience and support of the Company as we continue to execute on the strategic re-partnering of Detach® and the further clinical development of our breakthrough GaRP dietary supplement, which we believe will deliver much-needed relief for IBS and IBD patients and drive value for our shareholders.

I look forward to keeping you updated on our progress in the coming months.

Steven Lydeamore
Chief Executive Officer

A spotlight on...

Dr Gareth Chadwick, Analytical Services Manager

As the Company moves toward commencing our human clinical trial for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), we thought it timely to introduce a key Anatara team member and the person responsible for formulating Anatara’s first human product, its GaRP dietary supplement - Dr Gareth Chadwick, Analytical Services Manager.

Gareth, Analytical Chemistry PhD, has 20 years' experience in analysis, team leadership and project management within the pharmaceutical industry. Joining Anatara in 2016, Gareth had previously worked in analytical and formulation chemistry roles with CSL Behring, Alchemia Limited and IDT in Melbourne. Hailing from Wales originally, Gareth moved to Australia in 2008 having previously spent close to eight years working for Merck (MSD), one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, in the UK.

Over the course of his career, Gareth has managed early-phase clinical formulation development activities, including the development and characterisation of novel pharmaceuticals, analytical methodology design and technology transfer, as well as the planning and execution of analytical programs.

As well as his love of football (Gareth is a mad Liverpool, Melbourne City, Bangor City and Wales supporter), Gareth is a passionate 'data miner', with an interest in data interrogation to find out the 'why'.  Gareth is skilled in the application of machine learning algorithms for predictive analysis.

We look forward to bringing you more profiles of our key people over the coming months.
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News from across the globe

With so much content on gut health, the microbiome and the use of antibiotics in agriculture, its been difficult to keep our news highlights list short this edition so its a little more extensive than usual. Hope you enjoy the articles as much as we did!

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Healio Gastroenterology
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"Lifetime costs of IBD care may be higher than previous estimates"

Pew Charitable Trusts
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New Scientist
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"Your gut bacteria may influence whether you get drug side effects"

Science Daily
May 2019

"How microbiome is disrupted during IBD: Human Microbiome Project"

Scientific American
August 2019

"Moving Away from Antibiotics in Animal Agriculture"

New Food Magazine
August 2019

"The microbiome and the effect of antimicrobials in food production"

Gut Microbiome

Five Fast Facts

1) Gut microbiota plays an important role in gut-brain communication

2) 95% of your bacteria is located in the gastrointestinal tract

3) Your gut microbiota's weight can reach up to 1-2kg

4) Laid end to end, you body's bacteria would circle the Earth 2.5 times

5) The gastrointestinal tract surface is as big as 2 tennis courts - 400m2
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