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Our February 2019 IRIS Business Architect Newsletter issue talks about the following:
Architecting and Delivering Optimal Customer Journeys

To make meaningful progress in their digital transformation, corporate leaders need more than agile approaches.

Marketers and product managers are getting very good at the elaboration of enticing and optimal customer journeys. Their organizations use various agile methodologies in the hope of speeding things up and yet most of them struggle in delivering these journeys on time and within budget. This article intends to show how enterprise and business architecture can unravel and prioritize customer journey initiatives early on by identifying and focusing foremost on the problematic and enabling capabilities of their organization using a “Personal Loan” customer journey map example.

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IRIS Business Architect Release 2.6.7 Now Available for either:
  • Free Trial, and/or
  • A 60-minute Web Demo.
  • No thank you! Our 'EA' tool handles our business strategies and business architecture well enough.
  • Please note that Release 3.0 of IRIS Business Architect will be available before the end of June 2019. Getting all our current diagram functionalities on a browser is taking longer than anticipated. Release 3.0 promises to be a real game changer. The new version will be fully browser-based and adapted to usage on tablets as well. This new version will bring a totally revamped user interface, with all the features you love and many more, such as easier navigation, more intuitive presentation, easier collaboration between users and viewers, bookmarks, notifications, tasks to manage progress, improved security and more. There will be no need to download the IRIS Business Architect software on the user's computer. Stay tuned!
Business Architecture Events that Matter
Digital Transformation Using Enterprise and Business Architecture 

Corporations investing in digital transformation must use enterprise and business architecture in the planning stages of their projects.

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TOGAF® Business Architecture: Business Capabilities and Value Stream Guides – The Open Group

Take a look at these 2 very instructive videos entitled “TOGAF® Business Architecture: Business Capability Guide” and “TOGAF® Business Architecture: Value Stream Guide” made for the Open Group with Alec Blair, Steve Marshall and Brian Lail. 

Take a look at video 1 and video 2.

From Business Strategies to Successful IT Delivery

Read Articles in about linking Business Strategies to Successful IT Delivery here: More articles to be published soon.
Client Case Studies

Take a look at our Client Case Studies about digital transformation and the use of IRIS Business Architect at the following customers: 
Business Architecture Basics

Discover the Basics about Business Architecture in this 101-page presentation made initially at the Metro State University in St-Paul Minnesota on January 19, 2016. It's downloadable on SlideShare.

Take a look here.
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