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Our values at work

You put the U in UC

It’s not just lip service: UC is making college possible for more Californians — and staff have played a central role. This year we welcomed the highest number of first-year and transfer students ever, including a record number of in-state applicants. We’re also making diversity a priority, supporting first-gen students and helping transfer students access world-class degrees. In short, there’s a lot to be proud of


Celebrating first-gen achievements isn't limited to UC undergrads. Many of our colleagues, including UC leaders, are first-gen success stories who have devoted their careers to public service.

Doctor with child and mother


Double-up — or don’t?

My partner, who has always needed coverage under my UC medical benefits, now has the option to enroll in employer health insurance, too. Will our benefits be better if we enroll in both plans? 

Not necessarily. It may be hard to believe, but more medical coverage isn’t always better. Here’s why.

Need some help with THE LAW?

Call in a professional. With UC’s legal insurance, it's easy to access an attorney for many legal services, from traffic tickets to family legal matters — including estate planning. Sign up during open enrollment! 

Staff snapshot

Yesenia Curiel

Yesenia Curiel,
Frida Kahlo fan

If you visit UC Merced, you'll recognize Yesenia right away. Her dedication to violence prevention, survivor support and community-building activities stands out — as do her favorite pair of Frida Kahlo earrings.  

Man working at computer


Click. Learn. Repeat.

If you’ve got 30 minutes of downtime today, put down the cat memes and start boosting your career! Gain a variety of professional-development skills with free online classes through the UC Learning Center.


If you’re ready to take the next step — or even a new direction — with your career, there’s no better place to be than at UC. My UC Career helps you navigate the possibilities, from articulating your values and skills to acing your next interview.

Young woman shaking doctor's hand


A workplace win-win

Through innovative Project SEARCH partnerships at UCLA Health and UC Irvine Health, young adults with special needs gain hands-on job experience, real-life career skills and a taste of workplace culture.


Even if you haven’t heard of Katie Maynard, you’ve likely witnessed the effect of her work on your campus. From tackling food insecurity to reducing lab waste, UC’s 2019 Sustainability Champion has made a lasting impact throughout the university.

Father talking to son


Talking about tragedy shouldn’t be taboo

Acts of violence, such as mass shootings, are overwhelming for all of us to comprehend — and that's especially true of children. If you'd like to broach this topic with your family but aren't sure where to start, check out this helpful guide from the UC San Diego Health Child and Teen Psychiatry Program. Learn to begin a dialogue, help manage your child's anxiety and get advice around when professional support may be needed.


There’s been conflicting buzz in the news about whether sunblock is effective and safe. Get advice from UC researchers, boost your skincare knowledge and choose the right sunglasses to protect your eyes. It’s all in UC’s ultimate guide to staying safe in the sun.

“I was just a fan originally, but now I have become the central contact for him. I’m in it until he retires or I retire.” 

Katie Title

Academic advisor, UC Santa Barbara College of Engineering
Official caretaker of campus cat Big Boy

From Janet

Each year, as I meet more UC students, faculty and staff, I am inspired by our university’s rich diversity.
This vibrant community has not come about by chance. Many generations of UC people have worked to cultivate an inclusive experience. They have championed our values, created avenues for dialogue, sought broad perspectives and been forthcoming with their own. 
Today, that work continues through innovative initiatives like UC Berkeley’s Leadership and Career Enhancement Program for Staff of Color, which provides career and leadership development workshops for underrepresented staff. UCLA has established the Center for Diverse Leadership in Science; it is the first university to counter the marked lack of diversity in environmental science. The Human Rights Campaign Foundation recently praised institutions at UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC San Diego, and UCSF among their 2019 LGBTQ Healthcare Equality Leaders. And, I could go on.
To remain one of the greatest universities in the world, UC must continue to support and champion the multitude of voices, perspectives and shared knowledge that are its hallmark.

We all have the power to make a difference by living our values, and I am especially reminded of that on this 18th anniversary of 9/11. The consequences of ignoring inclusiveness as a pivotal value affect us all. I encourage you to spend a quiet moment in remembrance of the nearly 3,000 lives lost that day and to consider how we can continue to move forward, together, as Americans, Californians and members of the UC community.   

Janet Napolitano

Janet Napolitano
UC President

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