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"Quilting & Embroidery"

We need you to

Download these Files

To get the most from the Art and Stitch Classes, you will need to download these image files and save them onto your desktop. 

We would prefer the desktop as you won't need to look for it when the time comes!
  1. Check which classes you are attending. 
  2. Click on the class name below. (A png file will open)
  3. Choose the Download button in the top right corner. 
  4. Find the file and move to your desktop. 
003-COMP-MANDALA : Mandala Magic - Art and Stitch

005-COMP-MOTIF : How to Effectively use Motif Fills - Art and Stitch

008-COMP-CLIPART : What to do with Clipart - Art and Stitch
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