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Volunteer For Hurricane Harvey Relief!

Tzu Chi volunteers are also vigilantly observing and preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Irma. Let’s send our most sincere thoughts and prayers for the continued safety of those on it’s path as we brace for this storm.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused from the inclusion of an incorrect sign-up link in our last newsletter.

Please, join us to offer your love and care to the people of Texas in person. Together, we can help kindle the light of hope for those suffering after Hurricane Harvey and the continued floods. Our Harvey recovery mission began on September 1st, with the preparation of 2,000 first-aid kits and 12,000 lbs of dehydrated instant rice (MRE) being shipped from Taiwan to Houston. Since then, we have actively carried out disaster assessment, met with communities and officials, provided hundreds of environmentally friendly blankets, are now organizing for distributions at our Houston office, and have begun street fundraising!  

Sign up today as a volunteer to provide your aid to the people of Texas in person:
Or, donate to provide immediate relief:

Until Oct. 15, all donations marked “Disaster Relief Funds” will go directly to Hurricane Harvey aid.


Attend a THH2017 Event
Our “Thousands of Helping Hands” Charity Art Performance tour begins on September 9th in Dallas! Join us at a Texas or California location near you. All the proceeds from ticket sales will support Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief.

“Let us work together, support each other and pray for a world without disasters. ”

Jing Si Aphorism by Dharma Master Cheng Yen

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