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Today is a great day to be alive

Here's why...

Hi <<First Name>>,

A few days ago, I was in tropical paradise, at a writing workshop (some call it a 'workation' - as in, a working vacation).

I was there to work on a series of emails - welcoming those who are just joining us at our Sew Much Easier weekly newsletter (some call it 'cozy chatters') here.

It was just the perfect setting for pouring my heart out into words - that hopefully touches those who need it most.

This was the moment...


Can anyone guess where this might be?

We were in a grand old house, on the Big Island, far away from the heavy tourist traffic - in Hawaii.

Five solid days with a few kindred spirits - each of us had our own project and purpose to fulfil. It was heaven to be so close to ancient rainforest - and all you could hear was the waterfall.

And then THIS appeared.

Simultaneously on all phones.

For a few moments of eternity, everyone in Hawaii earnestly believed it was the end, of everything.

In those terrifying moments - people desperately tried to connect with their family and friends...

While doing their best to care for their loved ones near by, thoughts of the unthinkable took over...

"This is it."

That, was precisely our collective thoughts.

The homes we were never going the see, the loved ones we were never going to hug, the goodbyes we were never going to say.

The purpose we were meant to fulfil in this world - the work that we were put on this earth to do - far from finished.

My heart and eyes swelled still - as I'm typing this.

Just as surreal - the alert turned out to be false alarm, 38 minutes later.


While the rest of the world shrugged and got on with life, those in Hawaii were left with ripples of...

What.... exactly?

Let my friend, Danielle, tell us in her words...

What do we do?

Then, we did what any family would do.... we went to the overpriced hotel buffet that we had avoided up until now, and allowed ourselves to eat and say and process whatever we each needed and wanted.

And then... we hopped on the pool slide and played in the water for our last hour before heading to the airport.

We made a choice to not let terror rob our joy.

I couldn't have said it better myself. 

While we carry on with daily stuff - there are things outside of our control. Life is unpredictable. Things can happen at any moment, to any of us. Anywhere.

As my friend, Alex, so eloquently said...

Most of us love to meticulously map out our lives.... We try to stick to the plan.

And yet, ultimately… this life, it’s all just a big chaotic mystery.

Cancer strikes. Trains run off the tracks. Missiles launch. Canyons collapse. Volcanos erupt. Guns fire. Deer leap into the road. People do wonderful and terrible things. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

So, what do we do now? In this frightening world, full of so much uncertainty?

What do we do? The only thing we can.

We go live.

As for me - I'm immensely grateful to be here today, with you. 

Instead of feeling calm and refreshed - as you do from a normal holiday - I came home with stirred up emotions. Took me a few day to collect my thoughts into words.

The year has just begun.

The work I set out to do is far from finished... I'm here to share your joy, and serve your needs - for another day.

And today is a great day to be alive - to do just that.

With all my Love - Happy Sewing!


P.S. If there's something you've always wanted to do - but never got around to actually doing it - get started today. Do it whole-heartedly. Do it NOW.

P.P.S. If you know someone who would enjoy reading my little stories and sharing weekly sewing happiness - then by all means forward this email to them :-)

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