August 2017

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All documentation and your membership fee must be received by the ANPA office to complete your  renewal.

CPE points (20 points) are easily accrued with the 12 categories you can use. Often members accrue more than these 20 points. Remember, a maximum of 10 points can be carried forward to the next year. If you need any assistance with your renewal, please contact the office. All the information about CPE can be found here. CPE forms can be downloaded and printed or downloaded and filled in online.

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Eta Brand - ANPA President

Naturopathy is a unique health profession. Classical naturopathy has a lineage and wisdom of observation that goes back to the time of Benedict Lust. What makes naturopathy unique goes to the heart of the practice. The deep philosophical understanding of what the Vital Force is and how to support it is a primary guiding principle - Vis Medicatrix Naturae or the Healing Power of Nature. Over the last decade or so, a slow and insidious erosion of this core understanding of naturopathic practice has been occurring. Naturopathic graduates today are hardly aware of what it is that they have missed out on. In the race to include more science into the naturopathy curriculum, the art of hydrotherapy; fasting practices; detoxification therapies; how to observe, support and understand the vital force; and the ability of the body to return to health in relation to this vital force is being lost.
The loss of this core knowledge results in naturopaths who have essentially become green prescribers, unless they have chosen to study the missing traditional arts themselves or have been mentored by a naturopath elder who was trained more than ten years ago. Making a diagnosis, then using a remedy to treat the disease label is not naturopathy. The education system currently fails graduates in this historical art of naturopathy. It is time for a renewal and revival for naturopaths.  Naturopaths need to easily and clearly identify what make us unique by practicing our art. In doing so, the naturopathic profession will be resilient to the fads that come and go. Importantly, when we include these unique naturopathic practices we will demonstrate to the public what makes a naturopath different.
The ANPA will be offering a selection of educational opportunities in the coming months to start a process of recapturing some of the lost art of the naturopathy profession. Watch this space!

Why Natural Therapy Start-ups Struggle


Diane Krone, Wildfire Business Consulting

You had a dream. A burning desire to help people transform their lives and achieve wellness naturally. You didn’t want to work for someone else, so you started your own business.

Sounds great in theory. But the reality of starting up your own practice involves blood, sweat and tears. It can feel like there is little return for all that effort in the early years. At times, you feel fatigued, overwhelmed and discouraged.

So, why is it such a struggle?

To help answer that question, Wildfire Business Consulting recently surveyed ANPA members about their start-up journey and the results were telling. This may well be what is relevant to the profession of naturopathy in general, not only ANPA members.


Eta Brand - ANPA President

ANPA members are naturopaths, not natural therapists! Intentional blurring of ‘natural therapists’ is being used to serve the goals and agendas of some umbrella organisations. Some social media platforms continue to confuse issues of regulation. Bias, propaganda and blatant fear-mongering abound. Alliances are springing up with seductive messaging. What may seem enticing may not serve the future of naturopaths.
ANPA is not an umbrella organisation. We are solely devoted to issues for naturopaths. ANPA has a track record of uniting with other associations when it has been in the interest of the naturopathic profession and our members. We have worked respectfully with all other associations.
Being ‘united’ is a another seductive mantra that needs to be properly unpacked. Different professions have different issues and different needs. The issues for a massage therapist are not the same as the issues for a naturopath. Naturopaths should not be demonised if they choose not to ‘unite’ when a different approach is required for the protection of the naturopathic profession.


Ramona Yagnik

Where did you train as a naturopath? 
Endeavour College of Natural Health, Melbourne, qualified December 2016
How many years have you been in practice?
I recently began practicing Naturopathy at Botanica Medicines in Malvern, Melbourne. I have also had 8 years of experience in clinical practice with Kalari Healing, an ancient Indian healing system and martial art which utilises Ayurveda and Siddha medicine philosophies.
What led to your joining ANPA?

Practice Essentials and Remedy Toolbox with John Coleman ND.
30th August 2017
To register, visit
Early bird by 7th August 2017
Business Practice Development
Presented by Diane Krone, owner of Wildfire Business Consulting.

13th September 2017 - SAVE THE DATE
FREE introductory webinar for ANPA new graduate members. 
All members are reminded that we have a new closed Facebook group. If you have not joined yet, please ask to be included. We need more support amongst each other for issues that come up for us as naturopaths in clinic and in the profession in general, and most importantly, a place where students and new graduates can learn from those more experienced. Go to ANPA Members (Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association) and ask to join.
The ANPA is working closely with the Australian Homeopathic Association and other supportive organisations. Visit the Your Health Your Choice campaign webpage and show your support. Amplify the campaign throughout your networks ASAP. Spreading the word to your clients will boost reaching to as many Australians as possible. Thank you.

Julia Fletcher

Where are you studying Naturopathy?
Australian Institute of Higher and Further Education (previously Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine); final year; Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy.
Any other formal education?                    
Bachelor of Arts (Education); Bachelor of Education (Early childhood and special needs); and a Certificate in Training and Assessment.
Why have you chosen to study Naturopathy?

Starting in September a monthly teleconference call for new graduates will be offered. The focus is a 1 hour session of information and sharing with topics of interest each month. The support call will be taped so if you miss it you will be able to catch it later. New graduate members will be advised as soon as the calendar is finalised.
A special thank  you to those ANPA members who responded to the call for volunteer support. We now  have a team being trained up to share the load of creating the e-newsletter, webinar development, as well as new committee members.

We recognise and thank Marta Browne for her excellent support in the role of VP over the last few months. She has stepped down due to other commitments and fortunately has decided to continue volunteering on the general committee. Thank you Marta.  
On behalf of the ANPA we are very sad to hear about the passing of our member Grace Bright (formerly Robyn Williams). Grace had been an ANPA member since 1996. We wish to express our deepest sympathy.

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