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International Women's Day Special | March 8, 2020

Today is International Women's Day. On this day, women all around the world raise their voices and fight for their rights, for their access to water, to land, to clean air.

Since Women’s Day came to exist some 100 years ago, a lot has improved, but we’re still far away from an equal world. Still today, in 2020, women do not have the same rights and opportunities as men. Meanwhile, each day we see new examples of women and women’s movements that lead local and global change.

Women human rights defenders stand up to protect their environment and take the lead in the global climate change movement. As food producers for their families and local markets, they have to answer to the rapidly growing impacts of climate change on our daily life, on food production and on water supply. Women implement their practical and inclusive ideas to sustainable land, water and forest management but have far less access to decision-making processes and finance than men.

In order to face the challenges of climate change an inequality, Both ENDS joins hands with the women’s movement. Only by bringing environmental justice and gender justice to the same fore, we can contribute to women gaining a say in how water, forest and land is managed, have official land use rights and occupy leadership positions.

As a tribute to all women around the world, we highlight the extraordinary Women’s Day celebrations by Asian, African and Latin-American women we have the honour to work with:

Today fisherwomen in Indonesia, supported by Solidaritas Perempuan, take to the streets to demand official recognition by their government for their role in the fishing sector,  Lilak organises protest dances against mining in communities throughout the Philippines and the Mongolian women’s fund MONES is organising the Mongolian “One Billion Rising” campaign.

In Uganda, SEATINI mobilises women workers in the palm oil sector to take action against their dangerous working circumstances. For them, Women’s Day will mark the start of a long campaign to improve their situation.

In Latin America, women’s groups have joined hands in the Global Alliance for Green and Gender action (GAGGA) and will launch the fourth edition of their beautiful “We, women are water”-campaign in the coming days, to celebrate the importance of rivers, rain and coasts in their lives. 

Until every day is Women’s Day and until women and men have equal rights and opportunities, we will celebrate International Women's Day. Throughout March, we will honour the women that lead our struggles and bring us hope, by sharing their campaigns on our social media accounts. Do you want to stay updated? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

We wish everyone a powerful International Women’s Day!

Danielle Hirsch, Director Both ENDS

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