August 13, 2020

Fellow animals

Maggie Rudy ’80, an artist and author, wanted her handmade whiskered friends from Mouseland to do their part in helping stop the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19. So she designed a free poster to promote the use of facial coverings—and it is now available in at least 33 languages, from Hmong to Swahili, Swedish to Urdu, and counting!
To do your part in curtailing the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19, please continue to be diligent about practicing prevention and checking daily for symptoms. Also, stay abreast of the latest communications, including library operating plans, indicators for college risk assessment, and how to access PPE in our online listing of coronavirus news and announcements.
With the support of a new fellowship in Chinese and comparative literature from the American Council of Learned Societies, Prof. Jing Jiang can dive into questions like "What do science fiction, magic realism, and utopian fiction have to do with modern Chinese literature?" This undertaking will advance her academic research developed while at work on her first book, Found in Translation, an investigation of twentieth-century Chinese science fiction.
The latest issue of Reed Magazine is a deep summer read. Anthropology students chronicle their COVID-era lives in "The Quarantine Journals." Alumni battle the pandemic. A psych major dials up the thermostat of need. RIP Prof. Tom Dunne and Prof. Bill Wiest. And so much more
The Sexual Misconduct Board (the new name assigned to the Title IX Board) is one of the community bodies that helps adjudicate alleged student violations of the Honor Principle and Reed policy (including the DHSM policy). Staff members interested in supporting the Reed community by serving on this board are encouraged to reach out to Jenn Sonntag, chair of the SMB.


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