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Issue 27, Summer /Fall 2020


Briefing on Critical Theory & More

   For the best experience be sure to view this either by means of your browser using the weblink (upper right), or by downloading the remote content for this edition.  Summer is rapidly coming to an end and it is time to pick up our pen and issue our latest edition.  As always, this issue of Connections Review will address topics that are aimed to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.  If you are receiving this for the first time it's because you have been referred to us or you have requested it; however, if you would like to "un-subscribe" you can do so at the bottom of this email.

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   Together, Critical Theory and its closely related critical theories are among the most influential ideologies trending in academe today; and at the same time our experience indicates it is not well known about in many fields within academe and even less understood.  In the article, written for Christian professors, we discuss the roots of Critical Theory, the shoots of the critical theories it has given birth to and most importantly, what that means for you and why it's important.

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  In a previous article in Connections Review we sketched a picture of how Christian scholars--like you-- can make a significant difference in the discipline by sharpening their use of a Christian worldview analysis.  What we previously gave you was a view of the project from 30,000'.  In this article we wish to follow that up by giving some more detailed and down-to-earth help.

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   Classes soon begin, whether on campus or on the internet.  What about your Christian Faculty Fellowship on campus?  You'll need to get organized now for that and it can be done pretty easily if you make it a priority.  In this short article, we'll give you a check list of things to do and prepare to be on top of things...especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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   Check out our regular columns below:  Café Cook, What's New? and Court Watch. In Café Cook you'll find further articles from multiple sources on Critical Theory and more, including information about an on-line conference in early August you might be interested in; in What's New? you'll find links to updates and improvements we've made on our website resources; in Court Watch you'll find links to articles in Inside Higher Education and others, relevant to the courts and you.


    We hope you enjoy browsing and accessing these articles and find the resources useful in your ministry on campus.

James A. Cook
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