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  XN Malaria detection  
  New technology on interpreting UTI  

  Sysmex FCM Antibody  
Dedicated to Eliminating Malaria Through the Development of Diagnostic Devices 
According to the World Malaria Report 2020 published by WHO, approximately four billion people - nearly half of the world population- are exposed to the risk of malaria infection. Every year, more than 200 million people are infected, with the death toll reaching around 400,000. In Africa, it is claiming a child's life every two minutes. 
Malaria can be diagnosed either by microscopy or rapid diagnostic testing by way of an antigen-antibody reaction. They both take about 15 to 30 minutes. For microscopy, it requires expertise as the technician needs to identify the malaria parasite type in a sea of uninfected RBC. For rapid testing, it is relatively easy to use but is only good for qualitative result. Therefore, with these limitations, Sysmex Corporation utilizes our experience and apply our cell counting technology to automatically identify and count RBC infected with malaria parasites promptly and precisely. 
Did you know your XN cell counter can also detect Malaria? 
Our malaria story - contributing to early detection/treatment
UF-5000 flow cytometer: A new technology to support microbiologists' interpretation of suspected urinary tract infections
Ippoliti R., Allievi I., & Rocchetti A. (2020) studied the adoption of automated urinalysis analyzer, UF-5000, for eliminating the inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions use. Squamous epithelial cells (SEC), white blood cells (WBC), and urine conductivity are key clinical information to reduce false-positive UTIs results by distinguishing between real UTI and contamination/colonization. 
This new technology, specifically the UF‐5000, can successfully support healthcare professionals in the diagnostic process by identifying infections in the urine samples of symptomatic patients with high levels of accuracy. If this new technology is not adopted by microbiology laboratories, existing patients may be exposed to false‐positive results, which lead to the unnecessary use of antibiotics.
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We appear to have a common interest – identifying and understanding cells. Like you, we want to understand their characteristics, immune defense mechanisms and malign degenerations. To do so, we are expanding our scope to include dedicated flow cytometry in biomedical research. Now we can support you in your research as an active partner, developing novel diagnostics and therapy protocols.

We are starting with a fresh team of dedicated people who will provide the scientific and industry experience. Clinical research is particularly interesting as it is the breeding ground for improvements in diagnosis, therapy and consequently patients’ quality of life. And it perfectly reflects our mission of Shaping the Advancement of Healthcare.  

As we develop our solutions, we are starting on a new journey of understanding cells even more thoroughly than before. We are confident that combining your expertise and our deep-rooted knowledge – including all that we have learned over the years as the global leader in haematology - will lead to great advances. For everyone involved: you, us and your patients. 

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