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These are the three best freebies of the week.
Publica UI Kit
Publica works great for social and communication themed websites offering a wide range of custom components you can play with


77 Essential Icons
77 minimal outline icons for you all to download, and try and brighten up your Monday morning. 


Kita3: Wireframe & Mockup UI Kit
There is a lot more to the new icons than just a fresh coat of paint
Webydo is a professional website design platform that empowers professional graphic and web designers to create and manage pixel-perfect responsive websites for their clients, completely code-free. Webydo helps creative professionals concentrate on what is most important – the creative element of web building. Unleash Your Creativity Here!


Jovial Handcrafted Font Family
Jovial Font Family (6 fonts) is a cool and groovy handcrafted typeface that will fit your projects like a glove. Jovial is available in both Serif and Sans-Serif, each coming with three weights: Light, Regular and Bold.  As a bonus, they have handcrafted some really cool elements that you can use in your projects. With Jovial you will be sure that your projects will stand out from the crowd.
Want To Learn About SVG? Start With This Article
It may not even be enough to know that SVG files are preferred among web designers because they can be easily scaled to look good on computers running a host of different resolutions.


Invisible animation
There’s no doubt that animating user interfaces is a rising trend. Risen enough that the emphasis is often put on the animation itself, rather than on improving the user experience through subtle and functional animation. 
Code demos and tutorials
Button Styles and Effects
A collection of fresh button styles and effects for your inspiration. They use CSS transitions and pseudo-elements for most of the effects.


Secondary Sliding Navigation
Today’s resource is a simple, handy snippet: a secondary navigation that slides down, replacing the main navigation links.
Ideas and Demos for Animating Article Headers
For this article, I’ve provided a ton of variations of the Medium header concept. Everything from subtle and basic to slightly over-the-top. 


7 Pretty and Responsive Header Templates
7 responsive headers that you can download, copy and paste in your web designs straight away. The headers feature a company logo, navigation links and other goodies like search boxes and login buttons.
Tools and resources
Animated call to action buttons
Four animated call to action buttons with their code available to use


A lean, gulp-based HTML & SASS boilerplate
for better front-end coding


A javascript library that sets out to do one simple job: draw and animate the most perfect and playful text underline
Decorator, an easy to implement and use component based front-end framework for creating web and mobile supported applications. Decorator is based on HTML, CSS and Javascript. It includes lot's of ready to use pre-built components. 
Decorator is still in progress.


A lightweight front-end framework for creating scalable, responsive sites. Built in a mobile-first, responsive philosophy (but can easily be used for fixed sites as well). Starter content styles, including clean typography, lists, tables, etc
FoundationPress is a starter-theme for WordPress built with Foundation 5, the most advanced responsive (mobile-first) framework in the world.


This project is a jQuery substitute for modern browsers and mobile devices. It provides helper functions to achieve the same objectives as jQuery or Zepto.


Hobert Hovers
A collection of the uathor's favorite hover effects free of charge for you to use, all using the benefits of SCSS
Saving time in Sketch
Here are 6 time saving design techniques that I have gathered after spending more than 300+ hours with Sketch. You can download a Sketch file to try these techniques for yourself.


Organising Sketch for iOS
The app has changed a lot brings us symbols, newly arrived export and even some bitmap editing. The community has expanded dramatically — many tools and companies support Sketch.
Media Icons
Free media icons in .sketch format for Sketch App users. Enjoy!


COMPASSCONS Icons is a free icon set, it works perfectly for your apps or web projects. 
Articles and inspiration
User Interface Of Beautiful Dashboards
Designing dashboards is difficult, whether it is done for web or mobile apps. 


Dropdown Menus with More Forgiving Mouse Movement Paths
This is a fairly old UX concept that I haven't heard talked about in a while, but is still relevant in the case of multi-level dropdown menus. 


How Long is the Wait?
There is both anecdotal and research-based evidence that posting wait times in real time makes consumers less unhappy about waiting in line. 
It’s Only Color
Working with color while designing is really about creating another dimension in your medium. Choosing a successful palette creates a foundation for adding meaning and hierarchy to your design.


Choosing a Font
For web developers creating themes, choosing a font — or shall I say typeface, can be quite daunting and might even be quite random. A common question developers ask designers is “Which font should I use?”.