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JULY 9, 2015
On the Table: Copyright and Related Rights
Delegates and observers attending the June 29-July 3 Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) held a full week of discussions while studying new reports on copyright limitations and exceptions for museums as well as for libraries and archives and a survey of broadcasting industry trends.  
The SCCR in 90 Seconds

Michele Woods, Director of WIPO's Copyright Law Division and the Secretary of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights, gives a brief rundown of the 30th session of the SCCR.
Patents to Unveil the World

Innovators are ramping up efforts to create new assistive devices for people with limited sight or hearing. A WIPO patent landscape report released June 29 investigates this growing sector.
Qatar Joins Beijing Treaty

Qatar deposited its ratification of the Beijing Treaty on July 3, making it the eighth contracting party to the agreement that shores up the rights of performers in audiovisual works such as films, TV series or musicals. The Beijing Treaty will enter into force after 30 ratifications or accessions.
Free Services via WIPO GREEN 

Public Interest Intellectual Property Advisors (PIIPA) has pledged pro-bono services for selected WIPO GREEN users from developing country SMEs and public sector institutes.
Innovator Profile: A New Rice Harvester for Viet Nam

The problem: Rice harvesting by hand in the Mekong Delta is backbreaking work, while existing mechanized harvesters are fuel inefficient and wasteful, spilling precious grains to the ground.

One man's innovation: Hoang T. Pham of Viet Nam has created an award-winning machine that harvests, threshes and packages rice, while increasing crop yields and saving fuel. Following the theft of a previous creation, Mr. Pham is seeking patent protection for his motorized harvester this time. This video takes you to the rice paddies of Southeast Asia.
Assignment Patentscope 

Six short video tutorials explain how to use the PATENTSCOPE database to search 46 million patent applications from all around the world.
Test Your Treaty Knowledge: Berne Convention

Which West African nation is named in the first paragraph of the 1886 Berne Convention? Images of that original treaty and information concerning many other international agreements can be found via the WIPO-administered treaties database
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