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  • Health Associations Another Nail in ObamaCare Coffin
  • Open Letter Calls for Return to ObamaCare Repeal Effort
  • Op Ed - ObamaCare Faces Two Existential Challenges - Sally Pipes

News: Health Associations Rule Roll Out

Trump Executive Order Births Sweeping New Rules

President n Senator PaulThe Trump administration, encouraged by Senator Rand Paul, circumvented Congress with Executive Order 13813  to create rules through the Department of Labor that allow approximately 44 million Americans to create and/or join Association Health Plans (AHP).

These AHP are exempt from many of the ObamaCare mandates that have been cost drivers for the insurance policies offered to self-employed and small businesses that often doubled rates.

"The proposed rule is designed to make it easier for groups of individuals and small businesses to band together and buy the kind of insurance that large companies offer their workers. That kind of insurance is regulated under federal labor law and isn’t subject to all the requirements and consumer protections that apply to individual and small business insurance under ObamaCare."

The sweeping new rules have been published for public comment for 60 days before they are implemented with the force of law.

Read the rules HERE.


Open Letter to Leaders - Health Care 2018

D4PCF Advisor Grace-Marie Turner Joins Chorus Calling to Revive Graham-Cassidy Block Grants

Editor's Note  -  This letter was published in the just prior to the Republican 2018 meeting at Camp David to plan the year's coming legislative agenda.

An open letter to President Donald J. Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and House Speaker Paul Ryan. 

As you meet this weekend at Camp David to plan your 2018 legislative agenda, we strongly recommend that you keep health care as a top priority.

We applaud your success in repealing one of the most despised parts of Obamacare—the individual mandate fines—but millions of Americans are still suffering under the many other provisions of the 2010 health overhaul that remain on the books.

Grace-Marie TurnerAmericans need relief, and we believe they will hold their representatives accountable at the polls this November.

The efforts you put into repealing and replacing Obamacare last year were heroic. But the challenges are great.

Millions of people now rely on Obamacare subsidies for their health coverage, and the law has introduced wave after wave of distortions into our health sector, making legislative change difficult, especially under the torturous reconciliation rules.

The legislation offered last fall...


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Direct Primary Care Conference

Op Ed: ObamaCare Faces Two Existential Challenges In 2018

D4PCF Advisor Sally Pipes in Investors Business Daily

Sally PipesIt's a New Year - but not a happy one for ObamaCare's defenders. Two recent developments could lead to the collapse of the health law's exchanges.

First, the Trump administration will soon announce that it will allow insurers to sell "short-term" health plans that last up to 364 days.  Currently, insurers can only sell these plans, which don't have to adhere to ObamaCare's premium-inflating mandates, if they last for three months or less.

Insurers can consider individuals' health status and history when setting premiums for term plans. ObamaCare forbids them from doing so for conventional plans.

Consequently, term plans often cost far less than...

Read the Full Column HERE



This past week on...

BEST OF: Building a DPC Practice

Nuts and Bolts Extended

Josh UmbehrOn the heels of the 2017 Direct Primary Care conference, Host Mike Koriwchak takes us even deeper into the nuts and bolts of building a DPC practice with two interviews with trailblazers in Direct Primary Care.

Josh Umbehr founded Atlas MD as a turn key solution for setting up a Direct Primary Care practice offering a primary care EMR and DPC curriculum that guides the physician from startup to practice.

Kim Corba, M.D.Kim Corba, M.D. owns Green Hills Primary Care, but is becoming known in the DPC community for her comprehensive how to guide on practice startup called Manual of Policies and Procedures for Direct Primary Care.

Best of...

Tom Price, MDSecretary Tom Price, former congressman and current Secretary of Health and Human Services.  The author of early ObamaCare repeal legislation and now the man charged with dismantling the ACA.

Andrew SlavittAndrew Slavitt, Former Acting Administrator of CMS and the "quarterback" for the implementation of MACRA, joined Dr. Koriwchak in the Doctor's Lounge for a groundbreaking interview.

Andrew SlavittBen Carson, M.D., The famed neurosurgeon and now Secretary of HUD,  joined us to discuss a wide range of topics, most importantly the path forward for health care as Obamacare unravels before our eyes.

David GoldhillDavid Goldhill, CEO of the Game Show Network, shares what he learned from a family tragedy in receiving medical care and how Obamacare is forcing the rise of free market solutions.

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