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Dear Friends,

We who call Wyoming home value our wild places and our freedom. Unfortunately, antiquated trapping regulations create a landscape of fear instead of freedom, where furbearers and predators are trapped without limit-resulting in an unseen abundance of both leghold and quick-kill traps that injure or kill wildlife and our pets alike.  For a place to truly be wild, the living things within that wildness should not be held, impounded, or trapped by us.  Wyoming Untrapped is fighting for freedom in wildness each and every day.
We have a long trail to run but we need you to be with us every step of the way.  The past year has been one of successes and setbacks alike.  Even though the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission received over 5700 public comments and signatures in favor of trapping regulation reform and less than 30 against, they chose to rule against the majority. However, that reaction shows a deep-rooted resistance to change: for the first time in our state's history, Wyoming Untrapped (WU) has brought the reality of trapping to the forefront of the public eye and ignited the dialog surrounding the need to bring trapping reform into the 21st century. Change is coming to Wyoming.
Wildlife: Free and Untrapped. Images by Thomas D. Mangelsen and Gerry Scully
Wyoming Untrapped has already made a measurable impact through our education programming and our advocacy efforts. Our trap release workshops empower pet owners to free their pet from a trap should the need arise, while our advocacy efforts have brought widespread support from city, county, state, and even federal government officials. The unregulated, unlimited nature of trapping of wildlife, ranging from weasels to bobcats, is a matter worth investigation for scientists and wildlife managers due to the effort and hard work by WU. Each day, more people learn about trapping and realize the need for change.
Wildlife: Free and Untrapped. Fox Image by Ashleigh Scully 
Together, we can make 2016 a cause for celebration for people, pets and wildlife. Thus far, our efforts have focused on Teton County.  However, even though preliminary data suggest that our local area is more impacted by trapping than other areas of Wyoming, a single 'non-target' trapping incident in Casper resulted in one family losing all three of their Saint Bernards to lethal snares. Therefore, we plan to expand our reach to represent all of Wyoming. To do so, we are sponsoring multiple pet trap-release workshops across the state, launching targeted multi-media campaigns (web, radio, and social media), and even producing a short documentary film on trapping in our state, while simultaneously building our capacity as a watchdog organization. Importantly, we will contribute to the body of peer-reviewed research on trapping by funding the best available science on predator and furbearer management.
What does it mean to be UNtrapped?  It does not mean that trapping has to be banned. Instead, it means we should untrap ourselves from the current archaic trapping regulations that hold the status quo. The public can feel trapped when they cannot hike on a public trail without the possibility of encountering a snare that could kill their dog, or anglers can feel trapped knowing they could step on a conibear submerged in the water, or bird hunters can feel trapped when their retriever could be injured or killed as they run across a meadow.  We are collectively trapped because our public lands are not managed with precaution for us, they are managed with 
reckless abandon for the sake of less than one-half of 1% of Wyoming's population.
Yes, traps of all sorts can be set almost anywhere on nearly all public lands.
Yes, a trapper is not liable if your pet is killed in a trap that he has set.
Yes, bobcats, foxes, wolves, martens, badgers, mink, beavers and many other furbearers and predators are trapped without limit on our public lands.
Yes, most trapping occurs on Federal and school trust land: the forested areas where so many of our furbearing animals and predators live.
But: Yes, there is hope.
This isn't an easy issue, and change comes slowly in Wyoming. But we envision a resolution which will result in a safe and humane environment for all who share our wild Wyoming habitat.

We hope you run wild, free, and UNtrapped for Old Bill's Fun Run and consider Wyoming Untrapped in your charitable giving.
Thank you for your continued support.
With gratitude,

Lisa Robertson
& Board of Directors
Wyoming Untrapped



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