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This has been an incredibly comfortable summer so far—weather wise. But, there are some things heating up that could make the coming months a challenge to say the least.


After 15 agonizing years of not knowing how this 4-lane highway fight will ultimately play out and effect us here at SHA, a multitude of different scenarios have played out in our heads—only to hear, “Just wait on Me.” We’ve felt helpless—probably how any worker for God should feel. Now limping along in the midst of a daily construction zone, we’ve explored options and have been praying for God’s wisdom, insights and miracles from the beginning—with no concrete answers. We know it’s impossible for an outdoor therapeutic program to operate with a 4-lane running through it or near it.

And though nothing is carved in stone, some things have developed recently that I could have never dreamed of, leading me to believe that our God is, once again, about to pull another 11th hour rabbit out of the hat. It’s totally out of my control and I had nothing to do with initiating it. It’s humbling beyond measure. Metaphorically speaking, all the stars (and there are many) would have to line up perfectly for this conundrum to be solved. But, we serve a God Who makes all things possible.

So, I suspect we’ll be seeing even more spiritual warfare around here—perhaps as never before. In fact, it’s already begun. I wish I could give you more details; but, it was an act of faith just writing you this much, since nothing is solid or set in motion as of yet. We will need your prayers to step through all the right doors, should they actually come open in His perfect timing. Either God is moving; or, I’m guilty of naively and prematurely believing for another circumstantial miracle.
Stay tuned, pray and see!


It’s been awhile since we’ve dealt with anything overtly demonic here at SHA; but, it appears “Old Dark Eyes” has paid us another visit. Two new boys have come to SHA with baggage from the dark side. And both arrived the same day. I’m always amazed at how so many naive people discount the demonic forces operating within so many of today’s video games—especially the computer games that require cooperation and competition with others from all around the world. How and why he chooses to work through these vehicles is beyond me. Maybe it has something to do with being the prince of the power of the “airways.” I’m not sure. But, all one has to do is study a little history on school shooters to know there’s a common denominator here. Music is another. Regardless, the fact is that, though Satan is the root of sin, some of us offer him a better conduit or conductor for exercising his craft. The mix of boys we now have is ripe for things that can only be discerned spiritually. Mere counseling and psychology will fall short. Please pray God gives us the wisdom needed to adequately minister to our current mix of kids. 
For the fourth straight year a SHA student has won a chance to participate in mock senate debates in Washington, D.C. and tour the inner workings of Capitol Hill. This year, two SHA students won—a boy and a girl! They were so amazed and encouraged to meet senators and representatives still fighting for godly principles in our country. It’s always an experience of hope, healing and a realization of God for our kids. Autographed pictures of our students, and the staff who chaperoned their trip, Nate Tilton and Freddy Akins, were individually taken with Georgia Senator, Johnny Isakson, and are now hanging in our office.

Meanwhile, we’ve decided to turn the house, vacated by my son, daughter-in-law and grandkids, into a library and media center—something that’s been sorely needed. We’ve acquired a wealth of books and video teaching tools over the years helpful in growing our kids in the Lord. Each time I interview a guest on our License to Parent radio broadcast, I usually get free books to add to our collection. By the way, you can listen to our daily one-minute broadcast, our weekly 30 minute broadcast, and read our blog at We’d love your feedback.

Shifting gears, Beth has been pursuing fund-raising and grant writing to help defray the high cost of residential care for our families. After writing a grant for new tack equipment and additional staff for our equine therapy program, she received a thin envelope from the foundation that she thought was a rejection letter. It had a $36,000 check in it! Since spearheading the push for computers, school vans, a new riding arena and the equipment to keep it maintained, she’s been getting pretty good at this fund-raising thing. Currently, she’s on the move to underwrite the media center conversion. If you’d like to help, she needs $45,000 to make it happen. We also need a tractor with a front-end loader. If you know anyone in a position to donate one, please let us know!



After our SHA kids saw Dinesh D’souza’s film, "America: Imagine a World Without Her," I took my daughter, Alexa, on a date to see it. Along with similar concerns for the future of the church, I fear social media, and digital technology in general, are painting a sour picture of who we’ve been and what we’re supposed to be as a nation also. Taking my daughter to this film affirmed my concerns. Seated in the back row, I asked Alexa if she noticed anything unusual about the audience in front of us. It was obvious. With virtually no exception, it was a sea of gray hair. Nobody in the age group that really needs to see this movie was in the audience, with the exception of Alexa. Her generation gets their news and worldview largely from a digital venue that is often liberally biased and steeped in revisionist history.

I was both proud and saddened as I watched my daughter soak in the truths of objective American history. Proud, because she can never say I didn’t tell her the truth—saddened, because it is likely that she will have few her age with whom she can dialogue on these issues without looking like an un-educated and politically incorrect homeschooled freak. What’s even sadder is that, like Dietrich Bonhoffer in Nazi Germany, she will be one of a vast minority who will have a correct perspective on virtually all of the issues driving America’s decline—unless we wake up. Though she already knew a good portion of what this movie was trying to educate its viewers with, the rest of her generation will largely remain uniformed.

At SHA, we try our best to give our kids the objective truth about everything. Jesus Christ, like it or not—like American history—is part of that objective truth equation. So, I urge you to take your kids to see this movie. Take them to Washington D.C. also. Let them see the truth about history and about how “In God We Trust” was more than just a motto that some liberals and atheists are now trying to get erased from our currency. Amen.
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