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Update from the Regional Superintendent

Spring 2017

Let's Talk Licensure

Printing Licenses
ISBE does not issue paper copies of licenses. You may print a copy of your credentials screen in ELIS if you so choose. Make sure you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox or another compatible browser.

Requirements for Middle Grades Endorsements Set To Change on February 1, 2018
To assist licensees with the upcoming changes to Middle Grades Endorsements, ISBE has developed a document for Institutions of Higher Education, stakeholders, administrators and educators as Illinois transitions from the current middle school endorsement structure to new middle grades programs and endorsement requirements. PLEASE NOTE: current endorsement credentials in the grade ranges of 5-8 are still valid; in Illinois, once one is qualified, always qualified. These changes only effect additional endorsements sought after the new middle grades programs become effective on February 1, 2018. The document will outline the charge behind the transition, frequently asked questions and example scenarios.  You can access this document from our website.

Retiring at the End of This School Year?
What do I need to do to keep my license valid?

  • Change your PD Status to Retired in ELIS
  • Meet the PD requirements for the years taught in your current cycle (pro-rate the amount) and enter your completed PD activities in ELIS.
  • Make sure your email address is current in ELIS (is your school or personal email address on file)?
  • When you renew your license at the end of your five-year cycle you will not be charged registration fees if in Retired Status
What if I want to Sub?
  • You may sub in the district from which you are retiring without any additional requirements.
  • In order to sub in any other district:
    • You'll need to obtain an ROE 12 Substitute Authorization
      • Have a valid license (see above)
      • Provide proof of a physical and TB Test (no older than 90 days)
      • Obtain Fingerprint Scans for a Criminal Background Check (available in ROE 12 offices)

Is Your License Up for Renewal This Year?
If so, you may renew beginning April 1, 2017.

Call Ann Britton in our Jasper County Office at 618.783.2523 for assistance with these or any licensure issues!  You can also visit the Licensure Page on our website!

Needing to Contact TRS?  
Changes are Coming This Summer!


TRS will change its telephone numbers, website and email addresses soon in an effort to improve service and reduce technology costs. The change will mean reduced costs and greater control over the System's telephones, website and emails.

In June, the TRS staff email addresses will change to "" from" For example, will be used instead of You will be notified by email when the change occurs. It is anticipated that the former email addresses will redirect to the new email addresses.

The TRS telephone numbers will also change in June. Both direct-dial and toll-free TRS telephone numbers will be different. The new toll-free number for Member Services will be (877) 9-ASK-TRS [(877)-927-5877].

In July, the TRS website address will change to from A redesigned TRS website will be launched to correspond with the website address change. We will email all members when this change occurs. The overall look and design of the TRS website will be more up-to-date and easily navigated.

ROE 12 Hosts 17th Annual Banquet
Honoring Illinois State Scholars

ROE 12 was pleased to host its 17th annual Celebration of Excellence banquet honoring the 49 Illinois State Scholars from our five county region on Tuesday, March 21st at the Robinson Community Center.  With over 200 students, parents, and school administrators in attendance, the evening was highlighted with an address by WTHI-TV's Rondrell Moore.  Regional Superintendent of Schools Monte Newlin wishes each State Scholar the very best in their further pursuits.  
ROE 12 Issues Quarterly Report
For December, January, and February
All Regional Superintendents across Illinois are required by law to report their office's activities on a quarterly basis to the County Boards of the counties they serve. Click on the report (to the right) to see what ROE 12 has accomplished over the last three months.

Another ROE 12 Teacher
Recognized With Golden Apple Award

At a school assembly held at Robinson High School on Monday, March 27th, RHS Building Trades Instructor, Steve Jenkins was honored by WTHI-TV with the Golden Apple Award.  Jenkins is the latest in a long list of ROE 12 educators so honored.  Congratulations to Mr. Jenkins!

Looking to Recharge This Summer?

Regardless of the subject area or grade level, numerous trainings being offered outside of our five-county region are posted on the Professional Development page of our website.  Click the link, PD Bulletin Board for a constantly-updated listing of trainings designed to challenge you and sharpen your professional skills.  Many offerings for summer are being added weekly.
School Funding Reform in Illinois is Becoming a Real Possibility
So, what is an Evidence-Based Funding Model?
For the first time since the 1970's, all four legislative caucuses, as well as the Governor's Office, are actively talking about the need to overhaul the mechanics of funding the public schools in Illinois.  Regardless of the bill sponsors, regardless of their party, regardless of the zip code of their residence, most all of the school funding reform bills that are being seriously considered are structured on some version of an Evidence-Based Model.  The Illinois Vision 20/20 coalition strongly supports an Evidence-Based Model.  The Center for Tax and Budget Accountability also supports the adoption of the Evidence-Based Model.  So just what is an Evidence-Based Funding Model?  It is simply funding that is driven by individual school district needs based on 27 factors or measures of success.  It is research-based and (if fully funded) will provide that no district gets less money from the State; thus, no 'winners or losers.'  For those of you who are geeky about this kind of stuff, here's some of the primary research that supports an Evidence-Based Model.  Click the graphic above for a short tutorial.  
Would You Like For the Regional Superintendent to Come Read to Your Class?

Shoot me an email!  I'll do my best to schedule a time when I can pack-up my Dr. Seuss, and show-up in your classroom!

Special thanks/apologies to President Obama for allowing me to 'borrow' his body for the poster!
Your Teacher Evaluation Retraining Academies are Coming!

Watch your email for ROE 12's two Teacher Evaluation Renewal Administrator Academies.


AA #1779 Principal/Teacher Evaluator Retraining: Student Growth
Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Highland Church of Christ, Robinson, Illinois

Professional Practice Administrator Academy (TBA)
Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Highland Church of Christ, Robinson, Illinois

Our presenters are former Robinson CUSD #2 administrators, Troy Hickey and Kevin McConnell.  The scheduling of these Academies will allow you to work-in your AA requirement for both FY17 and FY18 this summer.  Questions regarding these trainings can be directed to Assistant Regional Superintendent Corrie Ray. Questions about licensure and endorsements should be directed to Ann Britton.  Thanks to Brian Schwartz of the IPA for the use of the two graphics (below). 
Rounding the Corner!

Well, we blinked...and March is almost over. 

With the 2016-2017 school year winding down, I just want to encourage all of you to finish strong! Our kids deserve our best efforts on the first day of school, the last day of school, and everyday in between.  I'm excited about what I'm seeing and hearing taking place in the schools of our region.  

Despite the continued challenges coming at us from Springfield, IT WILL GET BETTER!  Despite the uncertainty (which has by now, almost become the norm), I'm bouyed by the knowledge that the single greatest factor impacting student learning is the classroom teacher; and our's are some of the most dedicated, talented, and caring ANYWHERE!

Finish strong!       

Yours for Kids,
Monte Newlin
Regional Superintendent of Schools
ROE #12
ROE #12
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