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Lights, Fenders, Action!
Tips for fun without the sun:

Wear waterproof clothing 
Be seen - lights, lights, lights!
Use fenders - (keep your rear in the clear :))
Be mindful of slick spots
Give yourself more braking time
Take it slow!

GKB Is Nominated for Metro’s
"Best of...” 2017 Issue

We are proud to announce that Good Karma Bikes has been nominated for this year’s Best of Metro 2017 edition in TWO categories; Best Bike Shop and Best Nonprofit. Please take time today to vote for us and for your other favorite local establishments. Ballots are open through March 2nd and results will be published in the March 29th issue.

Dreaming and Achieving
by Cindy Ahola, VP Operations

Transition Aged Youth (TAY) Program Update
Transitions in life can be difficult. Sometimes they are forced upon us and sometimes we are lucky enough to choose our own opportunities. Good Karma Bikes' College Outreach and Opportunity Program works with aged out foster youth as they transition into adulthood. We are proud to know and work with some amazing young adults who are choosing to face these transitions head-on and create their own new opportunities. 

We are delighted to announce exciting news this month...

Cassie and Esteban joined the program on December 1, 2016 and have excelled in all areas. They will complete their training and begin working in the bike shop this month. In fact, they’ve been so awesome, they’re ahead of schedule! They are enrolled in school and begin classes in April. 

Isaac joined the program two years ago and helped us to pilot it from the ground up. His experience and input has proven invaluable in the creation of a successful program. Isaac has achieved his goals and he is moving on to focus on school and his family. We wish him the very best in his pursuit of a degree and his many dreams. 

Be sure to follow us on Facebook to see photos of the celebration ceremony on February 18th.  

Corporate and
Community Activities

by, Collin Bruce, Engagement Officer

Well I am torn what to write this month….” Summertime and the Bikin’ is Easy”, “Sam’s Summer Camp”, “Peer-2-Peer Donation Drive when you Ride”, “New Volunteer Recognition Programs” and several other new programs.
Have you ever questioned “why I do the job I do?” Have you ever felt “I earned my dollar today”? Or have you ever felt “I KNOW why I love my job”!
In my 7 months at GKB I have had this feeling at least once a month in one form or another. But last Thursday topped them all, or at least is an equal top with the other 6 unbelievable experiences I’ve had the pleasure to share with people here.
I hope all of you have seen the photographs we have been using in our marketing campaigns. One recently for the #GIVINGTUESDAY campaign, the silhouette in the concrete pipe. Or the picture of the young lady on a bridge holding the sign ”ALL I DID WAS TURN 18” we use in our presentations. These are powerful pictures and we have found evoke a lot of emotions in people.
So building on these pictures we are in the process of developing similar photographs and concepts into a new campaign that we will run through calendar 2017. Then expand and grow the concepts in 2018 and ’19, more on that as the year progresses.
And here is why I decided to write something different this month. I never thought that developing a campaign would affect me as this part of the preparation of one did/has!
Last Thursday I had the privilege of working with a brilliant photographer, Jim Watkins, and three young people who we meet through a partner organization and had agreed to be our “models”. The experience for me working with Bianca, Jason and Isabelle, was just enlightening and an incredible experience.
We had described to them what we were trying to do and what the objective of our program was. We asked them to participate in any way they saw fit, to suggest any shot or use any emotion they felt appropriate during the shot.
I forgot they are not real “models” but “just kids of the street” associated with our partner and that is what made the whole experience so unique and special.
During the process their attitudes, enthusiasm and support was inspiring and unbelievable. The passion they poured into the project and I had high hopes for the pictures Jim took.
But that’s not where this story ends or what eventually caused me to decide to write this piece and not just tell you about all the programs we have scheduled over the next months.
I took my personal camera with me, a nice Canon model with a great zoom lens, to take some shots of the team as we walked around and of Jim taking pictures. I did get a few of those pictures but, I also said to Bianca, Jason and Isabelle that if any of them wanted to take pictures they just had to ask. They ALL asked! And, the pictures, though not as technically great as Jim’s, are just amazing. They pulled out of each other emotions and poses Jim and I didn’t even see or think off, and their pictures had a raw energy I was amazed at.
Of course, a lot of this I didn’t realize until I got home and downloaded the pictures from my camera to put onto a DVD to give to them. It was then I realized that it wasn’t just a good day and I had the pictures from Jim for a great campaign, but I had just had a spectacular day. In addition to the pictures from Jim I had pictures from 3 unbelievable people that had, despite their personal situation, opened their hearts and souls to Jim and I. And they did this all the time sharing with each other and having fun! I couldn’t hold back the feelings I experienced looking at what they had seen and shared with me through these photographs.
What an incredibly unbelievable day it turned out to be!
There are just too many to share here today but below is a very small sample for you to see. I hope I have at least one from each, they kept swapping back and forth it is hard to know which of the 170+ pictures they took belongs to who.

We have several programs and events coming up that will share most, if not all, of the pictures so I hope this wets your appetite for what is to come.
Let us know what you think of how things are going and how we can do better, we love to hear from you.
If you have any questions or have time to help with these growing activities do not hesitate to contact me,,  or look on our web site for volunteering opportunities. Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support to Good Karma Bikes.

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