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Top donor stories this month

Empowering people with diabetes in Egypt
From fitness trackers that count our daily steps to meditation apps that support our mental well-being, technology plays an increasingly important role in how we manage our health. But what if an app could do more than that, by helping to control the progression of certain lifelong health conditions? Together with South Korea, we helped Mazboot to empower and motivate people with diabetes to manage their condition. Read more
Helping Georgian firms unlock the power of digital sales
When developer Keti Vachiberidze started her online e-commerce platform, B2C.GE, in early 2019, Georgian businesses had little confidence in the power of online sales. With support from Sweden and the European Union, we’ve stepped in to help the company scale up and provide services to meet local needs. Read more
Boosting the digitalisation of agribusiness in Montenegro
How much is a cow worth? In India, its divine status might make it invaluable, but in Montenegro, a cow named Bitkoinka recently became the first farm asset of any kind to be bought with a virtual currency in the Western Balkans. Together with the Central European Initiative, supported by Italy, and the Western Balkans Enterprise Development & Innovation Facility, we’ve supported young entrepreneur Marko Maras in pushing the frontiers of innovation in Montenegro. Read more
+ Ahead of COP26, we launched a campaign on green innovation to highlight some of our most pioneering green projects. The campaign included an article on how, together with our donors, we’re promoting green innovation and how we're leading the way in the solar energy sector.

Watch this space for next month’s COP26 special!
Video of the month
Helping Xenia Design go digital

Ksenija Vrbanic's unique designs are made in Croatia but are present in over 350 stores worldwide. Every clothing item is handmade, utilising the maximum amount of fabric to reduce waste. Under the EBRD's Women in Business programme, we helped Ksenija launch a sleek website, give her designs a new digital life and adapt to doing business in a pandemic.

Supported by the EU and the EBRD's Small Business Impact Fund (Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, TaiwanBusiness - EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund and the USA).
Donor spotlight 
Strengthening cooperation with the TaiwanBusiness-EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund

By Isidora Grbovic, Donor Co-Financing

On Friday 22 October, Mark Bowman, the new EBRD Vice President of Policy and Partnerships, and Kelly Wu-Chiao Hsieh of the Taipei Representative Office in the United Kingdom signed a US$ 8 million replenishment agreement for the TaiwanBusiness-EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund.
The replenishment marks a brand new chapter in this donor relationship and the funds will be used to support technical cooperation in the EBRD regions.

At the event, Mr Bowman emphasised the history of the cooperation and the importance of this 30-year partnership. 

“The TaiwanBusiness-EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund has been crucial in delivering the EBRD’s projects since 1991, especially in areas such as the green energy transition, SME development, economic inclusion, gender equality and digitalisation. With its contribution of US$ 55 million, the TaiwanICDF became the first partner of the Bank’s first multi-donor fund on climate change and environmental degradation – the High Impact Partnership on Climate Action,” he said.  
At the signing, Representative Hsieh further highlighted how the donor’s priorities of the green economy transition, small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) development, economic inclusion, gender equality and digitalisation are well aligned with the EBRD’s new Strategic and Capital Framework.

“The year 2021 marked the EBRD’s 30th anniversary and a significant 30 year-long partnership between us and the EBRD. Together with this replenishment, we have contributed over US$ 67 million to the technical cooperation funds. Counting the concessional funds from the TaiwanICDF, our overall contribution has amounted to more than US$ 260 million over the past few decades,” Representative Hsieh said at the signing ceremony.  

The Bank very much values the TaiwanBusiness-EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund and looks forward to developing the mutually beneficial cooperation and pioneering transformative changes in the EBRD regions in the years to come.

+ Watch our video on the cooperation.
Donors in the media

Gaziantep commits to climate action as part of EBRD Green Cities
To help improve the urban environment and people’s lives, the city of Gaziantep in south-central Turkey will join EBRD Green Cities ‒ the Bank’s flagship urban sustainability programme ‒ and develop a comprehensive investment plan, supported by the Climate Investment Funds. The news was covered by T24, Yeni Safak, Hurriyet, Haber 7, Sabah, Aksam, In Business, Sputnik, Haberturk, Mynet Finans and many more …
Brčko also pledges to join EBRD Green Cities
EBRD Green Cities is also growing in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the city of Brčko recently pledging to join the programme. Its action plan and trigger investment ‒ the planned construction of a mains water pipe ‒ are being supported by Italy and Austria. The news was covered by agenparl,,, newsnow,, and more…

New donor funds

Global Road Safety Facility
US$ 60,000 for Azerbaijan: implementing child-friendly speed management around schools
Taipei China
US$ 8 million to the TaiwanBusiness-EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund

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