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We are not alone

Winter 2022 Newsletter
Hannah Turner 
There has been such a vast amount of change over the last couple of years, more than I have been aware of experiencing ... Read More
Update from the Chair
Belinda Harris, PhD
When gearing myself up to write an update for this newsletter, I happened across this image, first published in the ... Read More

Meet the UKAGP Editorial Team ...

Around the World 

Maja Mojaš Andrijašević
from Norway
Vikram Kolmannskog

from the United Kingdom
Vivienne Barnett   [10 minute read]

from the United Kingdom
Gerrie Hughes   [3-4 minute read]
from Kyrgystan
Viktor Lukovtsev

from Pakistan
Zara Maqbool

from the United Kingdom
Guy Gladstone.  [10 minutes read]

from the USA
Michael Albright

In our Field

Are we alone?
Isolation, fear and the
will to power
Ben Harris
[24 minute read]
I am not a gestalt practitioner, and so I thank you for providing me the opportunity to write here. It seems to me that we sometimes emphasise our differences and sometimes ... Read More
Conversational Leadership: An Emerging Field Near Gestalt
John Hovell
[3 minute read]
As a practicing Gestaltist, you’ve likely noticed the often under-appreciated value of conversations. Many of us engage in them for a major portion of our day ... Read More
The Whole Intelligence Manifesto: A Gestalt Journey
Malcolm Parlett
[6 minute read]
“Have you moved away from gestalt?”, Simone asked me, a little accusingly. I had sent her a link to my Whole Intelligence Manifesto and her first impressions were that gestalt was little mentioned.

“No I haven’t!” I replied, “I’m as committed to the gestalt approach as I’ve ever been. The Manifesto I sent you is full of gestalt experience – but gestalt viewed from a different angle for a different purpose”. Read More

Humans of Gestalt
Heather Keyes

Coming up on our official second anniversary as a project and facing yet another wave of pandemic shifts and shake-ups, the Humans of Gestalt team would like to invite you to get to know us - and more importantly, get to know each other - if you haven´t already had the opportunity.  We are a humanistic documentary project and have carried out nearly 400 interviews with Gestalt People ... Read More


Beauty ready to be found in every aspect of life
Beata Kruszelnicka

As a response to ‘we are not alone’ I am sharing spontaneously some images-a few pictures I took during 2020-2021 ... Read More
The Experiment
Fiona Turnbull
One morning Sam Gregor woke from a fitful night’s sleep to discover that he and his entire family had been placed inside a giant bell jar. He looked anxiously around. His wife Grace lay in bed beside him as she had the night before. His two teenage children, Charlie and Alex, were sleeping peacefully in their beds. Sam Gregor got up quietly, taking care not to disturb the others as he padded gingerly round the room. His eyes were gradually adjusting to the early daylight of this chilly winter morning. Everything seemed deceptively normal. The table where they ate their meals, the corner kitchen where they cooked, the shabby sofa where they sat and watched television. All were in their usual place ... Read More
When you ask me to dance
Julia Ouzia
When you ask me to dance from across the room  
The energy shifts ever so slightly  
From comfortable companionship to gentle challenge  
And as our feet carry us towards one another ... Read More

Out of Time
Fiona Jones Harnett
Nature is a powerful source of inspiration and a space for personal reflection in my life. My daily routine begins with a walk through my local woods and yet, despite the repetition and familiarity of those paths, the world around me speaks each day with a fresh voice. ... Read More

I am a Wild Slowness
Ben Graham

I am a wild slowness
Sparkling like iron
In the furnace of life;
Flowing like earth
On a scale you cannot see... Read More

Dancing with Little-Big
(QPOC Pride, 2021) 

Kirath Ghataora

Glints in the mirror
Warm smile
Knowing you’re enough

You are light ... Read More
Piotr Mierkowski
I found this delightful short poem by an Irish poet, Louis MacNeice that celebrates all the diversity of our world that becomes even more apparent during winter, and especially now when winters, at least here in the UK, are no longer as they used to be ... Read More

Dates for the Diary

From 21 January: 
Open Gestalt, The Mexican Gestalt Psychotherapy Association (AMPG)

11 - 12 March: 
BGJ Writing Development Group,
facilitated by Dr Christine Stevens & Bridie Squires

5 - 9 April:
Working with Children with Jon Blend

17 - 22 May:
IAAGT Biennial Conference

17 - 18 June:
Emergent Processes with Dr Claire Asherson Bartram and Dr Christine Stevens
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