August 5, 2021

Campus news—
What you need to know this week

ICYMI: In the June 2021 issue of Reed Magazine, Black alumni look back at the challenges they faced, the mentors they found, and the strategies they used to make the college more inclusive—and more just. Check out Reed's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion website for information on the college's current commitments, actions, and progress.
It's once again time for us to get ready to welcome students to Reed, and we need your help to make it happen! Move-in is a campus-wide effort to welcome students and families into our community, and we hope that you join us in being a part of this important and meaningful event. Learn more about volunteering to help students with move-in.
Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division (Oregon OSHA) has adopted a temporary rule that strengthens requirements for employers to protect workers from the dangers of high and extreme heat. Learn more.
Join Craig Lauder's family, friends, and colleagues to honor his life and his dedication to Reed College on August 12 from 11 a.m. to noon on the patio in front of the student union. Learn more.
  • Gabri LaFratta, admission fellow, started on August 2.
  • Briana Hayes, staff counselor, started on August 2.
  • Caitlyn Schock, orientation and first year programs manager, started on August 3.
  • Anna Hitchcock, associate director of financial aid, starts on August 9.
  • Tracy Drake, promoted to Library Director on August 9.
  • Siira Rieschl, science outreach program manager, starts on August 11.
  • Tawana Parks, dean of students, starts on August 16.
  • Monica Ohuchi Bunch, program director of private music instruction, starts on August 16.
  • Kate Walford, student work coordinator, departed on August 2.
  • Tim Howe, assistant dean of admission, departed on August 3.
  • Adela Luk, bookstore buyer, departed on August 4.
  • Sierra Ellis, special assistant to the president, departs on August 9.
  • Samara Mokaya, residence life operations coordinator, departs on August 12.
  • Hailie Roark, project manager and senior infrastructure administrator, departs on August 13.
  • Michelle Berry, staff counselor, departs on August 13.
  • Quincy Bolden, community safety office, departs on August 18.
  • Presence O’Neal, science outreach program manager, departs on August 16.
  • Saga Darnell '20, reserves/performing arts specialist, departs on August 20.

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