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We are starting our 5th IB year and Audentes is extremely proud to open it with 3 IB flights. This year we are welcoming 15 new students, who entered either Diploma Programme or Pre-IB year. It is the first year when we have all 3 flights fully operating and with the biggest number of IB Students-33. It has been an eventful September that started with Orientation Week, where we got to know each other and all academic requirements. Freshmen Day, Peace Day, Literacy Day and Trip to Botanical Gardens have created unique moments for learning outside the classrooms. Event schedule is packed with interesting activities and hopefully this will keep the IB spirit up and Students motivated all year round.

Besides new Students also a new IB coordinator Heidy Eskor-Kiviloo and 3 new teachers started this year at Audentes. Biology teacher Kadri Mettis, Business Management teacher John Sullivan and Spanish teacher Neftali Peral. About the last two you can read more in this newsletter.

This is the last year for our graduating flight and pretty soon they have to start making important decisions in regards to what happens next-university, work, travelling or …As our Business Management teacher John stated in the opening lecture of Orientation Week there is no formula for success that is for all, but each student has to define his/her own. Twice a month on Tuesday mornings our School psychologist hosts sessions in career-planning and all graduating students are more than welcomed to join those lessons.

May the year be successful and inspiring,
Audentes IB

Two International Teachers started this year at Audentes IB
Our IB community is growing and getting more International every year. Many foreigners enjoy the beautiful nature and buzzling teach-life of Estonia. Those were also the main reasons why two of our International teachers ended up staying in Tallinn way longer than they initially planned to. Let`s give a warm welcome to our IB family Neftali and John and see what they think about living and working in Estonia.

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TOK: Imagination and Science
One of the key factors for a successful 21st century citizen is learning how to use one`s creative potential. The last day of Orientation week was dedicated to that, more specifically to G4 subjects and TOK.

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Celebrating International Literacy Day

To celebrate the International Literacy Day the students wrote their version of a story speculating on what would happen if suddenly one wakes up not knowing how to read. All the students were given the same beginning and 45 minutes to write. After that their stories, 32 in total, were combined into one story. The result of their creative work you can read below.

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University admissions: How to make your IB credentials stand out in the university application process
As an International Baccalaureate (IB) student, you are distinctive and will bring a unique set of attributes to whatever university or college that you ultimately attend. The challenge is how to bring those qualities, in addition to grades and standardized test scores, to the attention of admissions officers. Have you considered how best to describe your high school achievements in your university application? Here are some tips on how to make your IB credidentials stand out.

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Audentes IB invites parents and teachers to a CARE workshop
Audentes IB invites parents and teachers to a CARE workshop session hosted by Ron Crouch on October 13th and 15th at 18.00.

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