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Sun., March 15 
Singing Sunday, 9:30 am
Silent Worship, 10 am

Second Hour:
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business
Meeting Tasks for this Sunday:

Care of Meeting: Don G.
Key - Betty M.
Setup help - Wendy C. 
Greeter - Nan M.
Snack - Kristen M.
Kitchen - Carole T.
Kitchen help - Judy H.
Children's Teacher - Carole T.

Please contact Carole Teshima at to volunteer on a semi- regular basis.
QEI  - Suggested Readings 
for Session 5 (March 22)

Discerning God's Will: The Testimonies
- How were/are the Testimonies formulated? What are the Quaker Testimonies? Which are unique to the Society of Friends? Do you believe that Quaker religious beliefs and social concerns can be separated? Do all Friends have to obey the Testimonies?

Session 5 - Study readings:
  • Journal of George Fox 9 (John L. Nickalls, ed.)  pp. 196-200, 352-354, 356-3589, 397-404
  • Hermann, Eva,  In Prison-Yet Free, CP pp. 85-90*
  • Punshon, John, Encounter with Silence, pp.36-49.
  • Thomas, Nancy, "Hard Hats in a Friends Church" CP pp. 63-64 *
  • Sheeran, Michael J., Beyond Majority Rule.  pp. 50-61.
(Short of time? Read Fox, pp. 397-404, Thomas, Sheeran, pp. 53-61. )

Readings for Reflection:
Gospel of John: Chapters 12, 13 and 14.
(Short of time? read Chapters 12 and 14. ) 

* This one is available on-line:  click here and go to "Xtra Reading Pamphlets, Articles, Charts, Papers; then go to "Reading Materials Compilations.pdf" and scroll down a long way until you see it.
Query of the Month
Is the vocal ministry exercised under the leading of the Holy Spirit without prearrangement, and in the simplicity and sincerity of truth? As we listen, or as we speak, are we guided by the Inward Light and sensitive to one another's needs? Are we careful not to speak at undue length or beyond our Light?
- Advices and Queries, Faith and Practice, NPYM, p. 41: 
Wednesday, March 11, 2015

By John Hatten posted to Caring Bridge:

Thankfully Maya doesn't usually read this blog because she knows what's going on with herself! Katy or I read appropriate comments to her. Read on...

Hello All Supporters of Maya and Family,
Despite yesterday's post, we still hope to welcome Maya home on or before day 100 - Monday, March 23. Here is a fun project that we can all participate in that will create a wonderful "Welcome Home" surprise for Maya - flags of love. It's something we can all do:

1. Pick up a flag from the front porch at Katy and John's house starting Tues. morning - 1708 McKenzie Ave. Look for the milk crates. If you don't live in the same state, or for any other reason, you can't or don't want to come to the house, find some material to make a flag elsewhere (see details below).

2. Add your message of love/prayers/thoughts/energy/dreams to Maya, using any medium that you wish. There will be some Sharpies on the porch if you want to do it right then and there.

3. Return it to Katy and John's front porch NO LATER THAN THE MORNING BEFORE THE DAY SHE RETURNS (currently that would be Sunday, March 22, but stay tuned to this blog for more details)  



You can use your own fabric of any type - roughly 12" X12". Please fold over a one inch strip at the top and sew or staple itdown for stringing it up.

Ann Suloway is coordinating the project. If you are out of this area, you are welcome to send something. If you mail it, send it to: ANN SULOWAY, 1609 McKENZIE AVE., BELLINGHAM, WA 98225 If you have questions, please email Ann at or call 360-647-7031.

Any late flags will be gathered and added at some point soon after Maya returns. Please drop/send late (after Sunday 3/22) flags to Ann at 1609McKenzie Ave - one block down the hill from Katy and John, across the street.

ANYONE is welcome to do this, please share this message widely (just not with Maya)!
 Announcements from Friends

From Virginia Herrick:
FCWPP Alert: Social Media Week Against Poverty!

On Thursday and Friday, please use Facebook and Twitter to lobby your WA State legislators to restore TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) grants, supporting a campaign organized by the Poverty Action Network.  You could say:

"Nearly 1 in 5 kids face hunger and poverty every day.
Washington legislators, please support kids by restoring the 25% cut to State Food Assistance and the 15% cut to TANF."

Click here for more information on TANF
Click here for more information on the Poverty Action Network


From Mary Ann Percy:
EQAT/Quakers in the NYT with good news!

Some Friends who attend FGC Gathering in California, PA were involved with some of this protest
    PNC Joins Banks Not Financing Mountaintop Coal Removal
Click here for NY times article
PNC Financial joins a growing list of banks that no longer finance coal-mining companies that pursue...

 Wendy Courtemanche is selling coffee to help fund the
Salish Sea Experience for fourth graders

at Sunnyland Elementary School.    
 $10 / 12 oz. bag.
whole bean or ground,
regular or decaf.  
cash or checks payable to the "Sunnyland PTA."
Tax deductible receipts provided on request.
Wendy will bring coffee to Meeting  / you can also email her at


From Sharon Trent:
our Interfaith Coalition Representative:

Interfaith Coalition auction - Sat, Mar 28th
(See Community announcements below)
This is a fun event that Friends support every year. The auctioneer is amazing.  Big items are auctioned live and smaller items are put in a silent auction.
Tickets make a great gift for a birthday or anniversary, or just a way to share Friendship.

This coalition of area faith communities raises money (mostly from this event) for the Interfaith Clinic (medical, dental and mental health care), Interfaith severe weather shelters, distribution of coats and clothing to people in need, and housing for homeless families.  A Friendly outfit, indeed!
Sharon Trent will dye Pysanky eggs for the auction (a Bellingham Friends tradition!), and invites interested people to call her (714-61410 to set up dates for egg-dying parties. 

For more ideas on ways you can contribute, and to read about Sharon's leading to work with Interfaith, see the March issue of Metamorphosis.

Whatever you contribute, March 13th is the last day to deliver items to the Interfaith Office, so please bring the item or a description of the service to Sharon Trent before that date.


Housing Request
for April 10 - 11

Joan Rawls-Davis will be coming to Bellingham for Don and Wendy's wedding, and she will need a place to stay. 
Please Contact Mary Ann Percy ( if you can help
William Penn Quaker Workcamps
Summer 2015
There may be snow on the ground, but Spring is on our minds and in the air. As you turn your own thoughts to warmer days, consider joining William Penn Quaker Workcamps for one of our exciting, fulfilling and meaningful programs in either Washington, DC or Pine Ridge, SD. Both of these share the spirit of building bridges while deepening our own faith and practice in peace and justice work. Some of the people you will meet are also in our "40 Days with Peacemakers" series.  

From June 28 to July 5,
"Community Gardens/Community Health"
will be taking place in DC. This Workcamp will be an exploration of the community around the Capitol at the peak of July 4 celebrations. Connecting myth with reality, we will be engaging in a range of activities that expose participants to the vibrant yet underserved and often-invisible parts of DC, while also partaking in celebrations and festivities. Many of the projects will have a focus on community gardens and clean watersheds.  

From July 15 to July 29,
Pine Ridge
We will be returning to Pine Ridge, SD to continue our partnership, friendship and service in this beautiful but challenged region. As in past years, we will spend time building for a sustainable future while honoring sacred traditions. Along the way, we learn more about the history - much of what is untold or rewritten - as well as the day-to-day experiences of people on "the Rez." This is our effort to carry on William Penn's commitment to create the Peaceable Kingdom. What better place to start than where many of the struggles for rights and honoring of treaties continue to play out.  

These are both great opportunities for fellowship, for learning and to further our own practicing of what we preach. They are inter-generational programs. All are welcome. See here for more information about the details.  
The William Penn House
515 E. Capitol St. SE
Washington, District of Columbia 20003
Announcements from the Wider Community

Native Events

“Elements of Honor” WORKSHOP
with Swil Kanim

Thursday, March 12, 7:00  -9:00  pm
Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship,  1207 Elsworth St.
Registration necessary:   Number of participants limited to  10
FREE or with contribution to HonorWorks
The Elements of Honor Workshop is an interactive group discussion facilitated by Swil Kanim.  He will lead participants through a process and exercises that demonstrate how Honor can work in everyone’s life. 


Native Lands: Potlatch Symphony Performance 
Saturday, 14 March, 4:00 pm  FREE 
East Shore Unitarian Church,  Bellevue (12700 SE 32nd St.) 

The Native Lands Community Composition project started with the desire to build cultural understanding and respect through music between the Seattle Symphony and tribal nations in the Puget Sound region. This jointly created composition was premiered last season and will be performed again in this exciting concert. Participants will include Native artists Swil Kanim and Paul “Che oke ten” Wagner and youth, students from Cornish College of the Arts, and musicians of the Seattle Symphony. 


Lightcatcher Museum, Bellingham
February 7 - May 10, 2015

Edward S. Curtis, circa 1888 

Mingled Visions features 40 original photogravures from Edward S. Curtis' epic work, The North American Indian

Docent Tours of the exhibit will be offered on Thurs, Sat., and Sun. at 1:30 pm, beginning on Feb 14.

Interfaith Coalition Annual Hope Auction

Saturday, March 28, 2015 ~ 5:30 p.m.

Best Western Lakeway Inn & Conference Center
Bellingham, WA

Tickets are $45 a person for a delightful evening and an excellent meal.

Call 734-3983 to order tickets.

 "Party with a Purpose" 
See Announcement above from Sharon Trent for ways Friends can participate.


Friday Peace Vigil

Every Fri, 3:45pm – 4:45pm
104 W Magnolia St, Bellingham, WA 98225, USA (map)
The Nation's oldest weekly Peace Vigil. Paricipants gather weekly at 4:00 pm with signs in front of the Federal Building on the Corner of Magnolia and Cornwall Streets.

  Upcoming Second Hours
March 22: Quakerism: Experience It! (QEI) Session 5 - see QEI Readings box for suggested readings
March 29:  Eden Libby and James Leder  - Update on the Unistoten Clan's camp and their effort to block oil pipeline construction through their un-ceded ancestral land in BC. 
Committee Clerks:  

Please send reports for MfWfB to Susan R. (Clerk) and Judy H. (recording clerk) by Thursday evening so that they can be distributed in advance of the meeting.
Concern of the Month for March
RESources for Sustainable Communities
Donations will be collected this Sunday, March 15th.

RESources mission statement:

“to promote sustainable communities and protect the health of northwestern Washington people and ecosystems through application of science, education, advocacy and action.”

Programs include Clean Energy, Clean Water, the RE Store, and Sustainable Schools. RESources has been a major force for education and action in our community on issues like the Cherry Point coal terminal and the growing risk of oil trains.
Bellingham Friends Calendar of Events

Wed., Mar 18, 7-9 PM
Midweek Worship

Mary Ann Percy's home
(1 hr worship + worship sharing and/or check-ins).
 Friends gather for midweek worship on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays each month.  
Future dates will be on April 1, 15,  etc.
Wedding Invitation

Wendy Beach
Don Goldstein

are pleased to invite you to share
the celebration of their marriage on
Saturday, April 11, 2015 beginning at 1:00 pm at
the First Congregational Church of Bellingham,
2401 Cornwall Avenue, Bellingham, WA.

We are planning a Quaker wedding under the care of 
Bellingham Friends Meeting, followed by a reception including
circle dancing, contra dancing, and a potluck buffet, for which we invite you to
 bring food to share if convenient.  Cake and drinks will be provided.

No gifts, please.

The festivities will last until about 4:30 pm.

Please R.S.V.P. to let us know how many will be in your party
by phoning us at 360-671-1395, or emailing Don at

We look forward to the pleasure of your company on this happy day.

A Message from Kate Gould, Legislative Associate, FCNL (Via Mary Ann Percy)

letter from 47 senators to Iran wasn't just bad politics -- it was a dangerous attempt to undermine negotiations with Iran. The leader of the letter, Sen. Tom Cotton (AR), has explicitly stated that the goal of congressional action is to make talks with Iran fail.

This posturing could have real consequences, and it further underscores the risk of a mandated "up or down" vote on a deal. Urge your senators to let diplomacy work. 
Click here for FCNL action page on this issue
A Message from Adam Ward who is traveling with a letter of introduction from our meeting:

A warm hello to you and other Bellingham Friends! My time in New Mexico has been very nourishing, especially my time with Friends.A couple weeks ago a young friend offered a second hour. She engaged the Meeting in a heartfelt exploration of the Quaker S.P.I.C.E.S. (Simplicity, Integrity, Community, Equality
and Stewardship.) Later this month, I will be attending a one-day retreat called Quaker Quest.

At the suggestion of a New Mexico Friend, I started reading *Friends for 300 Years* by Howard Brinton. Brinton's book is filling in gaps in my understanding of Quaker history, faith and practice.

While sitting with New Mexico Friends, I have had visitations by Howard, Rosemary, Doris, Tom Hall and other Bellingham Friends.

Thanks to Bellingham Friends for the letter of introduction that was offered in support of my travels… and for their support of my exploration of Quaker faith and practice.

An acupuncturist told me that as I adjust to being at 7,000 feet above sea level that my body is going through significant adaptations, especially as regards the generation of new red blood cells, which is helping me to access the oxygen that is available this far above sea level. Between the nourishment of the sun, the physical changes of adapting to altitude and
sitting with southwest Friends, this time outside the Northwest has been deeply nourishing, and the perfect transition point between my caregiving years with my parents and the rest of my life.

I hope this note finds each of you well, and the Meeting in good health.

Adam Ward
Spring Quarterly Meeting
April 24 - 26
Registration for the Spring 2015 session of Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting (PNQM) is now open.
The location is Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center near Ellensburg.
The theme is:

“Lift every voice: Music and spirituality”.  

To register online, go to  and click on the “Register now” link near the top of the page.  You can download the registration information packet in PDF format, and also a separate document containing the registration forms, in either Word or PDF format, in case you choose to mail in (postally or electronically) your completed registration form.
PNQM has a “pay what you can” policy.  The information packet includes a page listing suggested fees (the average amounts the Quarterly Meeting needs to receive in order to cover expenses).  You can also receive a further discount by registering early, by March 25.  The final registration deadline is April 12, after which there is a late registration fee and neither accommodations on site (other than camping space) nor availability of the children’s program for your children can be guaranteed.
If for some reason you need a printed registration packet, there will be a few available at Meeting beginning March 15th.
--Don Goldstein, BFM’s liaison with PNQM
Looking ahead to wider Quaker gatherings: 

PNQM Spring Quarterly Meeting – April 24-26, Ellensburg, WA:  Theme: Lift Every Voice – Music & Spirituality

Friends General Conference (FGC) Gathering of Friends – July 5-11, Western Carolina Univ., NC 

North Pacific Yearly Meeting (NPYM) Annual Session  - July 15-19, Whitworth Univ., Spokane

Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW) Fall Steering Committee Meeting:October 22 - 25  at Ben Lomond Quaker Center near Santa Cruz, CA 

Bellingham Friends are reminded to contact Ministry and Counsel for assistance reaching clearness about attending, and/or availability of financial assistance for attending any  Quaker event.


From Ministry and Counsel:

Good news! It looks like Maya Hatten-Beck is on track to be able to return home to Bellingham on March 23, ending John and Katy's month's-long tag-team parenting between here and Ronald McDonald House in Seattle, and returning Maya to a more normal life following her December bone marrow
transplant. Please continue to hold Maya and her family (John, Katy and Frieda) in the light as they navigate this transition time.*
*Ministry and Counsel asks the Meeting to hold Don Goldstein and Wendy Beach in the Light as they embark on their honeymoon and plan their April 11 wedding.

To honor and nurture our precious silent worship together, please plan to arrive before 10 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Please enter the hallway outside the worship room quietly, as voices carry. Please silence cellphones and arrange belongings before entering, and keep comings and goings during worship to a minimum.
Thank you.
Coming in the Metamorphosis

(Each month’s Metamorphosis is available on our website ( ) the Wednesday following Meeting for Business. A few of the many offerings in the current issue are: 
March:  Interfaith Hope Auction and a leading of Sharon Trent!
April: Update on Friendly Water for the World (a project of Olympia Friends) AND - a second in article in the series on leadings of Bellingham Friends.
William Penn House Under Fire
A Message from
Byron Sandford
Executive Director
William Penn House
202 543-5560 

Dear Friends,

The Office of Tax and Revenue of Washington, DC has decided that hospitality is not an expression of faith and that our tax exempt status be changed to where 80% of our property value is taxable. The House is assessed at $1,456,430. That is an annual tax of just under $20,000.
We are challenging this and met yesterday with an attorney whose practice is taxes. She has agreed to represent us pro-bono. She would like letters regarding the value to you and/or your meeting as to the importance of William Penn House and its programs. If you can do this send it to me and I will send it to the attorney. Here is information on the issue.

Link to an article in the March issue of the Hill Rag on the tax exemption challenge between William Penn House and the DC Tax office: click here

Click here for an NBC news segment on William Penn House.

The response from Friends nationwide has been wonderful. Thank you!
Quaker Voluntary Service Opportunity for young people
ages 21 - 28
Applications due Mar 15
Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS) is a yearlong program for adults aged 21-28 involving community living and community service.

Volunteers are supported with room and board (plus a small stipend) to live in one of four cities—Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, or Portland—and work in a social service agency living out Quaker values. In the past such agencies have included AFSC, Habitat for Humanity, YWCA, and others.
QVS is open to both single applicants and those in relationship, and QVS is LGBTQ friendly. We seek applicants who are open to Quaker values, though applicants needn’t be Quakers to apply. More information, as well as application materials, can be found at .
Celebrate Nature! 

Guided Field Trip Opportunities!

March 28, Saturday,
900 AM to 3:00 PM

Garry Oaks of Samish Island

This will be a visit to a very unusual grove of Garry Oaks, a lowland bald and a salt water shore on the west end of Samish Island. We will walk at most a few miles with some minor scrambling. This is on private property and the group will be limited to 12 people. To reserve a spot contact Jim Duemmel, by phone at 733-3448 or by email at We will meet at the Fairhaven west side Park & Ride (at end of 32nd St.) at 9:00 AM.

If you would like to organize a Quaker carpool to an outdoor event, (Meeting for Worship with Attention to Nature) just send a message to the editor !

Arundhati Roy (b. 1961) 
“It’s odd how those who dismiss the peace movement as utopian don’t hesitate to proffer the most absurdly dreamy reasons for going to war: To stamp out terrorism, install democracy, eliminate fascism, and most delusionally, to ‘rid the world of evil doers.’”
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