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A group of Syrian Druze sheikhs at a meeting. Only elders like these men know the true
secrets of the religion of the Druze. 

The Secret & Camouflage Religion - The Druze

Hump Day - Day Of Prayer For The Muslim World Vol. 118

"Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge."
Colossians 2:2-3


The Druze, a little known community with roots in Shia Islam, is Arab by ethnicity. They are both a distinct nationality and a religious sect worshiping under a belief system cloaked in secrecy. Druze are counted as Muslims but seen by Sunnis as heretical. Here is their story. 

The Druze - Where Do They Live?
The 1 million + Druze live primarily in Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and France. Much smaller communities reside in the USA, Australia and the UK.

The Druze - What Are They Like?
  • Strong sense of community and very independent. They will fight to preserve that independence and loyal to the countries they call "home"
  • Fierce warriors and unafraid to die. Even have distinguished themselves with IDF of Israel!
  • Seek to camouflage and blend in by looking like other religions when around them - can pray as Muslims or Christians for instance and no one knows they're Druze
The Druze - What Are Their Religious Beliefs?
  • Strictly monotheistic... but believe God manifested Himself in human form as Al-Hakim Bi-Amir Allah (a Muslim caliph and mystic from Cairo)
  • Beliefs are a mix of Islam, Gnosticism and the philosophies of Plato, Aristotle and Pythagoras.
  • Perpetuate their religion solely through their children, as conversion both to and from their faith is forbidden 
  • Believe in reincarnation
  • Heaven and hell are spiritual and not real places of reward or judgment
The Druze And The Qur'an
The Qur'an is seen as sacred, but their main books are the "Kitab al-Hikma" (books of wisdom)

The Druze And The Prophets
The Druze believe in 7 major prophets (Jesus and Mohammad included). Each major prophet had 7 minor prophets. The 7 minor prophets each had 12 disciples who followed them.

The Druze and Moses' Father In Law
Moses' father in law, Jethro, is revered deeply by the Druze! They even have a shrine of his in the mountains of Israel and honor him with an annual celebration.

Prayer Needs
  1. Pray for laborers of the gospel to be sent among the Druze - particularly in the mountainous areas where Syria, Lebanon and Israel come together. Almost 95% of the world's Druze live there. An estimated 22 workers are needed. 
  2. Pray for the salvation of the Druze. Only 0.02% Druze have become followers of Jesus worldwide. In Israel, Jordan and France 0.00% Druze have put their faith in Christ. They need to meet Jesus in a personal way. May they find the riches of wisdom in Christ (I Corinthians 1:30-31 & Colossians 2:2-3) 
  3. Pray when the Druze come to Christ they would build strong communities of believers, become mighty warriors for Jesus and not keep their faith among themselves. May they stand for Christ - even unto death. (Mark 11:24)
  4. Pray for those already laboring for the gospel among the Druze in war torn Syria. May the LORD grant them open doors, wisdom and protection.
10/10 Prayer Initiative
A former Muslim recalls,
“I told God, ‘God, as my creator, I love you. I want to know you as God, where you are. If the Qur'an is yours, the Bible is supposed to be wrong. If the Bible is yours, the Qur'an is supposed to be wrong. These two books don’t match together.”

As we pray for at least 10% of the Muslim world to come to Christ by 2027, let us pray for those Muslims struggling with the truths of the Qur'an and the Bible. Pray the LORD would reveal Himself and the truth to them in Jesus' name. 

Dream so big only Jesus can make it happen!

Jay & Marsha Crenshaw
e3 Partners
Directors Muslim Outreach USA/MECANA

Crenshaw Support
Fearless Love
Kemal Amin Kasem, better known as "Casey" Kasem the American DJ and radio personality, was actually a Lebanese Druze immigrant. 
Druze in the Golan Heights of Israel. 



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