New Chaosium fiction releases; RuneQuest Classic Kickstarter enters final week!; New fulfillment model for Europe; Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed comes to DriveThruRPG; Licensee Focus: Sentinel Hill Press
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Once again folks, welcome to the new-old look for the Chaosium newsletter, hearkening back to the original Ab Chaos, the pre-Internet, sent-to-you-in-a-stamped-envelope news sheet Greg Stafford penned seven issues of in the early 90's...

New Chaosium Fiction Releases

Titles now available in e-reader formats

We want our readers to be able to enjoy our fiction in their favorite formats. So as part of our revitalization of the Chaosium fiction line we are making selected print titles available in e-pub formats. All so you can read our books the way you want!

New titles include:
Cassilda’s Song is a collection of weird fiction and horror stories based on the King in Yellow Mythos created by Robert W. Chambers—entirely authored by women. It is available from DriveThruFiction and Amazon. Print version coming soon!
Atomic Age Cthulhu: Mythos Horror in the 1950s anthology is now available in trade paperback, and via download from DriveThruFiction and Amazon.
Edge of Sundown: Tales of Horror in the Wild West anthology is now available in trade paperback, and via download from DriveThruFiction and Amazon.

The Legacy of the Reanimator collects the original serialized H.P. Lovecraft story, Herbert West—Reanimator along with its two sequels and a bevy of short stories from some of the most renowned Lovecraftian writers. It is available from DriveThruFiction and Amazon. Print version coming soon!

Mark of the Beast, an anthology of werewolf tales, is now available in trade paperback, and via download from DriveThruFiction. Amazon Kindle version coming soon!

RuneQuest Classic Kickstarter enters final week!

1400+ backers so far make this the most popular Glorantha Kickstarter yet
With seven days to run, the Kickstarter campaign to reprint the iconic second edition of RuneQuest is a runaway success! Funding in under 5 hours, the RuneQuest Classic campaign has now unlocked a succession of exciting stretch goals, bringing back such celebrated RQ2 releases as Cults of Prax, Cults of Terror and Snakepipe Hollow, among others. 

Bringing RuneQuest 2nd edition back into print kicks off the 50th Anniversary celebrations for Greg Stafford's mythic game world of Glorantha in 2016. 

This Kickstarter will be funded on Monday 21st December at 7pm US Eastern Standard Time, so if you haven't pledged already please give it a look! 

New Fulfillment Model for Europe

New model will signficantly cut shipping costs for British and European customers
Chaosium and Moon Design Publications have finalized a new fulfillment model for Europe. UK-based firm Kixto will provide fulfillment services, with the facility coming online in early 2016.

All Chaosium and Moon Design products will be available via Kixto, including fulfillment of Kickstarter campaigns. This will significantly cut shipping costs for customers in the UK and Europe.

A similar fulfillment and distribution arrangement for Australia and New Zealand is also in the works.

Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed comes to DriveThruRPG

A range of Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition titles are now available at DriveThruRPG! 

Cthulhu Through the Ages:

S. Petersen’s Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors:

Licensee Focus: Sentinel Hill Press

Sentinel Hill Press is proud to announce that the latest issue of The Arkham Gazette is available for purchase on DriveThruRPG!

The Arkham Gazette is a magazine focused on the Lovecraft Country setting of Call of Cthulhu but with potential items of interest for anyone playing Call of Cthulhu, BRP games, or other Lovecraftian RPGs. In this issue our focus is on witches and witchcraft in Lovecraft Country, from the possibly Mythos origins of certain witch-cults, through the witch trials of the colonial past, until the 'modern' day of the Classic Era.  This issue will be our last new issue released using the 6th Edition of the Call of Cthulhu rules; conversion notes for 7th Edition are being developed.

Our contributors include L.T. Barker, Dan Harms, Tyler Hudak, Chris Huth, Graeme Price, and Christopher Smith Adair.  Art is  by Trevor Henderson, Chris Huth, and Ian Maclean, with handouts prepared by Dean Engelhardt.  Our handout PDF also contains an additional prop document by Chris Jarocha-Ernst.

This issue contains the following items - 

  • New England's Witch Trials - a look at the real-world history
  • The Witches of Lovecraft Country - A Keeper's overview of witches in various Lovecraft Country sources
  • Building a Better Witch - A Keeper's guide for creating memorable witch NPCs
  • Gods of the Witches - the Mythos gods a witch might worship and how that impacts the witch in play
  • Rat-things and Worse Horrors -  All about familiars, rat-things and other even more horrible options
  • Marked by the Devil - a physician talks about 'witch-marks', where witches would suckle their familiars
  • Colonial Folk Magic - the actual 'spells' people used to cast in the 17th and 18th century
  • The Dried Cat - a scenario seed using a real item of folk magic, a cat's body hidden inside a house
  • Of Evill Sorceries Done in New-England by Daemons in No Humane Shape - all about that Mythos tome, from its history and contents to present availability
  • Touched by the Fairies - Expands of Lovecraft's link between witches and ghouls based on his likely inspiration, the appendix on fairies from "The Witch-cult in Western Europe"
  • Witches' Hollow - all about this location near Arkham from the Derleth 'colaboration' of the same name
  • Annotated List of Witch scenarios - a list of every witch scenario in Lovecraft Country and beyond, with notes for the Keeper
  • 'The Queen of Night' - an expansive (40 page!) scenario, set in Arkham and nearby towns, involving a dark family lineage and the taint of witchcraft.

The Arkham Gazette #3; 120 pages.  PDF $12, Print on Demand $20 (and includes a free copy of the PDF).

The Sentinel Hill Press-cast Episode #1 -

What is Ab Chaos?
(...from Ab Chaos #7, May 31 1992)

Ab - Latin "from"
Chaos - (1) Any condition or place of total disorder (modern vernacular); (2) the disordered state of unformed matter which preceded creation (since Milton, Paradise Lost); (3) the dark, empty space which preceded creation (Greek Mythology); (4) the [formerly] Californian roleplaying game company.

Ab Chaos is an informal newsletter for Chaosium fans. Through our history we have tried to serve the players and gamemasters through craft and art as well as (and sometimes at the expense of) marketing and moneymaking. We appreciate your loyalty, and offer this communication to those who are curious about us, beyond the mere "product". 

It is planned to be informal and irregular. We are, after all, not the Orderium.
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